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Kors Fur Causes Fury

9/10/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fur flew at fashion designer/"Project Runway" host Michael Kors' Spring 2008 Bryant Park fashion show, when a group called NYC Animal Rights staged a peaceful protest, crying wolf on his use of fur. *Ahoooooooooo!*

Earlier this year, Kors was cited by the Humane Society of the United States for using dog fur in some of his designs. Since March, Kors has discontinued his use of dog fur, but still uses rabbit and broadtail fur.

His spring collection didn't contain fur pieces, but, said Santos Lopez, founder of NYC Animal Rights, "The animals that will be used in his fall collection are already suffering in cages, and we only get a chance to speak to him twice a year. I don't want to look like we're bullying people, but these designers are celebrating the deaths of animals."

Billy Daley, Michael Kors' Vice President of Global Communications, had no comment on the protest.


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you go girl    

love fur hate peta.

2568 days ago


"We live in a free country and people are free to be homeless if they want to be. Some people just don't want the responsibilities."

Some people don't have any compassion for others, and so they like to blame the victims. Then go out and mistreat other humans for wearing the wrong thing. Animals are holy and sacred, but all the other PEOPLE in the world can go straight to hell, can't they? Because sick, homeless and disabled people CHOOSE to be that way.

I fear our species is too stupid and/or evil to survive, and you have done nothing to change that opinion.

2568 days ago


I will never buy anything michael kors again..

2568 days ago


Wow human decency goes along way. And seeing as how you have commented on his postings you must be sitting on your A@# as well. Look in the mirror at yourself you judgmental fool Angry much. Take a yoga class or something to get all that anger you have for stranger out. On boards like this you have to understand that things get lost in translation. we can only type so much, so a lot of what people say get taken out of proportion because we 1. Don't know the person 2. can't type as much as we would like to say 3. We are not face to face so we interpret each others "tone" incorrectly. 4. There is something to be said about face to face debating. Look this is America everyone is entitled to be able to express their point of view with out fear of being attacked. The men in the armed forces are right now as we speak fighting so that others can have freedom of speech and hear we are fighting each other because someone doesn't think like "we" do.

2568 days ago

Uh, scary
They all need to be exposed for the cruelty that they are involved in.

2568 days ago


This is a real graphic video of were fur really comes from THIS SHOULD OPEN EVERYBODYS EYES AND HEART...

2568 days ago


If it doesn't open their eyes and heart they have no heart Sandy. People like to rant about how we shouldn't spend a minute of our time speaking out on behalf of animals because there is human suffering we are neglecting. News flash, I can multi-task. I also donate time and money to human causes but I will never stand around and do nothing while animals are skinned alive, beaten, stomped to death and tortured. I am a second year law student who hopes to work for the Humane Society of the U.S. when I graduate in 2009 and I'm going to go after ANYONE who abuses animals with a vengence. This includes fur farms, slaughterhouses, dog-fighters, fashion designers, anyone and everyone. I can't WAIT. And for those who aren't aware, there is a direct link between violence perpetrated on animals and humans, particularly in domestic violence situations. They go hand in hand.

P.S. I've also contacted the heartless Kors. Sorry I couldn't be in NYC to join you guys!

2568 days ago


What a loser. I won't buy anything from him ever again and I just email NM about how I will never buy from anyone who sells his garbage. Write MK and all his peeps about this and we can call for a boycott of his products until he changes. Trust me, all he cares about is the money and he will change to faux fur in a sec if it effects his pocket book. What a jerk he is.

2568 days ago


Thanks for the heads up!I know many who would not purchase from JoLo's line and I am sure we will not purchase anything with Mr.Kors name on it also. I can hardly believe anyone would use dog fur to begin with! I have watched Project Runway often, but no more. All I would think of is how horrible the animlas are suffering so he can make some money. Use faux fur or none at all! He needs to realize there are millions of us who abhor any type of abuse-whether it is defenseless animals or children who have done nothing to deserve this type of "life".

2568 days ago


first, i apologize for multiple postings - i was just trying to click back to this thread & didn't realize that e-mail confirmation link would actually repost my thread. my bad.

second of all, if someone can't accurately portray their feelings via their writing, it's certainly not MY problem. expressing opinions clearly in writing is NOT a new thing - it's been done for centuries. however, i don't think i misinterpreted anything - i think sammy intended to come off as holier-than-thou, and meant to complain about what animal rights people do with their time. and if you interpreted MY response to be annoyed, then you were right on the money, honey!

at any rate, terri, i never said that i was the role model for perfection. as sammy said to explain his/her usage of the term "tree hugging bunny humpers", i was just "frustrated" when i resorted to name-calling. frustrated at total hypocrasy.

i'm not the one saying that animal rights protesters are wasting their time and should be using their time more wisely to work to make life better for other people - SAMMY IS. me? i say anyone who is willing to fight for those who can't defend themselves is doing a good thing. everyone has the right to support the cause of their choice. if sammy is so annoyed about people "wasting their time" on animal rights, then she/he certainly is a hypocrite for wasting his/her time whining about it on the internet.

me? i'm wasting my time on the internet, but at least i'm not bitching people out for not taking more action against my pet causes.

and what the heck do the troops have to do with ANY of this, terri? i think there is a non-zero chance that you are, in fact, sammy, btw.

2568 days ago


WRITE MK @ Tell him how unhappy you are and send it to your friends, be active, it only takes seconds!!!!

2568 days ago

Riley Martin    

I eat meat on occasion, wear leather belts, shoes and purses, but I'm totally against fur. Hypocritical, I know, but that's just me. I don't tell other people what to wear or not wear; I do my own thing. I really love Michael Kors' clothes and bags and own a lot of them, but after reading this, until he stops using fur, I'm not going to buy.

My best friend, although an animal lover, owns several fur coats. After she saw a PETA film of a "coyote dog" stripped of it's fur while it was still alive, laying there skinless in agony blinking it's eyes, she has sworn off fur. I told her to sell the coats and donate the money to PETA. After watching this film, she is also ready to go veggie.

P.S. Sammy, I am an atheist. I have deep feelings not just for other people, but for animals too. Religion has nothing to do with human decency and caring. As a species we are running rough shod over this planet destroying our environment and other species along with it. Other people can support people charities; 90% of my donations go to animal causes. Call me a "tree hugger" if you will - I am a tree hugger and proud of it. I take that appellation as a compliment.

2568 days ago


hey peeps are you all whinning cause you dont have a fur coat to wear on those cold lonely nights? get a life, get a cause, how about moving your whinny butts to some third world country and help all of those starving kids with no shoes or clothes to wear. Hey give em fur to wear and when we slaughter those animals all locked up in cages for the fur you can give those kiddies the meat to eat.. Have some style and wear a mink

2568 days ago

Uh, scary    

Wendy you are a superficial cold hearted idiot. Why don't you learn how to spell? It's whiney not whinny. Not only are you a materialistic jerk but you are stupid too! Get a clue, will ya?

2568 days ago


I'm glad they protested. He's not that great of a designer anyway. He's a trend follower - hardly original with little soul. They should also protest Beyonce and Sean Jean - they continue to use the same barbaric Chinese dog fur...and refuse to comment on it!

2568 days ago
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