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Maddox's Preschool Cuisine -- For la Creme de la Creme!

9/10/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh cod served with steamed broccoli and couscous -- the main course at a lavish New York gala? Nope. It's what Maddox Jolie-Pitt had for lunch yesterday at his private Manhattan school. Bon appétit!

Little Maddox attends the prestigious Lycée Français de New York on the Upper East side. Cameras captured Angelina taking Maddox to school last week, wearing the latest in private school haute couture. C'est magnifique!

Today, according to the school menu, Maddox can expect to dine on vegetable chunks soup, rotisserie chicken, green bean almondine, white rice, and yogurt or fruit. Kinda makes that Hot Pocket you were going to microwave look pretty bad, doesn't it?


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So they serve fish, roast chicken, vegetables (green beans, broccoli), soup, fruit, yogurt, rice, couscous, etc. That's normal food. It just sounds fancy in French.
Next time you prepare broccoli, scatter some toasted almond slivers over, with a squeeze of lemon or lime just before serving and it will be haute cuisine! If you don't need to watch your weight, a bit of melted butter makes it so much nicer. Btw, I like couscous.

2566 days ago


I agree with Erica and Aurora!

2566 days ago


You guys at TMZ.COM must not have too much news to report at this time if one of your main articles is what some kid eats for lunch at school. Get more creative then this!

2566 days ago


It's just a healthy lunch with fancy words to describe it. No big deal. My daughter attends a Lycée Français (not in NYC) and this is a typical "french" lunch. I've helped out in the cafeteria and noticed that there is not one overweight child at the school. The meal is balanced and provides them the energy needed to get thru their long school day (school ends anywhere from 3:30- 5:30,).

That being said- I rather read about other things then school lunches on TMZ!

2566 days ago


kkenon (#43)

Shiloh is Brad's AND ANGELINA'S baby! Get that through your head!

Secondly, I don't know what you've been eating, but the foods listed are NORMAL food. What is strange about fish and chicken and vegetables and rice and fruit and yogurt???
They just sound fancy in French.

2566 days ago


Claudia (52)

He goes to school in New York because that's where the family is now that Brad is filming there. When they are in New Orleans he'll go to school there. The family stays together. What's wrong with that?

2566 days ago


I have had all of those things as most of you have and my family is far from wealthy !
Chilcken, Vegatables, Rice and Fish? This is stupid, common foods with fancy names.

2566 days ago


Leave it to the French to buy a rotisserie chicken from WalMart open a can of green beans add some fancy title's and charge how much a year?.

2566 days ago


Think about it, when you are huge celebrities like the two of these stars are, you have no choice but to put your children in these types of private schools. Besides the fact that you want them to have that kind of education and eat food that is healthy, they couldn't possibly attend public schools because they are not equipped to deal with paparazzi and kidnapping threats, etc. These children are targets of maniacs trying to snatch their kids up for ransom money. These schools have all the celebrities children because the are equipped for it and have the type of security and privacy that they need for their children.

I'm sure they have no other choice. It's either this or home schooling and I'm sure they fare better being around other kids everyday. I'd do the same if I was in their shoes. Excuse me, their Prada shoes.

2566 days ago


Some of these posts are like reading a hallmark card. they are just to sweet and kind to be believed. they are showing up on every Brad & Ang article. The come across as patranizing in tone also. Has me wondering.
Even those who like the couple have never come across like that.
It's reads like intentional counter PR

2566 days ago


adri (#57)

Yes, Maddox is learning Khmer (the language of Cambodia). Angelina has said that she has a lady come in to speak Khmer wit Maddox, and one to speak Vietnamese with Pax. She and Brad want the boys not to forget their home country.
French is the second language of both Cambodia and Vietnam, so it's right that Mad is in a French school. I'm sure Pax will be too.
Besides, I think they are planning to live (part of the year?) in France. The boys will grow up speaking three languages, which is great. I bet Zahara and Shiloh will too.

2566 days ago



You're right. Chicken, fish, vegetables, rice, fruit, etc. Common foods.
It sounds fancy because it's in another language.

2566 days ago

Susan H.    

In Post #49, it is very interesting to know about her being a member of CFR. These people only have a one world government and socialist agenda. Angelina and Brad just seem to have good spin doctors and PR people to make them look good to the public while they have another agenda! What a shame!

Thanks for the very eye opening info!

2566 days ago


Sorry people, but that is a normal menu at an average French school. My kids go to school in a very small village in France and it's the same, so I should know. Also, you should know that lunch is the main meal of the day in France (2 hour lunch breaks are the norm) where as supper at night is usually quite a light meal, like a bowl of soup of a few leftovers from lunch which also explains why there are so many overweight Anglo saxons. It's better not to stuff your face just before bed :)

2566 days ago


Their lifestyle isn't much differerent than some military family girls that I knew in school. One had been to 10 differrent schools by the time she graduated! Mad has a tutor when he is traveling - Angie and Brad make sure the kids are being educated and want them to speak their native language as well as a few others. Mad has one that is teaching him to talk whatever language they talk in Cambodia, and also about the culture there. She took him there not long ago, now that he is older, so he could see for himself where he came from and what it was like. They both also ate the native food there, can't remember what it was but it was nasty looking! I am sure when Pax and Z get older they will do the same. She wants to make sure they know their roots and the background of where they were born. She isn't trying to Americanize them and make them forget that they came from poor third world countries that desperately need help. If I remember correctly, Maddox already has a charity named for him that helps children in Cambodia, again, pretty sure she will do the same for the rest - and yes, that will include Shiloh ( I love that name!) These kids will have the best of both worlds thanks to two parents who love their children as well as each other. Everyone (adults) that have met the children remark how well behaved and mannered they are, not spoiled brats like some celeb kids, or any kid for that matter. Keep up the good work Angie and Brad.

2566 days ago
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