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"Motley Crue" Manager in Free Ticket Fiasco

9/12/2007 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Music mogul Carl Stubner allegedly scalped free tickets that were given to him when he managed rock group "Motley Crue."
Motley Crue
According to an amended complaint obtained by TMZ, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars accuse Stubner of requesting tickets to the rock shows, and then selling them at scalper prices to line his own pockets. The band claims he used "his position and status of a manager ... and demanded numerous complimentary tickets per show, which he resold."

The only question is: Did he manage Motley Crue in the 90s? These members of the band say yes- and they say they can prove it.

A rep for Sanctuary Group could not immediately be reached.


Tommy Lee tells TMZ, "I am a founding member of Motley Crue. Based on internal band issues aired publicly, my future with the band is uncertain. I have tried to meet with my band-mates repeatedly without success but have informed them that I'm not walking away from my band of 25 years. It troubles me that the current legal issues which were filed by the corporations against my personal manager are separating us and causing more dysfunction. I hope we can work this out amongst ourselves."


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Democrats are evil    

Criminal behavior from cradle to grave.

2597 days ago


loins and tigers and bears !!! oh my !!!

2597 days ago


He was in it for the money. duh

2597 days ago


you forget the 80's?

2597 days ago


ha !!! i meant 'lions' tigers and bears !!! my bad...

2597 days ago


Anyone stupid enough to go to a Mötley Crüe concert deserves to get ripped off.

2597 days ago


Who is Motley Crue?

2597 days ago


Uh, did the person who wrote this article actually read the complaint??? Page 6, line 24, clearly states that Stubner managed the Crue "Since mid-2004". So why bring up the 90's or any other pre-2004 era? Besides, how much touring has the Crue done since mid-2004?

2597 days ago

The Wheel    

Geez, Vince looks like Buffalo Bill!

2597 days ago


By the early '90's the glam band/hair bands -- Motley Crue and the others -- were already passe; Nirvana and the seattle grunge sound had taken over.

So if he was re-selling tickets to any shows in the '90's he wasn't making making money hand-over-fist. (Incidentally, not even sure if 'The Crue' did any real touring the '90's).

Now, however, if this guy was scalping/re-selling these tickets in the mid 80's (1985: Theatre of Pain, 1987: Girls, Girls, Girls) then he would have made out like a bandit, and probably made a huge mountain of green.

Matter of fact: the first concert I ever went to was Motley Crue - the 'Girls, Girls, Girls' concert tour. The year was1987 and I was in my very early teens. Saw them in Philly, and my friends and I bought our tickets legally. (I think Poison opened for them ... but I honestly really can't remember). What I DO remember, however, though - was some dude in the parking lot was not selling scalped tickets --- but he was also selling opium....

I remember it so distinctly because to this day it cracks me up: 'Opium' also happened to be the name of the very popular Calvin Klein perfume during that time. I wore opium perfume, as did many of my friends. On the other hand -- at the time, and my very young age, I was completley unfamiliar with the alternate use of the word opium, and what the guy was really asking us if we were interested in buying. (at that time I had only smoked weed a handlful of times, and had never even so much as seen any other form of 'drug'). So INSTEAD of being fast on the uptake, I thought the dude was selling hot bottles of opium perfume that must have 'fallen off a truck' somewhere.

As he's murmuring 'opium', 'opium' under his breath while we walked past him ... we all sorta just kept walking without aknowledging him/it. But about 10 feet later I grabbed one of my friends and said something to the effect of: 'oh, wait, hey -- let's go back that guy and see how much he wants for a bottle of opium, and I wonder if has any bottles of White Linen or Coco Channel". LMFAO. They immediately explained to me he wasn't selling perfume and we just made our way into the venue.

My stupidity on that remained a running joke on me for several years with the old group friends who were there. I never lived that down nearly all the way through highschool. LMAO ... still.

2597 days ago



2597 days ago

Jimmy Driveby    

...people want Motley Crue tickets? And they PAY for them...? WTF?

2597 days ago


Get 'em, Nikki!
Motley Crue is the greatest band of all time! Nikki is the ultimate showman and a musical genius! And Doc McGhee managed them in the 80's and early 90's until he had some legal problems that stemmed from cocaine abuse. Lurve lurve lurve the Crue!

2597 days ago


Are you KIDDING me?

This is the most pathetic attempt for press and attention from a band that I've ever seen.

Nikki is a troll.

2597 days ago


Are you KIDDING me?

This is the most pathetic attempt for press and attention from a band that I've ever seen.

Nikki is a troll.

2597 days ago
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