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Britney's Career: 1998 - 2007

9/10/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears


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I am not a fan of Britney, but all the comments on tv and online that she looked chubby are just wrong and thats why are young women are killing themselves to be thin. If you call that chubby you must be anorexic. She looked fit and toned, what is wrong with people these days, look at Mae West and Marilyn Monroe, thats what a women should look like, not stick people. I don't agree with the outfit she wore or her performance, but come on people give it up on the weight thing, do you have daughters? Do you want them to die trying to be thin, if not then SHUT-UP.

2567 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

She still has more talent than Paris or Nicole will ever have.

2567 days ago

old news    

my advice to Ms Spears is take your money and your children and go back to your mansion in LA. Raise your children and maybe in 4-5 years come back as a grown up singer appealing to your fans that have in the meantime grew up. I actually felt pain watching you last night, it was a sad sight to say the most. Your bulging tummy and rolls on the side really were highlighted in the outfit you chose not to wear. What were you thinking? or were you thinking at all? You had plenty of time to prepare for this show and your performance shows you did not prepare at all.

2567 days ago


I admit, I don't look that good after having 2 children ........WHICH IS WHY I DON'T DRESS LIKE THAT!!!

2567 days ago


Just wanted to comment that calling people names does nothing but invoke hostility. If we can't control ourselves then we're no better off than Ms. Spears and her actions at times.

2567 days ago

So sad    

This was very hard to watch. I was so excited to see her performe but when the show started she looked hald stoned and half blonde. What was that? She seemed scarred out what everyone thought and not confident. I thought some of the comments were not necessary after she performed about her kids. It's not there fault that there mom is wacked out now!

2567 days ago


Did anyone else notice, that the clip of her rehearsing looked great, but she was higher than a kite for her actual performance?!?!

2567 days ago


What happened to her??!!!!??!!!

2567 days ago

the way the whole award show sucked big time    

it looked like she was doing a rehearsal, and she didn't move her lips right, and at the beginning she swayed as if she was going to fall over, unbelievable slow motion the whole act, like she just woke up and didn't have time for a cup of coffee before she had to get up on stage, they all looked horrified in the audience, everybody in disbelief, tv-viewers and all people at the show
but later sarah was mean when she involved the kids in her jokes, you shouldn't involve innocent little kids in such meaness, that hurt even me, and they're not even my kids...

2567 days ago


Stick a fork in her... she's done!!

2567 days ago


People crack me up with their comments......get over her already. She has a monthly income of over $700,000 a month.....more than the average American will make in 10 years!!! Go back through just TMZ for the last month and you will see more photos, comments and articles about Brit than any other celeb!! Americans and the media are completely obsessed with her......not bad for a train wreck if you ask me! She honestly doesn't need to come back...she already has it made in life. If you ask me, Brit is just entertaining boredom and could really care less....she has a fortune and doesn't even have to get on stage to dominate the media!! She would be oh so lucky if America would just get over her so the media could move on and obsess and stalk someone else. She can't even pee without a photog wanting a photo! And the alcohol comments....did I miss something about an arrest???? How many people went out and drank this weekend?? Since when is drinking or even being drunk a crime??? My gosh Brit is one of the few celebs who has had the brains to not go and do something illegal when she drinks and end up with the criminal record and jail time so many of her buddies have!!

2567 days ago

Runaways Fan    

I'm no fan of Brit's in fact I thought I'd be cherishing this moment. But I'm strangely not. That was a little rough TMZ. A real stinger!!

Unfortunately she'll survive this debacle only because I doubt her sheeples will let her career die so easily. They still think she's hot after this mess. . .

2567 days ago



2567 days ago


No the performance was not great, but is there a reason? Did they scrap the original performance with the mirrors that Criss Angel helped with, was her heel broken as shown? But the next question is for all of you condemning, what kind of shape are you in, I see alot of flabby women on the beach and how many of you have succeeded to the point of a comeback , you have to have made it to do a comeback, so do you make $700,000 a month? If not why don't you lay off and work on your own pathetic lives.

2567 days ago


why would she wear that, she sucked that was the worst lypsynchying ever.

2567 days ago
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