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Beckham's Alleged Nookie Asst. Blows into L.A.

9/11/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca Loos, perhaps the most aptly named Brit scandal figure since Divine Brown dallied with Hugh Grant, is coming to America! Roll out the caught red-handed carpet!
Rebecca Loos
Rebecca allegedly had a torrid affair with her soccer hottie David Beckham. Now it seems that Miss Loos wants to try her, er, hand at being a star in America -- it kinda worked for Posh, why not her?!

Becky has already made a big splash across the pond in such Z-lister hits as "Celebrity Love Island" and "The Farm." Welcome to the zoo!


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He's just another Idiot    

Does he still get paid all of those millions when he doesn't even play?

2595 days ago


This two-bit bimbo will never be able to get within 50 feet of that idiot Beckham, Victoria has probably already gone totally bazonkers and hired a special platoon of bodyguards to keep David surrounded and watched 24-7. And David is such a wimp, there won't be a thing he can do about it. Another celeb marriage made in hell! Victoria must be ranting, this slut is definitely hotter and better looking than the anorexic sourpuss.

2595 days ago


She looks like a Tranny.

2595 days ago


Some new blood to watch! Finally some scandle! Know nothing about her. Will She be a flash? I need to get a life watching all this banel celeb comeback nothings.

2595 days ago


Another trash on the loose.

2595 days ago


I know why I think she looks like a tranny. She resembles that one Arquette sibling.

2595 days ago


She was never his childrens' nanny. Your thinking of Jude Law.
As a nanny Im insulted that you have not changed you heading. Other people have pointed out that you are not reporting facts by calling her a nanny.

2595 days ago


He cheated on Posh with her?!!!? What is it with European celebrities and their not-so-hot nannies?

2595 days ago


TMZ get your facts straight. She was never a nanny for the Beckham children. She was assigned to David Beckham as personal assistant when he joined Real Madrid. She is no threat to Victoria LOL...she is a confessed lesbian so get your facts straight.

2595 days ago


when did whores that go undercover as nannies become celebs?????????????

sorry TMZ, but your saving anything good for your show and giving us this crap!!!!

2595 days ago


This is going to be fun, hope we get some photos of Victoria's face when she runs into David's old flame. Of course, we won't be able to tell if Victoria is pissed or not, since she looks pissed all the time anyway!

Posted at 10:16PM on Sep 11th 2007 by Let the games begin!
Your comments are childish and without fact. Miss Loos was personal assistant to David Beckham in Spain and she is a lesbian. Get the facts straight before you make ridiculous and childish statements.

2595 days ago


What ever happen to decent lady? Where have all the well behaved, educated, honest, girls gone?

2595 days ago


11. Becham is a whiny voiced biatch. Once you hear his voice you know what i'm talking about. This homey wants to be an actor? Someone needs to kick his metrosexual ass, because he doesn't deserve all this fame and fortune.

Posted at 10:22PM on Sep 11th 2007 by placebo effect
Boy you have a lot of jealousy and hatred for someone you know nothing about. Just because he is rich, famous, handsome and happily married and you are a complete loser is no reason to be so bitter. Get off your computer and find a life!

2595 days ago


ROTFLMAO, didn't take long for Victoria to get her PR goons in here. The Maven sounds so pissed she has probably blown a gasket by now. Hey Maven, the comments you are so pissed off about were right on target, Victoria IS a sourpuss and that IS a fact, and doesn't matter what this chick was, lebian or assistant, she and Beckham WERE getting it on. I am SO going to love watching this play out. Victoria will have to hire even more PR goons to blog away the truth for her. Too bad it never works.

Hey Jemiller, this girl makes Posh look even uglier than she already looks! Tehn, my dog looks better than the Posh skank!

2595 days ago


The Whore should go back home to Britain.

Lord knows we already have enough of them here, we don't need another one.

2595 days ago
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