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Maddox's Preschool Cuisine -- For la Creme de la Creme!

9/10/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh cod served with steamed broccoli and couscous -- the main course at a lavish New York gala? Nope. It's what Maddox Jolie-Pitt had for lunch yesterday at his private Manhattan school. Bon appétit!

Little Maddox attends the prestigious Lycée Français de New York on the Upper East side. Cameras captured Angelina taking Maddox to school last week, wearing the latest in private school haute couture. C'est magnifique!

Today, according to the school menu, Maddox can expect to dine on vegetable chunks soup, rotisserie chicken, green bean almondine, white rice, and yogurt or fruit. Kinda makes that Hot Pocket you were going to microwave look pretty bad, doesn't it?


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Public Safety Mom    

Why have you people at TMZ posted this celebrities child's school name and location. this is completely irresponsible of you. These people are STALKED by paparazzi like yourselves and crazed mentally ill fans.

You at TMZ should be ashamed of yourselves.

2570 days ago


she should feed the hungry in New York and herself.....who cares about her kids show us more important pictures ,,,,getting tired of the bitch

2570 days ago

James Edstrom    

It's great we have them in NYC. Will add some spice to the celebrity scene. The paparazzi welcome you !

2570 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

I kind of like Brangelina, so I"m really rooting for these kids turn out okay . . . with the papparazzi scrutinizing their every move I feel like the odds are against them, even if Angelina were to stop talking about them to the press, and let them attend the same school for extended lengths of time, although I'm sure that would help. Also that massive backpack Maddox is toting makes him look like he's on the study path to Harvard if he doesn't get sidetracked by scoliosis!

But that's true what #65 said about French lunches - my dad got transferred to Paris for a year, and my brother and I went to a school that wasn't upscale or anything but lunch was included and we got the wildest stuff like Cow brain with an eclair we weren't allowed to eat until we polished off the Cow brain. It kind of tasted like chicken . . .

2570 days ago


Give him a, Whopper Jr. and french fries.

2570 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

PS Anybody ever read the book 'See Jane Run' that studies the characteristics of successful women? Apparently travels that expose kids to other cultures is one of the characteristics of successful women - don't know whether it has any effect on men, but it's definitely a plus for women. Probably stability is key too even though that wasn't one of the enumerated characteristics (more like it was implied) . . . I guess everything, but in moderation . . .

2570 days ago


The whole Brangelina bunch is sickening.

2570 days ago


Damn, and all I got was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

2570 days ago

ivana jerchough    

Just what the world needs another self-entitled brat that has no empathy for the people from which he comes.

A real do-gooder would expose their child to the real world.

Boo on you Angelina and Brad--

2570 days ago


In fairness to TMZ, those of you protesting its report on Maddox' lunch menu are missing the point and subtext. TMZ is not interested in the child; TMZ is making a commentary about the irony between Brangelina's public weepy tears over poor people and how they, the Jolie-Pitts, actually live, giving what amounts to a a mere pittance of surplus income.

Whether Brangelina is indeed hypocritical is interesting gossip for each of us to chew. Per some posters, their rabid worship of these two without permitting any mention of Brangelina's possible flaws and missteps seems rather fascist. Brad said recently that Paris is totally consumed by being famous -- um, pot calling kettle black here?

2570 days ago


Why do you have to know what the kid is eating for lunch? It just amazes me how invasive you are into their private lives? Next you'll be sneaking into the washroom to see what brand of toilet paper the children use. You are just so utterly tacky and uncool.

2570 days ago

Blah blah blah    

THANK GOD, You keep on Jolie-Pitts, that means you will fineally leave Britney alone. Gotta give it to you TMZ, haven't seen pics or stories here since th VMA stories. Keep it up.

2570 days ago


I can't wait to see the kids eat lunch on September 18th. "Corn on cab" is the vegetable.

2569 days ago


My children went to a private school in Los Angeles. They did not learn Spanish. They were taught French from the time they were 5 years old. The reason, French is one of the hardest languages to learn. However once you learn French, all other languages are easy to speak and understand. The point? My daughter graduated from college and spent 4 months traveling Europe. In all the countries she went, there was no language barrier. She could speak, and be understood. All but one country, Prague, did she have trouble with the communication. This school is outstanding, and you can move all over the world and the children don't miss a beat in school. We all know the US has one of the worst education systems in the world.

2569 days ago


Man, all my kids get are chicken-nuggets.

2569 days ago
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