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Katie Holmes or k.d. Lang?

9/12/2007 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The third Mrs. Cruise tried to go incognito in Paris on Tuesday, by dressing like an androgynous X-Files agent! The truth is out there!

Outfitted in a Matrix- trench coat, mens Oxford shirt, pleated (!) gabardine pants, and tasseled loafers, the Scientolomom had all the style and grace of ... an '80s Wall Street investment banker! Styling by Gordon Gekko!

It's clear who wears the pants in her family!


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stop shouting already.    

I kind of like it. She looks classy and mature. If that's unfashionable, then so be it.

2534 days ago


Looks like she raided WHORELINA'S closet.

2534 days ago

Whippet Good    

We laugh now, but a year from now, this is what every woman will be wearing. Cry.

2534 days ago


Stop being a man. It's refreshing to have someone in the public eye dress with a little more decorum. To me she is taking a que from Katherine Hepburn and that ain't bad. If she throws into the mix a little of Audrey Hepburn, well then, she would have a nice cosmopolitan. Own it Katie!

2534 days ago


All TMZ has to do is suggest something and the sheep follow.
I don't think she looks manly at all and she is not a robot mom because she loves her child
But those pleated 80's mom no action slacks have got to go!

2534 days ago


OMG, I finally get it - Tom is trying to turn Katie into A MAN! I couldn't figure out what was happening to Katie, she looks old and haggard, even older than Nicole, but there was something else I couldn't put my finger on and that's it, she is turning into A MAN! That's why Tom makes her look like a hooker when he dresses her up for a party, he just doesn't want a NORMAL LOOKING WOMAN around. It's gotta be a man or a hooker. And Suri never wears pretty, girlie-looking clothes, she is always dressed in drab, unfeminine rags - so Daddy won't be intimidated by his own daughter? Maybe when the gender-transformation is completed, the seperate bedrooms won't be necessary. Some women will do ANYTHING for money! And for heaven's sake, Katie, WEAR A BRA - Just sneak out and buy one.

2534 days ago


All Tiny Tom's money doesn't help her any - she's going down the tubes. She was attractive and seemed to have somewhat of a personality before she married Tiny Tom and was swallowed up by him and that scientology cult.

2534 days ago


I love her taste for fashion.

2534 days ago


She looks comfortable, natural, and beautiful like a modern American woman instead of the super high heeled manequin look she usually requires of herself for the sake of photographers. Too bad she isn't with Suri. They could really run around with mom in walking shoes. Maybe the absence of the little girl is why she looks so blue.

2534 days ago


Wow, she doesn't look the same as she did last year. She looks older, and not in a good way. Like the innocent that I thought was so sweet. Tom and Scientology has drained everything that made her all-American cutie pie.

2534 days ago


Everytime I see her she has a coat or jacket on - in the summertime too. Guess she's not allowed to show any skin. Do scientologists wear burkas?

2534 days ago


She looks great! Stylish and sophisticated...

2534 days ago


11. I think she looks okay! I don't what the big deal is.
Posted at 12:03PM on Sep 12th 2007 by Jackson

No big deal. Katie looks just fine but TMZ wants all of the sheep to follow them. They hate Katie Holmes & love Hayden Panettiere . Haven't you got that yet? We have girls at our local high schools that look just as good as H.P. I don't get it.

2534 days ago


I am really sick of all the celeb's PR bloggers that post on all the blogs trying to do damage control for their celeb bosses. - meaning, the truth hurts these celebuturds so much they have to pay a bunch of lame idiots to post a bunch of lame lies for them. It is so pointless because it is so obvious which posts come from the PR idiots. They are always the same and sound like mini-press releases for their celebuturd bosses. Tom and Katie and the Beckhams are the worst offenders, in fact, it sounds like they use the same PR firm, LOL, just change the names and you have the same BS/PR posts for all of them.

Sorry, comparing Katie with Katherine Hepburn is a joke. Katie sold her soul and her life and her child to a cult and it is showing. That outfit she is wearing is about as close to menswear as it can get, NOTHING womanly or feminine about it - just like Katie. Very sad. Of course, now Tom will get pissed and put Katie into more appropriate clothing to prove everyone wrong, but Katie will still look like Katie, damage is done.

2534 days ago


She looks chic. I guess TMZ is so used to seeing total trash, that they forgot what a really put together look is all about.

2534 days ago
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