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Soap Star Busted for DUI

9/11/2007 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

StormsSoap star Kirsten Storms, 23, was busted for drunk driving over the weekend. Here we go again!

TMZ has learned that Storms, who is also on Disney's "Kim Possible," was traveling on a Los Angeles freeway when a CHP officer noticed a lit cigarette being thrown from her blue Mercedes. According to the police report, officers "noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle." After several sobriety tests, she was arrested for DUI.

Viewers know her best as Maxie Jones on "General Hospital" and Belle Black on "Days of Our Lives." The alleged litterbug/DUIer was taken to Van Nuys Jail and later released on $5,000 bail.


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yo lo key what do you mean by another white dui driving fool????
what do you mean by white? is that racist? dont get me started
got that???????????????

2596 days ago


OMG!!!! Who's next? Dakota Fanning?!?!?!

2596 days ago

Cunga Spencer    

Check up on your comprehension skills people........"she's best known as........"
didn't say she was on DOOL. I saw K. in person and she's a super sweet beautiful girl, too bad she's heading on the road to nowhere. She left DOOL at the right time, newcomers rock!!!

2596 days ago


It's funny that "Kim Possible" is mentioned ... but not "Zenon" ~ she did 2 or 3 of those movies for Disney Channel. I think I noticed her there before Days.

2596 days ago


I have not watched her on her current show. I remember her on Days. She was a great actress. No one is perfect. I'm glad neither she nor anyone else was hurt. Hopefully she will not repeat this. If she needs help I hope she will get it.

2596 days ago


Throwing your cig out the window is a potential fire threat. Remember when Johnny Cash tossed his cig and burned down a forest? Anyway Kirsten Storms doesn't surprise me. When on DAYS, she hung with the young crowd including her onscreen romance who was busted in Iowa (local appearance) for being intoxicated boarding the flight at 6am and had a pipe with dope residue. Charges were eventually dropped, but not until after a very amusing orange jumpsuit smirking mugshot was taken. Do you really think those innocent litle teens on soaps are squeaky clean? They're just like Paris, NIcole, Lindsay, etc. Kirsten was partying with all her fellow teen castmates on Days....they even admitted to hanging out together on that stupid soap talk show with the chick with the big lips. I'm sure the same goes on GH. Is she still on there?

2596 days ago


59. and fires are natural you idiots! i hope all your houses burn down
Posted at 2:29PM on Sep 11th 2007 by stttuuupppiiiidddd people!!

Boy, I can see you're a real genius! Umm, have you ever heard of a little thing called ARSON!!!??? Let me give you the definition:
Arson - Noun
1. Malicious burning to destroy property; "the British term for arson is fire-raising".
2. The criminal setting on fire by an individual

Arson is the crime of setting a fire with intent to cause damage. The definition of arson was originally limited to setting fire to buildings, but was later expanded to include other objects, such as bridges and vehicles.

Very often one distinguishes several degrees of arson, for example arson committed at night is usually viewed as being more serious than that committed during daytime. Setting fire to one's own property to defraud an insurance company is also a form of arson.

Willful or negligent misconduct resulting in a forest fire, e.g., tossing a spent match or cigarette out of a vehicle in a closed area, is also subject to prosecution under many arson statutes.


So who would be the "idiot" now??? Hmmm, types like a duck, acts like a duck, must be a duck! How old are you anyway?? Do yourself (and society) a favor and get yourself a Webster's and an education! You only made yourself look like an uneducated dweeb!
I mean if you're going to post a comment, at least know something about what you're commenting about! Good grief!!

2596 days ago


Who cares WHICH soap she's on right now??? What the hell does General Hospital have to do w/her being a drunk??? It's not their fault she drinks on her own time, they don't know what she does when she's off work. Grow up people, all u care about is that she's not associated with stupid Days??? She left that soap cuz it sucks! I hope GH fires her butt cuz I can't stand her on the show.

2596 days ago


oh god get a live you soap rats who cares what shes on she lucky she didnt kill herself or someone else.And how bout the fact that she and disney well work together

2596 days ago


Did you people not read the article??? The headline did not say Days star, it said "Soap" star. It did NOT say she was currently on Days or even GH for that matter. The article just stated that viewers would know her best as Maxie Jones on GH, and Belle Black on Days.
So, with all that TMZ DID have their facts straight.

2596 days ago


Most vehicle do not come with ashtrays. I paid over $200.00 to have an ashtray and lighter installed in my vehicle plus I had to leave my car at the dealer all day. Dinking and driving well I don't want anyone on the road with me who has been drinking....if you can't afford a driver then you can't afford to drink.

2596 days ago


Another starlet another disappointment! I hope she was charged with littering..especially a cigarette! Good thing she didn't pitch the cig in Malibu..or cause a fire! These young stars need to understand they are not good role models... especially for the teens out there that need someone to look up to. Who is there for them....NO ONE!

2596 days ago

snow white    

She is from Orlando, Fl. where her father used to be a sports reporter i believe on tv - then he moved the whole family to Hollywood so his daughter could become famous. guess she is now!

2596 days ago


she is on General Hosptial and also on Night Shift which is 13 week spin off of General Hosptial.. She is a good actress despite this incident. Not defending actors and actress who do dui. GET a cab next time

2596 days ago

The Voice    

I think I can clear up the "Days star" headline... in the story it CLEARLY states, 'Viewers know her best as Maxie Jones on "General Hospital" and Belle Black on "Days of Our Lives." ' BUT... look at the address for this page... "". The URL for the page it calls her a "DOOL" star. THAT is what some of the people are seeing. So again... for the slow people... in the STORY it says she is known for DOOL and GH and in the URL it says DAYS STAR only. So there ya go. Now...WE KNOW SHE'S ON GH!!! STOP POSTING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER!!! DAMN!

2596 days ago
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