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Beckham's Alleged Nookie Asst. Blows into L.A.

9/11/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca Loos, perhaps the most aptly named Brit scandal figure since Divine Brown dallied with Hugh Grant, is coming to America! Roll out the caught red-handed carpet!
Rebecca Loos
Rebecca allegedly had a torrid affair with her soccer hottie David Beckham. Now it seems that Miss Loos wants to try her, er, hand at being a star in America -- it kinda worked for Posh, why not her?!

Becky has already made a big splash across the pond in such Z-lister hits as "Celebrity Love Island" and "The Farm." Welcome to the zoo!


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Just what we need -- more trash washing up our shores.

Please send this slut back to the landfill from whence she came.

2597 days ago


Why does nanny Rebecca Loos, in this picture, have her finger stuck halfway into her mouth
like she's going to make herself puke? If she wants to puke, she should be doing that out of camera range.

2597 days ago


mel b and this hook-nosed hooker need to go back to thier brothels in england.

2597 days ago


Posh was dumb enough to hire a sexy nanny ??????

And, have you ever heard David Beckham open his mouth ? I used to think he was attractive until I heard him speak. He sounds weird, and I don't mean the British accent. What is the fuss about him ? He has an annoying voice ,no real vibes, and is ass enough to cheat on his wife....and then she actually doesn't divorce him for it.

2597 days ago


To Sandeana - I think she was TRYING to strike a sexy pose, but obviously it didnt' work. Probably cause she's an ugly attention whore and she's just trying to hard anyway!!

2597 days ago


What a bitch!

2597 days ago


Look at the beak on her! That's one ugly girl. THAT'S the whore of England?

2597 days ago


You can see why David went for this woman. Look at Posh. Wax face, wax breasts. He wanted a woman while VB was awy. Can you blame him?? Have you noticed she dosent leave David alone as much as she used to when he was in Madrid?? He is even going to be a "Spice Girl" on their tour. She DOES NOT TRUST HIM.

2597 days ago


My sentiments too! I think kaupairgirl has the right idea that Mel B should join them as well. Posh should sue her Plastic Surgeon, what a whack job he did on her, or maybe she was "doing" that to him during surgery and his scalpel slipped. "Oops! I did it again" Maybe the skank Loos is really following Plastic Posh to America, either way, thye all should go back to Cesspool England.

2597 days ago


Okay this was his personal assistant not nanny. This is old news, the "affair" happened back in 2004.

2597 days ago


Why is she coming here? We don't need anymore stupid twits posing !
That market is flooded in America, Go home.

2597 days ago


Yes Lori, we the in UK cringe when David opens his mouth. We all in the UK think he is a bit effiminate. I am sure he is gay and that is why he and VB are still together. The reason for the semi porn photos you see, is to take away attention that David is GAY....Did you read by the way, that VB does not want her children to have an "AMERICAN ACCENT" because they are British NOT American. Wot I say is GO HOME YOU TARTY LOOKING PUBLICITY SEEKING PAIR. All they are in the US for is to MAKE MORE MONEY. LIKE THE T SHIRT SAID. "SHOW ME THE MONEY" You in the US should not give them the publicity like you are, perhaps then they will get the message that they are not wanted.

2597 days ago

just me    

Not being much in to following the Euro tabloid gossips, I have not been privy to reports on the celebrity career and personal life of Rebecca Loos. But having spent only about 10 minutes 'Googling' this naughty little Euro-tart, I am convinced that little Miss Loos has the potential to make our seemingly wild and crazy Hollywood tarts look like adorably sweet schoolgirl teases. Who would have thought, before discovering that she masturbated a pig on a Euro-television reality show, that this sweet looking Euro-bred lass could be more impervious to moral proprieties than our own sassy Hollywood-bred lasses?

Beware Hollywood! This sassy Euro-wham-bam-heathen-ma'am of hedonistic debaucheries will not only be on the prowl for Hollywood bad boys to hogtie and have her way with, but she also boasts about her bisexual prowess and special ability to turn straight lasses into lesbians.

2597 days ago

My Main Martyrdom    

No 21, Ronaldo is correct. I doubt he would hook up with her again since she kisses and tells all..not to be trusted but appears she knows how to work the entertainment media.

2597 days ago


How original it is to be disparaging of the one time' third' wheel in the marriage. Some of the other posters are correct she was his personal asisstant in Madrid until she was sacked. Check Big where 3 years ago they were photographed together in a club. When the story broke Rebecca revealed that their affair was a military operation. David's bodyguards, driver' s and I'm sure friends knew of what was going on. Stop hating on her, if you people do not hate on David. He was the one who took those vows at that weding and he was the one wearing a wedding ring. Rebecca was single. Not saying it makes either of their actions correct. The British media had a field day with this story. They would never turn on the Golden boy of sport, Beckham. So, the press blamed 'whore' Rebecca for his downfall and Victoria for daring to embark on a career and not being at his side at all times to perform 'wifely' duties. May I say when the hateful remarks/stories where targetted at Posh he never once publicly defended her. What goes on in that marriage, we will never know the full details. But the 'image' they portray of a sexy, loving, supportive , sweet and comitted young couple is as pr managed as any Hollywood relationship. All is not what it seems.

2597 days ago
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