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Look, It's Hayden! Look, It's Sarah!

9/11/2007 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wouldn't it be great if every time someone asked you a question about Sarah Silverman, she magically appeared?

Hayden Panettiere was at LAX last night, returning from the VMAs in Las Vegas, when paps started asking her about Britney Spears' performance and Sarah Silverman's jokes. Hayden just turned around and said, "You can go ask her yourself, she's right there!" And there she was! Neat trick!

The photog asked Silverman if she thought she was hard on Britney. "I hope not," she said. Asked whether she thought her routine threw Britney off her game, Sarah explained, "I didn't do any of my jokes until my performance, so it couldn't have." Another Britney excuse out the window.


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Sarah Silverman is not funny. Did you notice the audiences reaction to her "jokes"? They were cruel and unnecessary. Why would you find it funny to insult children? What did Britney's children do to deserve being called "mistakes" on national television? I hope her "career" sinks. Karma is a beotch...

2569 days ago


Who cares about what Britney thinks? Her kids will have to her Sarah's words one day. How do you think they will feel??? The remark about them was too cruel, even for Sarah.

2569 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

Who in the helli is Sarah... she was not funny, go back to the country you hillbilly... idiot to crack on someone's kids... I hope KFed get his posse to kick your wild azz

2569 days ago


So so cool.

2569 days ago


Sarah bombed from jump street. All you you could hear was crickets. She was extremely cruel and her nasty monologue went on way too far. Now, Britney is no saint, but Sarah S. took it way too far this time. I hope other shows think twice before offering her an invite to open a show...and by "her", I mean Sarah . Oh and I guess Brit Brit too, now.

2569 days ago


I agree with #1's comment about Silverman. Even before I heard of the comments she made I thought she was very 'unfunny' and crude. I kind of liked Jimmy Kimmel but when I found out they were a pair, that went out the window. I definately do not watch when she is a guest on any show - YUCK!

Come to think of it maybe we can all think of her as an 'adorable mistake' - minus the adorable.

2569 days ago

Democrats are evil    

I'm on Silvermans side. Her humor is truthful and do you see the audience sitting on their hands? No, there are laughing and saying to themselves, that's so true! Get over it Hollywood, if you act like morons personally and professionally, Sarah will be there to remind us all by laughing directly at you instead of behind your back. Right Paris?

2569 days ago

Desease control    

Sara is a loser and a toatal Bitch

She should have her ass kicked

2569 days ago

Vanessa Somerville    

Anyone who hooks up with Jimmy Kimmel is right up there with someone who hooks up with the bag boy at the A & P. Silverman is exactly what is wrong with pop culture. Since the bar has been lowered to the ground in terms of what is socially acceptable, Silverman confuses crassness with humor. Britney doesn't seem to care if she waltzes around like a fat slob on national TV. Fat slobs, mean bitches, MTV and teen culture eat it up. There are no more standards.

2569 days ago

Blah blah blah    

The VMA's are geared towards young adults, the routine she did about the Vajayjay was not something I would want my preteen/teens to listen to. I know it's out there but have a little class for primetime television. But to smack down someone before they ever get off stage and even mention their in a comedy routine, that is just low. She didn't like the performance, fine, she thinks Britney is a skank, that's fine, just keep the children out of everything. I would have loved to see Britney kick her fugly butt.

2569 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    

Sarah Silverman is jealous of Brittney. Even on Brittany’s worst day, weave mess and all, Britney is 10 xs more attractive than Sarah Silverman could ever hope to be.

Has anyone noticed that Sarah has a horse face? It must be difficult to go through life looking like a beast. That is probably why Sarah had to develop her edgy and slightly mean sense of humor.

It must suck to go through life, looking a horse.

2569 days ago

Spell Check.    

Sarah rules! New episodes of her Comedy Central show begin October 3. Everything she said was funny - cause it was true. Britney needed a wake-up call, and boy did she get one!

2569 days ago

Jimmy Slade    

more idiotic messages from the masses! Sarah never once made fun of the kids, simply reiterating Brit-Brit's own words. You're probably the same type of people who put animals before people, pathetic!

2569 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Does ugly bitch Sara really think she is funny? If she does, she's more out to lunch than Britney. She's rude, crude and nasty beyond belief.

2569 days ago


1. Sarah Silverman is just not funny. Forcing feeding her off-color, irrevent "jokes" to us does not change anything and it does not make us laugh. She's just not funny. End of story.

2. Yet another shameless excuse to get Hayden Panattiere in the news; because she pointed to Sarah Silverman. Wow. Breaking News. Let's alert Homeland Security.

2569 days ago
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