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Britney Tressed-Out by Jess Simpson's Hair?!

9/12/2007 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe that's what pushed Britney over the edge: It turns out that the slopwreck was forced to wear hair extensions from Jessica Simpson's line for her VMA disaster, totally against her will.

Vegas Confidential reports that Spears "pitched a fit" backstage when she demanded to wear brown hair, but her handlers wanted her to wear the stringy blonde extensions that she sported on stage. Apparently, Brit paid her own stylist ten grand to make the trip to Vegas so she could take a walk on the brown side, but her peeps said no way.

Papa Joe -- No One Puts Ashlee in a Corner!

Joe Simpson got all thugged-out Sunday night in Vegas, when a security guard allegedly shoved his daughter Ashlee into a wall.

Rush & Molloy report that Ashlee, boyfriend Pete Wentz and Joe were trying to maneuver their way out of a nightclub when Wentz got shoved by a security guard, "knocking Ashlee against a wall." That's when Big Joe went nuts and tried to protect Ashlee, making that throat-slitting gesture in the process. "When somebody messes with my baby, then it's over!" he told R&M.

Ever the classy guy, Simpson said the fracas started because the bouncers were "just mad they make $12 an hour." Unlike getting paid a few pennies more by your own daughters.

Babwa Gives Rosie the Kiss-Off

Rosie may have called her old boss Barbara Walters "tired" and suggested she quit for good, but Babwa ain't taking the bait. She told "EXTRA" yesterday that she read Rosie's spicy tome "Celebrity Detox," and said it had a note with it expressing Ro's love, but BW didn't exactly return it.

Instead, said Walters, "I would like to concentrate on the love that she sent." And if Babwa seems particularly frosty, no doubt it has something to do with Rosie writing, as Page Six reported: "Barbara Walters is almost twice my age ... at some point it becomes necessary to step back." By the way, Rosie's 45, while Baba is 77.

Party Favors: Ludacris and Kato Kaelin – Blackjack Buddies? ... Kanye Ditches New York Promo Ops

Odd couple Ludacris and Kato Kaelin were spotted Sunday at the Playboy Club in Vegas, playing blackjack, while Ashlee Simpson and some galpals partied at ghostbar with french fries. ... Kanye West didn't seem to need the help of "Today," David Letterman, MTV, or anyone else yesterday, as he skipped a slew of appearances on the day his album dropped. His rep said he was "contrite" about missing his "Today" performance.


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wasted days and wasted nights    

With that wacky mane she was sportin', I thought Britney was auditioning for the role of the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

2607 days ago


Barbs deserves whatever she gets, from that nasty Rosie. She said crap about Rosie to Trump, and then turned around and lied about it. Rosie knew she really said those things. Karma, baby!

2607 days ago


I think Ashlee is a pyscho, if her boyfriend ever tried to break up I'll bet she would kill him with an axe

2607 days ago

Joey Chalmas    

Rosie is, (and has been for as long as she's been blithering her nonsense), a deeply self-loathing homosexual bully..Not at all the "open, comfortable-with-my-sexuality, modern lesbian" that she sooo wants to be perceived as - she is, rather, even MORE antiquated than the average American when it relates to sex..In short, she's a big, fat, repulsive bully with a venomous tongue and a deep well of self-disgust that she inflicts on all who will listen.

2607 days ago

montana mike    

papa joe says that nobody touches my daughters--except me

2607 days ago


Rosie, the old bag, finally said something I can agree with. Baawah Walters NEEDS to GO.

2607 days ago


Rosie has opinions. Anyone that can't handle those opinions, need to move back into their cave and stay there. I think Barbara Walters is out of touch and probably does need to retire. I know she's considered a bitch by most everyone that knows her.

Rosie is a good person. She does more for charity than most every celebrity in the world. She has a right to her opinions.

To believe the news media is to believe a joke.

2607 days ago


I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF RAGGING ON TWITNEY. If she wanted to go dark, she should've showed up DARK, instead of partying at whatever parties were letting her in. She is such a freakin dork, and has brought this all on herself.

She was NOT exploited by the MTV VMA's. They gave her an opportunity that she blew, just like she ALWAYS does. Hopefully, eventually someone will realize she's already hit her peak years ago, and just leave her alone.......maybe she can do Jiffy Peanutbutter commercials! They are always looking for an old, washed up mousketeer to do those Jiffy Peanutbutter ads! Otherwise, it's time to hang up the old fish-nets, and too-too tiny pieces of clothing.............YOUR A HAS-BEEN TWIT. Go home and brush Jayden James' teeth!

2607 days ago


yeah right..we all know Britney's people can't control her...she does whatever the hell she wants to do, including look like ish on stage and off

2607 days ago


# 26 With your attitude and being so negative, who needs to be where????????

2607 days ago


I immeidiately suspected MTV exploited Britney, prior to Kanye saying it, (Yay for Kanye...but he lost his credibility throwing a fit) I posted my thoughts here. The entire MTV show was truly horrible. The producers of the show should be fired. As for the hair, perhaps it was just another ploy to throw Britney off her game. Chris Angel, the hair....hmmm. What else?
(I am not even a fan, but I am objective!)

The Simpson Dad? The Simpson women? He is a real peice of work, never cared for him.

I love Barbara and Rosie! I don't know all that scoop...but Ro- you BETTER NOT be bashing on Barbara. That is EXTREMELY disrespectful and a battle you will not win and is not funny.

2607 days ago

Joey Chalmas    

When "Rosie" has been a genuine money-maker for major networks for over forty years, (as Walters has been and continues to be at 77), instead of being the flash-in-the-pan sideshow freak that is "Rosie's" TRUE occupation - THEN, (and ONLY THEN), will she be given leave to speak with, and about, REAL people..

2607 days ago


Shame on Rosie for making those comments about Barbara Walters. Rosie, how would you like it if someone told you that you were too old to be a comedienne anymore and that much younger and funnier comediennes should be out there and not you? Because that's in effect what you're saying to Barbara. Why should Barbara quit just because she's an older lady? It may be your opinion, Rosie, but it was rude to say that to someone who's suppose to be a friend. Remember how upset you were when Elisabeth Hasselback didn't support you as a friend? Did you forget how it felt?

2607 days ago


Britney and her entourage need to concentrate on something else other than covering up the stubble growth of her hair---like choreography, voice lessons and mental therapy.
Rosie is a sociopath with a five year olds brain. She has disgraced this Country of ours and our troops defending it----who cares what she says about Barbra Walters--one of the most successful newswomen in the history of broadcasting--the senior citizen generation might not be so forgiving of Rosie's loud mouthed stupid comment (me included in that age). There is more to this story about Joe Simpson supposedly defending his daughter Ashlee and her boyfriend. I would like to hear what the security guard had to say. Good for Kayne West---the producers(of the Music Video Awards) should have listened to him when he was against Britney Spears doing the opening number. He really deserved to win at least one of the five awards he was nominated for---why should he have to go and do the media circuit routine???

2607 days ago


when you compare Barbara Walters' age to that of other journalists on TV who give commentary (i.e. 60 MINUTES) she isn't that old

she remains current and sharp as a journalist - not an entertainer - even though The View falls into the entertainment category

I believe that she should only retire when she chooses, not when someone else thinks she should

if Rosies book really is as bad as some are forecasting and her comments are so negative about people she has worked with and/or had fueds with, it doesn't bode well for anyone thinking about doing a project with her-whether stars or network execs

they should be well aware that if and when she becomes disenfranchised and chooses to quit, that they will be subject to the same types of comments -to the media, on her blog, or in her next book

makes one think twice perhaps

so in the end she may be doing more harm to herself than anyone else could/would do to her-becomming her own worst enemy so to speak

will be interesting to see who chooses to work with her in the future
I may be way off in my concern since that world in mostly all about the $$

2607 days ago
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