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Beckham's Alleged Nookie Asst. Blows into L.A.

9/11/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca Loos, perhaps the most aptly named Brit scandal figure since Divine Brown dallied with Hugh Grant, is coming to America! Roll out the caught red-handed carpet!
Rebecca Loos
Rebecca allegedly had a torrid affair with her soccer hottie David Beckham. Now it seems that Miss Loos wants to try her, er, hand at being a star in America -- it kinda worked for Posh, why not her?!

Becky has already made a big splash across the pond in such Z-lister hits as "Celebrity Love Island" and "The Farm." Welcome to the zoo!


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She's going where she believes she'll get the most attention and that happens to be hot on the heels of the man who garnered her that attention. Who saw this coming? Surely not Beckham and Posh!! Ohhhhh there's gonna be a fight at their house!

2597 days ago


Ok so shes a lesbian? Was this ever true of David cheating on Vic.. or was it all a hoax?

2597 days ago


That is not a forehead - it's at least a 6 or 7 head. And lady Please! Leave the pantyhose with holes at home. We have enough skanks on this side of the mud puddle. Wonder if Becks is going to have to go on tour with the Spice Girls now?

2597 days ago


Terrific, another attention whore TMZ will trail around town. So sick of these tramps.

2597 days ago


Hey laffin - yes, I'm speaking to you - and the other people in the gutter you obviously hang out with and consider to be your BFF.

What's your problem? Can't deal with people posting the actual FACTS?!

Can't handle much, can you? I guess that's why you and your ilk need to make yourselves feel better by dumping on people you don't even know.

Take a pill - preferably a LOT of them - and don't bother to call the doctor when you begin to feel woozy. People like you stink up the entire world with your negativity, y'know?

2597 days ago


this kind of reminds me of monica lewinsky............... just a tad ............just substitute the president for an athlete

2597 days ago

calling it like i see it    

She's a homewrecker. Needs to take her ugly a** back across the pond. We don't need anymore whores over here. She's too ugly for this town anyway. She's had her fifteen minutes of fame, now come on everyone, say it with me, C-YA, B*tch

2597 days ago


can you blame him? look at his wife. I'm not entirely sure she's human.

2597 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

I knew it! He did cheat on her! Good for him, She is so plastic that in some pictures it seems like her left breast is turned towards her left arm and the right breast is turned towards the right arm. Disgusting and abnormal looking. and then there is her legs
that look like cottage cheese factory exploded on them. Hence those high heel shoes
so she can make it look like it has muscles.
Anyway coming back to the subject he is and will continue to cheat on her, I have said it
from the get go. He will leave her and she is scared, that's why she didn't take up an offer
to be friends with Paris Hilton. Posh is very insecure for she knows that she is no beauty.
She tried to use plastic surgery and came out with that face. She has a pig nose and
looks like a prostitute with those clothes she wears. There is a very thin line between
classy and trashy and Posh is very trashy looking. TRAMP!

2597 days ago


This bitch has no class and gives us ladies a bad name! Wtf she can't get her OWN man! I HATE home wreckers! go back to your own country AFTER you get that ENORMOUS nose of yours done

2597 days ago


This is the whore bitch who just 2 years ago, JERKED off a PIG on the reality TV show "The Farm!!!"


2597 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Beck dude sounds very gay to me when he talks,I bet he is really doing Miss Tommie Cruise

2597 days ago


She's trying to exploit the massive attention that they're getting for another 15 minutes of fame.

2597 days ago


If we can keep the Mexicans out as illegals, we can surely keep this ho back on the island she stinks on!! Stay away be-atch!

2597 days ago


That nose would make Streisand LOL...!!! Why so many sleazebags in this guy's life?

2597 days ago
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