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Britney Tressed-Out by Jess Simpson's Hair?!

9/12/2007 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe that's what pushed Britney over the edge: It turns out that the slopwreck was forced to wear hair extensions from Jessica Simpson's line for her VMA disaster, totally against her will.

Vegas Confidential reports that Spears "pitched a fit" backstage when she demanded to wear brown hair, but her handlers wanted her to wear the stringy blonde extensions that she sported on stage. Apparently, Brit paid her own stylist ten grand to make the trip to Vegas so she could take a walk on the brown side, but her peeps said no way.

Papa Joe -- No One Puts Ashlee in a Corner!

Joe Simpson got all thugged-out Sunday night in Vegas, when a security guard allegedly shoved his daughter Ashlee into a wall.

Rush & Molloy report that Ashlee, boyfriend Pete Wentz and Joe were trying to maneuver their way out of a nightclub when Wentz got shoved by a security guard, "knocking Ashlee against a wall." That's when Big Joe went nuts and tried to protect Ashlee, making that throat-slitting gesture in the process. "When somebody messes with my baby, then it's over!" he told R&M.

Ever the classy guy, Simpson said the fracas started because the bouncers were "just mad they make $12 an hour." Unlike getting paid a few pennies more by your own daughters.

Babwa Gives Rosie the Kiss-Off

Rosie may have called her old boss Barbara Walters "tired" and suggested she quit for good, but Babwa ain't taking the bait. She told "EXTRA" yesterday that she read Rosie's spicy tome "Celebrity Detox," and said it had a note with it expressing Ro's love, but BW didn't exactly return it.

Instead, said Walters, "I would like to concentrate on the love that she sent." And if Babwa seems particularly frosty, no doubt it has something to do with Rosie writing, as Page Six reported: "Barbara Walters is almost twice my age ... at some point it becomes necessary to step back." By the way, Rosie's 45, while Baba is 77.

Party Favors: Ludacris and Kato Kaelin – Blackjack Buddies? ... Kanye Ditches New York Promo Ops

Odd couple Ludacris and Kato Kaelin were spotted Sunday at the Playboy Club in Vegas, playing blackjack, while Ashlee Simpson and some galpals partied at ghostbar with french fries. ... Kanye West didn't seem to need the help of "Today," David Letterman, MTV, or anyone else yesterday, as he skipped a slew of appearances on the day his album dropped. His rep said he was "contrite" about missing his "Today" performance.


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First re Britney -- Everyone keeps saying that the people around her should stop her and tell her to stop doing what she is doing. HELLO PEOPLE. If anyone tells Britney what she doesn't want to hear -- she FIRES them or she stops talking to them. Look at her mother. You can't blame her mother for being concerned for her grandbabies. Brit's fires lawyers. The only reason she presently has the lawyer she does is her interest is fighting Kevin. You can tell, she has not told Brit to quit partying, to put some underwear on. If she did, she would have been fired too. Brit will not listen to anyone. She is self-destructive. She thinks she knows it all and what is best for Brit. Her partying, her performance, her habitual display of her body parts -- Brit's the one controlling her destruction. Everyone should stop blaming everyone else for Britney's actions.

Age is no excuse. She is an ADULT AND RESPONSIBLE FOR HER ACTIONS AND TWO CHILDREN. GROW UP BRITNEY. I do not have an ounce of sympathy for her as she has had many opportunities to help herself & she hasn't. She figures because of her money, she is above the rest of us. NO HONEY -- YOU AIN'T. As a matter of fact, your classed lower than us. We take responsibility for our actions. We don't go around showing our body parts. Shortly Brit you will be nothing but an old hag. I can't say lonely as your money will allow hangers-on who pretend to be your friends. But if you take away the money -- you will be a lonely old hag. The booze and I'm not stupid, the drugs -- keep taken them & you brain and liver will be mush. Nobody to blame but yourself.

The above appears to be written to her -- yea it is. She is so vain and full of herself, you know full well she reads it all.

2506 days ago


Miss Walters is one classy lady. I like Rosie but she will never be in the same class.
Rosie, don't forget we all get older.

2506 days ago


Rosie O’Donnell is a nut job - someone needs to put a muzzle on her. She has some nerve saying that Barbara Walters is almost twice her age, as Rosie is no spring chicken herself - she looks like she's well into her 50’s with that stout body and raggedy jowl. Rosie O’Donnell’s drug of choice these days needs to be PREMARIN!

2506 days ago


Rosie has been enjoyable on TV to me for a long time, but this is over the top. Try as I may, I cannot figure out any other way to see the comments about BW but a backstab to the woman who brought her back to daytime TV.
Very, very ugly. I have defended Rosie to critics for a long time, but this one baffles me completely.
And at the end of the day it's ultra even sexist! It would be a non issue if BW were male.

2506 days ago


#6 She brings it all on herself. She should go home and take care of the children she is allegedly fighting for.

I agree. She is in no way fat. I would love to be that "fat". However, she does not have the body she used to have when she was younger. She really could have chosen another outfit that suited her physique better.

2506 days ago


I don't understand what the big deal in telling someone they need to retire. Rosie loves Barbara and she is just saying that she has done It all and needs to sit back and enjoy life. but of course the media has to make it look like Rosie was being mean but she wasn't Come on people look at what the media has done to Rosie She can't say anything without the media making her look bad. The media sucks They do not care about truth anymore!!! its sad

2506 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

Joe Simpson is a middle aged wannabe playboy with late-90s frosted hair that exploits his daughters but does it like a piiiiiiiiiiiiimp (note the Joe Simpson in the robe pic, LOL!).

I find it hard to believe his authenticity as a "pastor" when he's all up in the clubs, getting his drink on, mingling with people he would've denonced prior to his daughters' success, etc.

2506 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

Joe Simpson is a middle aged wannabe playboy with late-90s frosted hair that exploits his daughters but does it like a piiiiiiiiiiiiimp (note the Joe Simpson in the robe pic, LOL!).

I find it hard to believe his authenticity as a "pastor" when he's all up in the clubs, getting his drink on, mingling with people he would've denonced prior to his daughters' success, etc.

2506 days ago


When is Britney going to step away from the excuses - they made me do it, I'm country y'all - and take charge of her own life. There is no way this girl can evolve when she is continually blaming others for her lack of spirit, energy and talent.


2506 days ago


Britney is so so so Fat and needs a life and go to W V and go where that woman was raped by men salsa salsa salsa salsa new youk 2 can't wait she back

2506 days ago


Rosie- shut up!

Britney - straighten up!

2506 days ago


Babwa has class??? Oh please, she's just an uptight , viscious old lady who needs to be in a nursing home. She's evil and tries to play the sweet act.

2506 days ago


Joe Simpson makes me sick. So what if someone makes $12/hr, at least its honest work, unlike him who sponges off his kids cause hes not MAN enough to provide for his own family.

Wasnt this man suppose to have been a preacher in the Dallas area. I bet his former congregation feels like they too have been duped by this imposter and his kids, they used the Christian Community to break into music and then crapped on them. Thats ok though cause ole Joe needs to remember what comes around, goes around. Joe go back to Plano, Waco or whereever your from and get a REAL job.

2506 days ago


Gawd- when is Kenya, Kanya, whatever the hell his name is, just going to fade into oblivion?
Everyone is tired of his rants and raves..
He is like a spoiled child- doesn't get his way- he pouts and sulks.

Bust his a** and send him to his room.

2506 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

Joe Simpson's new job is drinking dirty martinis, popping ecstasy with Pete Wentz and his nose-altering little daughter, and playing grab-ass with 25 year old girls in the club. I told you, Joe Simpson is pimpin'.

Hypocritical Christians *shakes head*

2506 days ago
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