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"Full House" Star Pregnant -- An Inside Look

9/11/2007 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has the inside scoop on Jodie Sweetin, aka Stephanie on "Full House," and when we say "inside," we mean inside!
Jodie Sweetin
TMZ has obtained this sonogram of Steph's baby with hubby Cody Herpin, courtesy of the happy couple themselves. TMZ is proud to announce their oven bun to their family and friends. Jodie and Cody were married just weeks ago at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas.



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my name is bindy not bindi    

i hope she isn't smoking.. that baby deserves a chance to be healthy..Heaven bless that baby. is this her first? i hope her OB talks to her about smoking and how it effects the baby esp in the first 3 mos.

2568 days ago


uh YEA they do do vaginal sonograms but it's for very early on in the pregnancy. i don't know if they do vag son later in the term.

2568 days ago


So SAD! Omgd! When I was preg, this type of pic was only given to family! Why on earth would they share this with TMZ?? Awful! I am so sorry for them! I hope they have any family and/or friends. Somebody......anybody????

2568 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

"Hey everyone, Jodi here! Just thought I would take a minute to tell you all that Im preggers and here is the ultrasound to prove it! Some might say I am trying too hard to get attention, but hey, I figure it's worth a shot!"

The sad and somewhat deranged behavior of a former child star-turned meth addict-turned f-list celebrity

2568 days ago


This actually is Cody, That other person that responded if your claiming to be my wife stupid, spell her name right. We gave the ultra sonic pics to tmz because of good friend of our works for tmz, we could of made money and sold them but instead we support tmz and him so we gladly handed them over. No, not trying to get attention! The pictures that were used we obviously didnt like or pick but thats that. They were used for another segment and are already all over the internet, but came from tmz originally. To everyone, thank you for the great comments as far as the bad ones, it's cool we expected them. To answer some of your questions, No she's not doing drugs, No she's not smoking, No she's not drinking and No she wasn't pregnant when we got married. As for the white trash comments hahah try taking over some of our bills, just the roosevelt bill alone, take over please. Anyway I love my wife very much, she's my best friend and we have the best time together and we are extremely excited about adding another addition to our family .

2568 days ago


Now the pap.s are stalking inside the celeb.s bodies? This is sick.....

2567 days ago


Congratulations to you both! Best wishes for you and your family.

2567 days ago


Queen Elizabeth, unless things have changed in the last few weeks you are wrong. Nothing was put up my "cooch" for my sonogram! It was all done on the outside of my tummy and I received a beautiful picture of my baby.

2567 days ago


And this is important news......why?

2567 days ago

Twinkle toes    

it s sad when you have to rev up attention for yourself by send the sono of your baby to tmz. If you want to get your career going do something that can show off your talent ....if you have talent!

2567 days ago


who cares

2567 days ago


I'd just like to say to Queen Elizabeth that they do not stick the thing up your "cooch" they use the little tool and move it acrossed your stomach, duh, must be a child if you don't even know how it's done.

2567 days ago


she's got a triple chin already LOL. Moooo!

2567 days ago


baby's having baby's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2567 days ago

Angry honest mother    

Ok, geniuses if you look at the top of the sonogram it has her maiden name... Duh she's married. This is just this sleazy magazine trying to get a story. If jodie was theone who sent it in, It would have her married name not maiden. Just leave her alone and get a life people. By the way QUEEN ELIZABETH you are obvisouly not educated on the female anatomy. Sonograms can be done abdominally and vaginally... So get your facts straight dumbass

2567 days ago
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