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Britney Tressed-Out by Jess Simpson's Hair?!

9/12/2007 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe that's what pushed Britney over the edge: It turns out that the slopwreck was forced to wear hair extensions from Jessica Simpson's line for her VMA disaster, totally against her will.

Vegas Confidential reports that Spears "pitched a fit" backstage when she demanded to wear brown hair, but her handlers wanted her to wear the stringy blonde extensions that she sported on stage. Apparently, Brit paid her own stylist ten grand to make the trip to Vegas so she could take a walk on the brown side, but her peeps said no way.

Papa Joe -- No One Puts Ashlee in a Corner!

Joe Simpson got all thugged-out Sunday night in Vegas, when a security guard allegedly shoved his daughter Ashlee into a wall.

Rush & Molloy report that Ashlee, boyfriend Pete Wentz and Joe were trying to maneuver their way out of a nightclub when Wentz got shoved by a security guard, "knocking Ashlee against a wall." That's when Big Joe went nuts and tried to protect Ashlee, making that throat-slitting gesture in the process. "When somebody messes with my baby, then it's over!" he told R&M.

Ever the classy guy, Simpson said the fracas started because the bouncers were "just mad they make $12 an hour." Unlike getting paid a few pennies more by your own daughters.

Babwa Gives Rosie the Kiss-Off

Rosie may have called her old boss Barbara Walters "tired" and suggested she quit for good, but Babwa ain't taking the bait. She told "EXTRA" yesterday that she read Rosie's spicy tome "Celebrity Detox," and said it had a note with it expressing Ro's love, but BW didn't exactly return it.

Instead, said Walters, "I would like to concentrate on the love that she sent." And if Babwa seems particularly frosty, no doubt it has something to do with Rosie writing, as Page Six reported: "Barbara Walters is almost twice my age ... at some point it becomes necessary to step back." By the way, Rosie's 45, while Baba is 77.

Party Favors: Ludacris and Kato Kaelin – Blackjack Buddies? ... Kanye Ditches New York Promo Ops

Odd couple Ludacris and Kato Kaelin were spotted Sunday at the Playboy Club in Vegas, playing blackjack, while Ashlee Simpson and some galpals partied at ghostbar with french fries. ... Kanye West didn't seem to need the help of "Today," David Letterman, MTV, or anyone else yesterday, as he skipped a slew of appearances on the day his album dropped. His rep said he was "contrite" about missing his "Today" performance.


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That dried up white rasin Barbara Walters is getting exacting what she deserves. Rosie O Donnell has done nothing more than treat Barbara Walter like a piece of toilet paper and has wiped her fat ass with it every chance she's gotten. Star Jones never disrepected her the way Rosie o Donnell has. But she banned her from ever appearing on the show again. Star is probably not looking too bad to Mrs Walters now. What comes around goes around.

2595 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Why is Rosie still loving BW so much..I think BW does not share the love back..Remember that clip of Rosie trying to give BW a kiss on the cheek and BW pulled away..That say's it all..

2595 days ago


OMG this is getting too much here... ENOUGH with Britney already.. It was not MTV that went to her SHE went to them. Britney's camp convinced MTV that she was Ready, and since we all know everyone in Britney's camp would NOT say no to save their lives when Britney is concerned due to either being fired or cut out of her life. Of course they including Britney would say yes I'm ready. MTV couldnt even say no to her. The let her open the show. Bad choice IMHO. They are soo many stories coming from this it is realy pathetic. Its over, there is nothing anyone can do to change this. What Britney should do it get help, get better then comeback and kick ass. Sadly she cant do that until she admits she needs help, and right now it dont look like that is going to happen anytime soon. I pray she gets it together soon, Britney you are in my prayers every night.

2595 days ago


Yeah, Joe Simpson, the bouncers are mad that they make $12 an hour...even if that were the case and they weren't just mad because you, your daughter, and her boyfriend are tools, don't they have the right to be annoyed at that? I mean, it is generally a fact that the more(and the harder) work you do, the less you get paid, and vice versa. So yeah, I would be irritated with your no-talent famliy too if I were working for my money while your daughters get paid to lipsync and look like transsexual blowup dolls. Arrogant rich people always think everyone's jealous. Douches.

2595 days ago


Ken Paves bailed because she isn't Jessica Simpson. He thinks she is the only person he should do hair for. Also if he is using Jessica's fake hair, who would want that in your hair? Brittney was a star before anyone knew who Jessica Simpson was. Britney has done more positive things than Jessica will ever do, or even think about doing. All Jessica does is go around smiling, and showing her boobs. At least Brit's Dad isn't creapy, and talks about her boobs. You go Brit. You didn't loose anything wrong by not letting him do your hair. He made a professional decision not to do her hair. Yeah. Righ. She probably kicked HIM to the curb.

2595 days ago

just asking    

There are more important issues going on in America right under your nose.....

By now, I hope you have all heard about the "Jena Six" case going on in Louisiana .
If you don't know what I'm talking about - check out this clip on YouTube (WARNING - this clip is very disturbing ; you may want to view it in private):

This case is starting to get a lot of attention; I'm sure you can find more information about it online. If you feel as disheartened as I do, consider signing this petition created and written by Thomas McNamara: .

I wasn’t up on this story so I went and looked it up…Population 2000.. 85% white 12% African American 2 % Indian and 1 % Asian

Main article: Jena Six

Racial tensions resurfaced in Jena on September 1, 2006, when hangman's nooses were discovered in a tree in Jena High School's campus after a black student tried to sit with white students at lunch. The school head recommended that the noose-hangers should be expelled. The board of education overruled him and the three white student perpetrators received in-school suspension.[4] On November 30, 2006 an arson fire destroyed the main academic building at the school. On December 4, 2006 a fight broke out on campus, after which six African-American students, later dubbed the Jena 6,[5] were arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder. Law enforcement officers told the Alexandria Daily Town Talk they have found no links between the noose incident, the arson fire, and subsequent fights[citation needed].
The six accused of attempted second-degree murder are black and were fighting a white student after a week of intimidation by white students, including the one who was assaulted.[6] Intimidation cited includes an incident in which a white student brandished a gun at a convenience store after a verbal exchange. Students allegedly wrestled away the gun and were then held in custody and charged with theft while no charges were made against the white student.[7]

Now you know the story.....

2595 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Rosie speaks the truth and even Barbara Walters has acknowledged it on "The View".
I think a lot of people have always known that Barbara lied to Rosie when The Trump
repeated what Barbara had told him about Rosie. I sure hope Rosie knew it. This is the second time in less than a year that I have realized that Barbara lies. I really thought she was outspoken and respected her for that. Rosie had been writting this book "Celebrity
Detox" for some time now. She talked about it when she started 'The View". So it is not like Rosie wrote that book just to spite BW. She just edited it a little a lttle or maybe added a few extra paragraphs to accomodate her former co-hosts.

I think just about everyone always have had nice things to say about Barbara but lately even
these people are also complaining, they either also caught her lying or she is going a little senile. Whateve the case Barbara has aways been a respected journalist and I think
people will continue being nice to her even with her lies lately. She should be able to work but it is too late in her life to start being bitchy and making snide remarks and acting like she is god.

She tried to pick on Oprah Winfrey about how she was supporting Barack Obama and
that Oprah with her influence would make people vote for Obama, Barbara Walters please mind your own business and tame that little bitch that sits on the table and talks up a lot of nonsence. She is so biast and snorty, I have to say that most of the time you seem to try and be fair but it is maybe you are trying to be politically correct.

All I know is that all my friends are going to read that book not because of Barbara but
also because it will be fun to hear the truth about everyone, I believe Rosie will not
make up a story or stretch the truth. She is way too talkative to keep anything in her pie hole and will tell it like it is. Rosie rocks and Elisbitch sucks and is a total fake, Seems like this bitch needs to teach her daughter some manners. That little brat seems like she is out of control. If a parents love their kids they will take time and teach them to behave so people can like them and teaching your kids is an ongoing thing, Unless she wants a Paris Hilton on her hands some day.

2595 days ago


Jessica Simpson hair looks like a rats behind most of the time, so who would want Ken Pess to do their hair. Jessica Simpson is a piece of turd. Funny how pimp daddy got to go out and get men for his two no talent tricks, I have no more respect for John Mayer for getting messed up in that wad of nasty mess call Simpson. I never had any respect for Pet Wentz, he is a total jerk fit right in with papa roach. Now John can fit right in the middle of them, Mayer is a worm just like them. I wouldn't go see Jessica's crap of a movie to save my life.
That papa roach is one nasty man. One wonders were is his wife half the time-someone else said she is drunk half the time. Good thing papa got some men like Pet and John to help keep the family sucking on Hollywoods blood. Can't have papa getting a real job to support his family- that would be unthinkable.

2595 days ago


What can I say? Probably more than I should. I am from the older generation...and well I feel for the children of Ms. Spears. A 1 year old and a 2 year old with a mother who is so lost and a father who is looking for bigger bucks. As for Rosie, she is one sick woman. Obviously she is not a happy person and whatever unhappiness she has seems to drive her on making an ass of herself. As for Joe Simpson...he is sickening. A one time minister? Yes I can beileve it. As a one time Catholic and a person who is no longer a believer in any organized religion I find him really revolting. I have seen no real talent singing wise in either of his daughters...I am not saying they aren't good...but if you want to talk about woman singers, how about Pat Benatar? Now there is a voice! Joe Simpson should be ashamed of himself but I am sure he isn't. He has a problem with people who work for $12 an hour? He is an idiot. There are thousands of people who work for that and less and are good people....not pimping like him. His daughters are not minors yet he is their manager...and what has he done for them? He helped to destroy any chance of his daughters amrriage surviving when he put them on a reality show. He openly speaks of his daughters breast size...sick. The other one, well, she is no singer and has proved it several times. But he says when her shows have messed up it is because of stomach acid? Yeah right. This so called man lives off of his two daughters...where is his wife in all of this? I seriously doubt that there are very many people who look up to him or feel he is a great guy. Oh and by the way I have heard both of his daughters actually sing, and well they need to keep it in the shower. They have had their 15 minutes of fame and as for Joe...he is one sick man. A one time minister who also worked with youth groups? Yeah I bet he did.

2595 days ago
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