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Tito: Damn! I Get to Hit That Every Day!

9/10/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Ortiz knows he's the luckiest man on earth.
Jenna and Tito
TMZ got this snap of the UFC fighter in Body English at the Hard Rock, drooling gazing lovingly at Jenna.

Haters, line forms to the left.


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# 74 Ratta , lol . I howled when I read your post .
You're confusing Jenna with Jenny McCarthy who is a comedienne , not a porn actress like the Jenna in the picture. Plus Jenny M is healthy and has a sincere loving relationship with Jim Carey .

Jenna Jameson was a beautiful and smart businesswoman whom as a result of her business savvy in the porn industry , became filthy rich .
The point is , she was beautiful and healthy . That was a year ago . Look what tito's effect has had on her during this past year they have been together .
She has really supported him , by advertising his punishment athletic line to paying the bills .
Tito is a whore too , because before Jenna , he had a different girl virtually every night of the week . He is the one with the super unclean nasty genitalia.

2599 days ago


I cannot get over how huge tito's head on top of his shoulders is ...
The average head weighs 10 - 15 lbs .
This one has to be at least 65-70 lbs , yes ?

Did TMZ photoshop the cell in tito's hand ?

Jenna , if you by some incoherent reason marry this clown - remeber the single most important word in the English language - PRENUP !

You can really test tito's so called love by telling him he will not be entitled to a single dime of yours made before and during the marriage and let's watch the games begin ...

2599 days ago


Yuck! I guess you can't say he's boldy going where no man has been before! LOL

2599 days ago

Not Your Average Joke    

She did used to be semi pretty back in the day. This is coming from a female fan! Now ,I can say that she did show me a few tricks to use on my husband but now she scares me. She does look haggered and old. If this guy is the luckiest guy in the world then what do you call the other 500,000 men and women before him? Porn is a good tool but know when to say when.

If you see her please don't offer her real food.
She gets her "protein" another way!!!!

2599 days ago

Linda Lou    

there sure are a lot of creepy sex-worker haters on here. like serial killer creepy, spewing pure venom and hate at her. she performed a service that many enjoyed. if you don't like it, leave her alone. it's unlikely you'll face the dilemma "to screw or not to screw" anytime soon with her anyway.

2599 days ago


I hate this planet somtimes

2599 days ago


who hasn't hit it?

2599 days ago


Why the hell would I be a hater. Maybe if it was a few years ago. Now she is just a used up saggy boobed porn star that should be fed a hamburger instead of being taken out to dance. Tito you can have that blonde mess.

2599 days ago


I wonder where his finger just came back from and why he's looking at it like that.

2599 days ago

Jenna is a senior porn actress    

it looks like he is looking at a booger on his finger, but hes definitely not looking at the skank pancake in front of him

2599 days ago

I hate snobs!    

It's good to see how most people realize how disgusting her behavior is. In biblical times they stoned people like her. I'm not judging her as a person..just sayin'...

2599 days ago


Dear Jenna,

Please stop with the plastic surgery...and gain some weight.



2599 days ago


umm...i think she just farted and he's feeling (and smelling) all the funk

2599 days ago


Luckiest guy in the World! I guess if you are into the anoxoric look Jenna looked a lot better before she lost all that weight. But Jenna is a wealthy woman and has made good better than most porn stars.

2599 days ago


Hey Tito, you the man and all but,... What are you like # 3876? A whole lotta dudes are like "Been there done that, next."

2599 days ago
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