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Ex-Hoff to Judge: I'm Movin'

9/12/2007 8:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bitter divorce battle between David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach had another surprise twist today. TMZ has learned that Pam has decided to move out of the family residence in Encino, Calif. -- just to get the former couple's financial trial delayed beyond October 1.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas told Bach on Monday that he would agree to postpone the trial if she vacated the property so David can move back in with their two teenage daughters, Taylor, 17, and Hayley, 15. The ex-Hoff has until October 1 to pack and go.

Hasselhoff has sole legal and primary custody of the girls. The trial -- which will divide the former couple's assets -- is now scheduled for January 28 of next year. Stay tuned!




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Rocco and David    

hmm - Does Pam pay child support? I bet she doesn't because she's a WOMAN! So unfair.

2565 days ago


I'm still wondering why David got custody. Considering that drunken video that was released with his daughter begging him to quit drinking.

2565 days ago


The Hasselhoff video is one of the best of all time. We all WISH we could have been him in that vid!!!

2565 days ago


#1 by Seeking Justice
Brittney Spears pays child support and many other women as well.
What kind of Justice are you seeking? bitter justice or knowledgeable fact based justice.
Many things are taken into account when ordering a person to pay child support. None of which would be their gender.

2565 days ago


re # 2
David got custody because he said yes to a drug and alcohol testing procedure and the Mother said no
plus the daughter do have a say in who they wish to be with at their ages.
the video of a drunken David was taken by his daughter but never meant for release to the media as it was. Hum how did that happen and did it show the judge something that determined his decision.

2565 days ago


I lay money down she trashes or sabotages that house in some way not caring one bit how it may effect her daughters.

2565 days ago


In Hollywood it doesn't really matter who gets custody of the children. In the end the children will wind up screwed up, spoiled and dumb like most of the Hollywood kids today no matter which parent raises them.

2565 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

This woman is a loser and she was the ones who leaked that infamous drunk Hoff to the
press. Of course she will not admit it just like the recording of Alec Baldwin ranting at his
daughter was leaked by Kim Basinger and of course she will not admit it either.
Bach is a moron and inconsiderate, she hit someone's car and took off and than she tried to strong arm the victim into signing a release or something. She is a drama bitch.

2565 days ago


Guess she won't be hittin up Opri for a bed in the guest room.

2565 days ago


#9 'Guess she won't be hittin up Opri for a bed in the guest room.'

Haha! Imagine the bill for that!

2565 days ago


What goes around comes around. Karma's such a bitch.

2565 days ago

rusty shackleford    

"BREAKING NEWS, TV HAS-BEEN'S UNKNOWN WIFE MOVING OUT" Jesus you make it seem like anyone gives a rat's ass about this. Why didn't you slap the ubiquitous "EXCLUSIVE" tag on the photo too?

TMZ = making news out of nothing since day 1

2565 days ago


well i think she is getting a royal screw job shame on him i use to like him but now i think he is a loser

2565 days ago


Makes you want to not have kids as men have discovered that kids are the real weapons to use against their wives in a divorce. For most men its about the money but if they want to put a stake in the heart of their ex-wives, they go after the kids.

I know, all the men are going to say horrible things about me and my post but I sincerely believe its true.

And yes, I've taken my own observation to heart, no kids for me. If we divorce, then I don't have to worry about losing the kids. Since he's the earner in the family, he'd just have to pay me.

2565 days ago


don't matter how much $$$ you nice the house or car is...doin lines just makes you crazy and this skank is the prime exhibit

2565 days ago
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