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Katie Holmes or k.d. Lang?

9/12/2007 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The third Mrs. Cruise tried to go incognito in Paris on Tuesday, by dressing like an androgynous X-Files agent! The truth is out there!

Outfitted in a Matrix- trench coat, mens Oxford shirt, pleated (!) gabardine pants, and tasseled loafers, the Scientolomom had all the style and grace of ... an '80s Wall Street investment banker! Styling by Gordon Gekko!

It's clear who wears the pants in her family!


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She looks very unhappy.

2547 days ago


she is a phony she is too be so cut, so now because she is married to TC she change completely. where is her identity

2547 days ago

the DQ    

She's just going with the trend. This season it's menswear fashion for women.

2547 days ago

jake the snake    

Tom Cruise is an old old man what in the heck is he doing to that poor little girl almost seems like an abomination!

2547 days ago


Good grief people.....Why all the criticism?? I simply love the fact that she sports a classic look. She is tall, has a great figure, and can most certainly pull this look off with no problem! My gosh---after seeing the non-stop T&A show from Britney, Lindsay and Paris---and many other 'clebs I am forgetting to mention---she is like a breath of fresh air!!!

On the bright side, when Suri grows up, she wont be able to Google pictures of her mom's "vag-flashs" and "nip-slips" on the internet. There is a lot to be said for that in itself!

2547 days ago


Man she looks awful! Where are her friends and family? Doesn't anyone care enough to tell her she looks like hell? She is way to young to be dressed like this!!

2547 days ago


Of course her boobs are sagging, she has joined the ranks of motherhood. Without surgery that's what a mother looks like. The thing is, most women wear a bra to hide the fact that that the days of taut, perky breasts are history . Some small women who were used to not needing a bra don't realize that even small breasts are not meant to be at your waistline.

The outfit is not horrible, I would just expect a more flattering version of the mansuit on someone with her money and taste. this appears to be from a vintage men's shop. Those pleated pants have got to go, they have never looked good on either gender. I'll ignore the bizarre platform loafers

2547 days ago


She looks ever so sexy, dressed like that.

2547 days ago


Wow! She's actually allowed out by herself without a chaperone from that Hollyweird cult (the 'scientiologists') - or is it possible she has a bodyguard after all beyond view just to make sure she doesn't say anything inappropriate like 'help, I'm being held prisoner by a brainwashing cult invented by a second-rate sci-fi writer who couldn't get it up so he invented a religion to swindle people out of their money, intimidate people and infiltrate sovereign governments who want to investigate us and expose us for the cult that we are'!"

2547 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

She needs to take some fashion lessons from Britney Spears.

2547 days ago


omg, katie does not look likes shes in her 20's with this outfit- more like her 50's. i think she trys to look older and it just doesn't work.
some of you say this is a classic look. NO WAY. maybe for a man. but it wouldn't be so bad if she took off the trench and put on some high heels.

2547 days ago


Well since Tom is suppose to be gay, maybe she wants to look as much like a man as she can. Maybe she feels this will keep his attention.

2547 days ago


i didn't like her much before but i like her now. looks like a strong woman to me

2547 days ago


I think she thinks she is Jackie-O. Looks like she is trying to mimmic her style.

2547 days ago


#33 I agree! That was funny! All I have to say is, Is it me or did this pretty young girl age into her 50's overnight. Ever since she got her hair cut she has been dressing like an old woman. I think she is just trying to act like she is Toms age well it's not working. You can still dress pretty and femine without showing alot of body like the other young girls. Just keep it tastefull.

2547 days ago
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