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Kors Fur Causes Fury

9/10/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fur flew at fashion designer/"Project Runway" host Michael Kors' Spring 2008 Bryant Park fashion show, when a group called NYC Animal Rights staged a peaceful protest, crying wolf on his use of fur. *Ahoooooooooo!*

Earlier this year, Kors was cited by the Humane Society of the United States for using dog fur in some of his designs. Since March, Kors has discontinued his use of dog fur, but still uses rabbit and broadtail fur.

His spring collection didn't contain fur pieces, but, said Santos Lopez, founder of NYC Animal Rights, "The animals that will be used in his fall collection are already suffering in cages, and we only get a chance to speak to him twice a year. I don't want to look like we're bullying people, but these designers are celebrating the deaths of animals."

Billy Daley, Michael Kors' Vice President of Global Communications, had no comment on the protest.


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Uh.... Sammy needs to calm down. Calling us Animal lovers tree huggers?? Um you don't have to be a hippy to love animals. No one has ever said anything about not caring for kids who are abused. The subject is about Michael Kors using dog fur and other animal fur. I guess we know who can't read! Animals are God's creatures too. Animals don't have a voice to speak up, humans do. We are there voices, animals that is. And I know for a fact that the penalty is a lot higher for a child molester than it is for an animal abuser. They get what, 1yr?! of jail time, if that. I am about taking care of children, but I feel sorry for animals b/c stupid people like Sammy think that animal abuse is no big deal. It is a big deal in both issues but unfortunately in this day in time some people will care for one than the other. But they should care for both. And sure Sammy with your attitude I don't really think you helped those animals you probably put them down or something. I think you need to go to anger management. Take a pill.

2608 days ago


Hey sandy,
Jesus loves you too. Wow! so much hate and anger I was stating my opinion in a calm and sane manor. As for calling me judgmental, well isn't it the pot calling the kettle black. Chill. Maybe if you had Jesus in your life you would be so angry. If you actually listened to what I was saying then you would know that it didn't come out of a place of hate but frustration, nor did I brag about how much money I give to the homeless and if it came off that way then I am sorry I didn't mean for it to sound like that. Nor did I stoop so low as to start calling people names. So so sad. I truly do feel sorry for people such as yourself. I didn't say those thing to poke a hornets nest I said it because I am truly frustrated at what the world our children are growing up in is turning into. I really am sorry if I offended anyone with my opinions but I stand by them.

2608 days ago


Some people don't read I never said I don't care about animals. I do. But I care about my fellow man a lot more. Read before you judge.

2608 days ago

Abby in MN    

Okay... DOG FIR? GROSS! I hope we don't see him back on Project Runway. I usually am a fan of PR, but if he's still on, then NOWAY!

2608 days ago

John Gault    

It's funny that animal rights zealots scream about compassion, but go around protesting with hateful slogans and wishing harm on others who refuse to cave into accepting their brand of morality. God forbid a person should be free to decide for themseleves. One can only wonder what would be said if the same type of protest would be made against homosexuals with the same hateful slogans? So much for compassion.

If you don't like fur/leather that's fine, freedom of expression and choice is a basic right. However, freedom implies a choice and freedom is for everyone, not just you and not just what you approve of. True there is no "need" for fur, but there is also no need for the majority of other products in the world market. Look at your own lives and at what you really don't need. If you don't want others harrassing you on how to live your life, then don't do it to others. Our nation is based on the inherent right of freedom, not needs.

If you want to believe the lies and mistruths spread by the animal rights groups that's fine too. Most people are too stupid to believe what they are told and what they see on a web site without critical questioning and simply follow a crowd anyway. Negativity sells regardless of whether it is true or not, and the animal rights groups know this, and anyone with marketing/sociological knowledge will confirm it. Try visiting a fur farm for yourself, or contact the American Veterinarian Medical Association and ask them about fur farms. If you are so self assured in your own personal beliefs about fur then you have nothing to fear about confronting them. You'll be in for a shock.

2608 days ago

smarter than sammy    

Why don't you tree hugging animal humpers pick up a better cause. Like helping children of actual child abuse (not britney spears before anyone says it) battered women, and trying to helping Americas homeless find homes and jobs. Good grief how about sticking up for and caring for your fellow man first before helping out the four legged kind. I'm all for NO fur but so much energy and organization goes into a single runway show. Where is all the out rage when you pass a homeless person sitting down on the side walk. Huh!? You pass them by on your way to starbucks or the mall or on your way to the next save the whales rally! Try giving them a couple dollars and an address to a homeless shelter or you can put the energy you use for the save the fox meeting and help them find a Job. I put my money where my mouth is and I have done it. I don't pass my fellow humans in need to save an animal. But I have helped stray cats find homes and taken in my fair share of homeless dogs. Put up or shut the HELL UP!!!!

apparently i missed the point in time where animals could defends themselves from humans or speak out against what is happening to them. dogs should be speaking out on their own behalf, not humans.

2608 days ago


Some people like to have dead animals next to their skin and some people don't.
I, personally, think it is gross to wear dead animals on my body.

And all you pro-homeless people. I fully believe their are may homeless that need and deserve our help. BUT, there are thousands that like their life the way it is. We live in a free country and people are free to be homeless if they want to be. Some people just don't want the responsibilities. I know that for a fact. My brother has employed many homeless and we have talked at length with them. And the homeless have resources also.

2608 days ago


" WHY are you blasting each other for thinking and acting on good causes?????
WTF???? "

Excellent question !

2608 days ago



As far as NOT NAME started your tirade off with " Why don't you tree hugging animal humpers"...that's name-calling, not calm, quite rude, and judgemental . YOU LOSE.

Good luck with that Jesus thing, though. It seems to be doing you a world of good. Not that I have a problem with Jesus--my daughter is studying to be a Choral Music Director at a Christian church. I have utmost respect for TRUE Christians. The kind that don't resort to using his name to rationalize their sins.

In the meantime, I'll pray to HaShem for Michael Kors to stop his senseless slaughter for the sake of the Almighty Dollar, and peace in the new year, 5768.

L'shana tova to my tree-hugging peeps!

2608 days ago


I said tree hugger out of frustration not some deep seeded anger towards strangers. But still with the anger. Wow! Lighten up, you have no idea my commitment to God. Please don't judge me when it come to God. Thank you. Despite what you might think I am not trying to win some "argument" you might think we are engaged in. If you like I can concede and we can part amicably. I would rather not make enemy's out someone who I don't know. Funny thing about strangers is that you may have more in common than you might like. So I am parting on good terms, have a blessed life Sandy.

2608 days ago


WHAT? Michael Kors used dog fur? OMG! NO KILL for FUR!!! FYI Heidi Klum wear false eyelashes made from MINK;s FUR! they are worth more than $5,000!!! Supermodels shouldnt wear fur and they are not fashion! FUR is not a fashion! Throw an egg or some tomatoes when you see a person wear a fur!

2608 days ago

Granny Pants    

The PetaKillsAnimals website is known to be bogus. Kors is a tool. The only fools still wearing fur are Rappers and JLo.

2608 days ago


sammy - you're a moron. i don't know how else to say it. if you agree that fur is wrong, then why bother complaining about people protesting it? there is always a "more worthy" cause, according to someone. you might care about battered women in the us, while someone else thinks it's more important to think about people in countries with no food or clean water. and what about the melting ice caps? if no one does something about that, then we're all gonna die!

the point is that someone put a lot of time & thought into killing animals and making them into overpriced clothes for spoiled, rich morons. i'd rather see people protesting that than supporting it!

furthermore, how do you know that these aren't the same people volunteering at women's shelters or food banks or working as social workers to get kids out of unsafe situations? you don't! and if your argument is that they should spend ALL of their time working on what YOU consider more "worthy" causes, then you're just an ass, because you're clearly sitting on your ass reading this site and commenting about the state of the world rather than being out there and doing something.

next time, take a look in the mirror before you start preaching. and get out there and be a better example if it's so important to you.

2608 days ago



How dare you judge me and others who care about God's four-legged creatures. Calling us animal-humpers most certainly does not sound very Christian to me. I am a vegetarian (20 years now), don't wear/purchase leather and think it is vile to raise animals in cages to be anally electrocuted, then skinned so that some idiot like Jennifer Lopez can wear their skins like cave people. I like to think we have evolved beyond that. I visit my bro in NYC often and NEVER pass a homeless person without giving, volunteer once a week in my local Salvation Army soup kitchen (for10 years now), and deliver Meals on Wheels two days per week. Do you understand that it is not either/or? I'm no saint, as you appear to think you are, but I try to do my part. I don't know anyone who is an animal rights activist who does not also advocate for human rights.

NYCADVOCATE: Very well stated.

2608 days ago


"I don't want to look like we're bullying people, but these designers are celebrating the deaths of animals."

Bullying people is exactly what you're trying to do, honey.

I like animals, but they're not more important than people. I get the feeling some animal rights activists would kill their own grandmothers if they caught them eating meat.

2608 days ago
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