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50 Cent Milestone: Seven Years Without Being Shot!

9/11/2007 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seven years ago, Fifty Cent (right) was shot nine times and left for dead. Today, the musclebound Fifty drops his latest album, "Curtis." To push sales, the mogul hired ice cream trucks in L.A. and NYC! Fitty will also be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight -- the man knows how to get his music to the masses!

Fiddy has become a major music mogul and creative entrepreneur -- hence his publicty stunt feud with Kanye West (on tippytoes, left), in which he originally promised to quit hip-hop if he weren't number one in sales -- he's since thought better of that proposal and reneged.

Kanye West, who today released his album, "Graduation," has had his own drama -- vowing to boycott MTV after not winning any awards at the VMAs. These two fellas have almost as much drama as "Madea's Family Reunion!"


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Maybe we should remember that Today is September 11th, and we should remember the people who died and not the Britneys, Lindseys and the Paris and Nicoles.

2598 days ago


Kanye you wimp...the fans voted that means nobody likes you, your glasses and your music.

2598 days ago


it's an honor to be nominated...not everyone can win...spoiled rotten little baby crying racism for every friggin thing....all aboard......"maybe my money's not right"..."maybe my skin color's not right"....ssshhh...hear that??? the tiny violin...
Grow up Kanye....I think maybe you're taking yourself too seriously..or perhaps you damanged your brain in that car accident a few years back...or perhaps you'd like a "Black MTV Awards" show, eh? who has time for these idiots anyway...

2598 days ago


Why don't these two just make out and get it over with?

2598 days ago


Yo fitty! u ain't nothin no more as u can c i wrote ur name in small letters am a west cost n aftamath fan but sorry man u ain't worth a rapper or business man like u used to claim u were KANYE wil over power u wansta

2597 days ago

vanessa blake    

Kanye needs to grow up. alot people get nominated and dont win.

2589 days ago



2578 days ago

ernst belange    

both 50& kanye are great but remember 50 still hold the crown

2575 days ago

Julian St.Jacque    

Two Queens. LOL

2575 days ago


Go 50 cent! u rule!!!!!!!!!

Kanye is so ddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care what anybody says about my comment, because kanye is ddd and he doesn't deserve my respect.

2572 days ago


2571 days ago


2571 days ago


HEI HEI HEI YA''LL KNOW MY MAN 50 cent is tha biggest when it comes to seling hits . well shuld kanye be on his toes cos he wants to follow 50's thrills and maxxy hits lately . KANYE JUST WATCH YOUR STEPS ON COS YOU MUST BE MAKING A BIG LOSS TO YOUR CARRIER

2570 days ago


I just wish everyone knew what has happened, it is more than booty shaking. I am a prisoner in my own home. I was not aware of what happened in my home that people could see and hear me. Yes I have cried and been on my knees praying for god to help me and then I learned what was going on. How could I ever explain to anyone by myself what has happened without being admitted to a psychic hospital. Try to explain this to your family everybody looks at you like your crazy because your the only one who can see and hear what technology has done to me and how I had to personally work through this myself for 3 months now. This has taken a big toll on my relationship with my family and child. Then different cultures, races and sex preferences were used through technology to try to get me to say something negative. Everyone knows where I stand on this issue and I believe we are all the same. Color is only skin-deep and I will stand by this at any cost. Nobody knows the whole story of what has gone on they just see me today, I still pray, cry and try to have fun before this takes over anymore of my life. I believe one day I will be heard by the American people and my job will not be threatened and my co-workers will stop turning their backs to protect their own self.

I love you all.

2567 days ago



2565 days ago
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