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Stars: I Want My Myoplex at the VMAs!

9/11/2007 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebs gotta have what they need -- and it includes everything from protein powder to fried chicken to Captain Morgan! Gimme some o' dat! In Touch Weekly got the scoop on the stuff the talent need in their dressing rooms, so here's a gallery of VMA celebs -- and the goodies they insist on backstage to keep 'em happy!


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2597 days ago


Ha Ha, that was a racist comment.

2597 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Sounds like JT has a little drinking problem. Quite a list of liquid refreshments.

2597 days ago


Yeah, 50 just set our race back another 40 years, but atleast he requested water instead of the whole freakin' ABC store like JT. Hard Liquor, Milk and Cookies? Who's backstage with him??? Was Santa Claus partying at the VMA's?

2597 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

So Brit Brit wants little sandwiches with no bacon? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess pigs don't eat other pigs!

2597 days ago


Britney Spears and "girly things" in the same sentence is a real hoot! There is not one thing about that mentally deranged skank that is feminine, she is such a stupid untalented fat puke. Sorry if THE TRUTH hurts, but Britney did it to herself. The least she could have done was get in shape, but she didn't even bother to do that. She should be grateful she still has a few brainless, crazy fans left, so they should be mad as hell that Britney didn't think enough of their misplaced loyalty to even bother to take the time to get in shape for this. The lack of talent was pretty sad, but if she had least bothered to work a little to get a decent body, then people might not have been so pissed off. Britney is obviously delusional, doesn't see what she really looks like and can't see she has lost whatever it was she had. And she is so far removed from being feminine and attractive, it is pathetic and mind-boggling, considering her young age.

2597 days ago

Desease control    

One Glass on Glass Bong (no clown glass)

2 Bic lighters

One pound of Kush buds (no shake)

4 kings wine and some Bud light

2597 days ago


DaveGoliath, that is so damned funny I just spit my lunch out on my keyboard!

2597 days ago

Desease control    

20 doeche bags

100 condoms

40 bottels of soap
one oz of meth
and some candy

2597 days ago


The things Brit asked for didn't help so......................................

2597 days ago


How about giving these people some penicillin? You can see the herpes oozing.

2597 days ago


How about boatloads of CLASS & TALENT for all? It's much needed these days. What were the ratings for the's anyway?

2597 days ago


My Backstage Request for Natural Disasters in 2007:
10 Hurricanes
8 Floods
3 Month Drought
5 Earthquakes
2 Wars
Britney Spears' come back
A bottle of Cristal
(in any order)

2597 days ago

Democrats are evil    

How about a can of talent.

2597 days ago


Justin needs less booze then maybe he can make his concert commitments.

2597 days ago
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