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MySpace Tom Befriends TMZ

9/9/2007 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man of a million faces, MySpace Co-Founder Tom Anderson, who was involved in an incident with TMZ cameras last month, addressed the situation -- and said it wasn't his fault! Let's be friends!

In August, Tom was leaving an X-Games pre-party when, as he ignored our photog, one of his million friends judo-blocked our shot! Last night, as Tom left Club Opera, he made his point clear: "I love TMZ!" Then he placed blame on -- can ya believe this -- the super-stupendous TMZ video editors! Oh snap!

Sorry, Tom, you're still not in our Top 8. Another MySpace page malfunction!


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In response to #4... Get a life, your looking to cast blame on the wrong ppl... Don't blame Tom because someone likes to go after little kids.. It's called the pervert is SICK.. You should blame Tom for creating a product that has one of the highest demands now & days.. Gee Tom, how dare you entertain

2514 days ago


How is this celebrity news worthy? And why do we care?

2601 days ago


He was probably as shocked as we were that TMZ finds him even remotely interesting? Slow day TMZ?

2601 days ago


So this is the jackass responsible for the number one preferred site by sexual predators?

2601 days ago

Toms Best Friend    

Um, that video did NOT have Tom in it. Or uh, maybe I was too busy watching the red circle with Britney Spears in it. And people yelling "BRITNEY".
Does TMZ even HAVE a video of Tom???

2601 days ago


I was there in Hollywood when Tom and his entourage entered the pre-party and watched Tom talk to a TMZ camera guy for around 5-7 min. before the TMZ camera man thanked him and shook his hand. I never realized how much the paparazzi manipulate their footage to create a more interesting scene.

Lame, TMZ.

2601 days ago


I'm surprised that he didn't simply have his tech department respond with a form letter about something entirely different.

2601 days ago


In response to Huh?.....Dont blame Tom for sexual predators....those people WILL ALWAYS find a way to get to whoever they can... My space is a great way to communicate with friends and find new ones....Both of my kids (ages 19 & 15) have myspace accounts and I have both of their passwords and my own myspace acct, and I check them daily and also check out their friends. Parents need to be more involved and KNOW who their kids are talking to

2601 days ago


sorry TOM you're not my friend

This story is only posted because the camraman works for TMZ, this is not celebrity "gossip", but TMZ employees dumb excuse for news.

2601 days ago


$4 How lame your comment sounds. You don't even know who he is. He is worth millions, why, because he came up with the idea of "" Guess you wouldn't know about that. You've to have friends to have a MySpace account, lol. Apparently you don't.

2601 days ago


Hey, don't pick on Tom, he was my first friend when I started a MySpace account! Hey, TOM! Good to see you stud!

2601 days ago

Robbie Coleman    

It definately isn't news worthy... but, is this the news...? Uhhhhh, no it is TMZ.

Whatever, Tom still rocks!

Can't we all just get along???

2601 days ago


i think tmz might of had nothing better to da at that hour but hey something is better then nothing right tmz?

2601 days ago


ew!!! toms kreepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2600 days ago


Pretty weak if you ask me -- MySpace is old. Check out, much nicer people who support TMZ.

2598 days ago
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