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Sandra Bernhard HRC - Hormone Rights Campaign

9/10/2007 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Funny lady Sandra Bernhard was also in Vegas this weekend -- except she wasn't there to watch Britney disintegrate. Sandra took part in an HRC event at club Krave -- and had a few drag queens with her on stage.
Sandra Bernhard
TMZ can't tell which are the drag queens and which one is Sandra. Can you?


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The Princess    

Holy crap isn't the one on the left Naomi Campbell???

I swear it is.... so if theres only one woman on the stage and its Naomi then we really know the truth about Sandra....

2544 days ago


Hey I work here & I cant speak 4 Ms Bernhard but neither of the girls are DragQueens.

2544 days ago

Ortrud Jones    

She will ALWAYS be known as the ugly as hell alley dog who Madonna dumped. I thought her 15 minutes of fame ran out 15 years ago...

2543 days ago


Hormone rights? What the hell does THAT mean? You are born with your own supply. If you don't like that, well,tough. Hope they don't want taxpayers to fund it.

2543 days ago

Not ! a BrAngelina LOON !    

Sandra Berhard looks like Jessica Simpson .

2543 days ago


Sandra is hardly the person to moralize or pontificate about anyone.

If memory serves right, she was in trouble with California Child Protectice Services a few years back due to her boozing.

2543 days ago


Whatever any of the pictured individuals may have been classified at birth, they are now all complete clowns and really boring. And perfect representatives of the kind of puke-prompting posturing that make most of the straight world ill.

2543 days ago


I LOVE sandra B and so should you! Sandra rocks! can't wait to see her in the UK!

2543 days ago


What the hell, just because it's a gay night club everyone assumes its all drag queens. The two individuals in the photo with Sandra are WOMEN. I know the one on the right and she is definately not a drag queen, never had a sex change, she is 100% WOMAN.

2539 days ago


The one on the right is DEFINATELY all woman...We've met and she is very very nice and quite Beautiful...

2539 days ago


If you saw the GIRL on the right in person, you would see that she is a HOT chick, and not a drag queen. She is like 5' 1''. Everyone can take a bad picture.

2539 days ago

Randy Spears    

TMZ is SO mean to say she was up there with Drag Queens when these LADIES are some of the best FEMALE GOGO dancers in town!!! They ARE NOT drag queens at all and its just not cool to assume and write about people when others can see it too and not realize...My girl to the right can DANCE/SING/ACT - look her up people!!

2539 days ago


In responce to post #8 and 11. Trust me, the person on the right is very much a woman. Her name is Crystal and she is a personal friend of mine as is her boyfriend Micheal.

The only "junk" she can tuck is not a public issue. Nor dose she have a ball sack that could have been hanging out.

Trust me on this as I tried to go out with her for about a year before I found out she had a boyfriend.


2539 days ago


omg.. why is everyone so negative!?! I personally know both the GIRLS that are dancing with her... and they ARE NOT drag queens... they are girls!! People need to keep the negative comments to themselves....ohh and I think Sandra is very funny too.... thanks! :)

2538 days ago


Just for everyone's information, the GIRL on the right has been and will be an attractive FEMALE. Shadows are not balls or junk or whatever everyone is seeing. It's not her fault she was hired to stand next to a he-she

2537 days ago
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