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Britney -- I Object, Y'all!

9/11/2007 7:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has obtained this hilarious document in the Britney Spears/K-Fed custody war.

Britney's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, lodged 156 objections to Kevin's declaration, in which he questions Britney's parenting skills. Wasser had a good batting average -- 89 of the objections were sustained and 67 were overruled.

In all, there were 229 objections to various declarations. Peace out.


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Whammer Jammer    

As usual, Twitney fans are blaming everyone but her for her behavior. Hilarious.

2596 days ago


These two bickering brats need a very lengthy and very solitary timeout. Neither one of them is helping their kids. In about ten years from now when Sean is surfing the internet for information about mom and dad, he will find this crap. The only ones who will benefit from this bitch-fight are the lawyers, therapists, and celebrity scandal sheets (paper and electronic)!

2596 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I objected to those two having kids,but I was over ruled, but have bad morals,but half these people on this site dont know what morals are

2596 days ago



2596 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It's so obvious that Federdumb doesn't want custody of the boys, he just wants more of Britney's money to pay for his other illegit kids and so he can party all of the time. Britney has supported her folks all her life so Federdumb wants in on that money so he can be supported all of his life, too. I hope the Judge throws that low-life out of court. His lawyers want Britney to pay for their fees, too. No wonder she's about to have a nervous breakdown. K-Fed wants her to have a breakdown so he can get all of her money and sit on easy street the rest of his miserable life. He makes me sick !!!!

2596 days ago

Francesca, the BlueAqua517 NUTBAG    

Let's leave her alone, y'all. At least she is trying -- which is more than I can say for KFed. Sheeh.

2596 days ago


Britney married Kevin of her own free will. She went out with him when he was involved with another woman who was also pregnant with his baby at the time. She had children of her own free will. She got drunk, ran around without her underwear, shaved her head, had a meltdown and beat up a car with an unbrella and lets not forget before all this she married some guy and it lasted all of 24 hours. This girl has been seriously messed up for a long time. She seems to have the attitude that she can act any way she pleases and there won't be any consequences. I mean who drives around on the freeway with their baby in their lap! I'm sure her marriage crashing and burning didn't help her mental state any, but the made her choices. This is not some 15 year old girl just starting out in the business. She is a woman, at least chronologically, and she needs to get herself together and save her career and her life before things get any worse. She may have lots of money but she is seriously lacking common sense.

2596 days ago

slutty addicts turn me on    


2596 days ago

King Leonidas    


2596 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Boy, he's a nasty looking Bum, isn't he? Before Britney, how did the lazy idiot support himself? It will be a terrible injustice if Ferderass gets custody and any more money from Britney. So, Brit is supporting her parents, Fed-X and Shar ?? Fedloon makes Britney look like Mother Teressa. What a Dolt, he is.

2596 days ago


Is there a restraining order against Lynne(Brits mom)If she were my child I would have to lock her up or show up at her door step each day to be the mom that she so needs. Too bad that with all the ppl in her life she chooses the losers. You can teach someone to be a mom, it's called parenting classes, but the majority of parents do it naturally but with (not so many BIG mistakes she has made). Get it together Brit. Nothing wrong with going back to rehab. Just have to remember if you don't take care of you, you can't take care of anyone. (Money only If you r fortunate to have it) only buys "things" Kids need parenting and love (uncondititional love).The support you get from your fans to you is pricelss but the love you give to your kids is worth much more. When you have kids it is not about you anymore. Time to grow up. I think the new fans you think you have are only upset that we see you on tabloid sites to not laugh with you but to say" Hey girl grow up'.

2596 days ago


The only bizarre behavior that I see is that of some of the public and trash media. And evidently a lot of her on again off again fans have never been parents. Those parents that do criticize her, do so while their lard ass kids are sitting around playing violent video games and smoking pot.
I went through a custody dispute, and it really is difficult to function. I do not ever remember Spears having a bad performance before the MTV. In fact I watched some last night, and without a doubt, these are some of the hottest performances and videos I have ever seen a female performer do.
Sure, after her custody disputes are over, she could work herself back into shape, and most likely deliver one of the hottest performances ever. However, I hope she doesn't. And I hope that she really opens her eyes as to what many both in public and the media are like.
She is a megamillionaire, and would never obviously need to work again as a performer. And I hope that she doesn't, even though I will miss them. The public, the media, the TMZs out there, etc. do not deserve another super Britney Spears performance. If any behavior has been really bad, it has been some in the media, and the little worms who bash her.
I think that she needs to just shift her attentions to raising her children and forget the fickle public and media. She was and could still be if she put her mind to it, one of the hottest performers ever, and I appreciate the fire that she could put into her performances.

Will we see Britney Spears again? I doubt it. Especially after they were also trashing her kids. Wonder if Sarah Silverman has any kids? What a laugh.

So if I was Britney, I would just move to a peaceful place in the country, and get away from the evil and unforgiving entertainment business. Let the no talent fat women and the weasly little geeks sit behind their computers and trash others to boost their meager egos. Wonder how much money they made this month? Ha.

Ms. Spears thanks for some of the hottest performances ever, and for being one of the hottest female stars to come around in years. When you were right, you could not be touched. And don't worry about coming back and trying again. We are not worth it. Enjoy your chidren, and concentrate on raising them. That is what is important now.

2596 days ago


First of all Britney figured out that Kevin only married her for her $$$$ MONEY$$$$$

She was devestated and felt betrayed....She needs to work out things with her mother...everybody has problems with their mother at one point.....Kevins trying to look like the good guy when he's not......He left Shar Jackson while she was knocked up with his second baby......Shes going to say he's a good father so he gets more money for child support and then she gets more money from him for her son and daughter...
I would go crazy if photographers were following me 247.....Its SO SAD

2596 days ago

brit supporter    

TMZ drives people to suicide and ruins carreers.........what goes around comes around.
I love your new hit Britney. I cannot stop playing it. You were fine at the awards...what's with Riannas hair? Talk about a train wreck....her hair do is an explosion of bad.

2596 days ago


madcat, I do appreciate your comment. She does not have to prove her self as an entertainer. But for a come back to prove herslef as a good mom is all that is needed. Money means nothing if you can't enjoy it. She is on thing I will never be 'Money Bag" And I mean that in the most sincerest way. I as most of us will never have the money she has. But when you have kids you bond and connect and keep them safe at all costs. Even if that means waiting for them to get alittle older to make a come back in the "real world work force" or having what "Celebs call a come back" Take time to enjoy the babies. They do grow up fast. No amount of money can buy back the first steps, their first tooth or going to their first day of school.

2596 days ago
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