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Sharon Bags on Courtney:

Off Jack!

9/12/2007 11:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love and Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne wants Courtney Love to stay the hell away from her -- and her son Jack! Sharon accuses Courtney of plying little Jackie with OxyContin when he was just 15.

TMZ has confirmed that Sharon did, in fact, make the shocking allegation to the Daily Mirror (UK). "I will never have time for Courtney Love. She was the first person to give my son Jack the prescription drug OxyContin," she tells the tab. "There's not a shadow of doubt in my mind about that." Osbourne didn't divulge details of Courtney's alleged drug-pushing, though in 2003, Jack was admitted to a hospital for Oxy addiction, but has been drug-free ever since.

Love's rep did not return a call seeking comment.


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I'll say this. Sharon will kick your azz if you mess with her family. Period. Can't hate on that.

2596 days ago


Sharon, and your to blame for letting it go on also!

2596 days ago


I agree with Sharon and commend her on taking a stand. I'm sure her son Jack told her exactly who gave him the pills back then. Sharon is doing what any good mommy does, trying to protect her son from a messed up woman like Courtney. Hope Jack stays clean and healthy.

2596 days ago


Hey Sharon,
When you lay down with dogs....

2596 days ago


Good for you Sharon!! People need to protect their loved one's from all of these bad Hollywood influences. Maybe Dina Lohan should have said that to some of Lindsay's so called "friends".

2596 days ago


Not surprised. That nasty Courtney is rarely up to anything good. Ugly as the day is long too. Nasty, unable to spell correctly, ungracious, ungrateful, defiant, and mean......yep that ABOUT covers it.

2596 days ago


Sharon is great she loves her family she is a strong woman who more women should want to be like. She always has put her family first.

2596 days ago


Good for you Sharon! Courtney Love should be locked away forever! Maybe Sharon has also heard that Ms. Love is suspected of paying someone to murder Kurt Cobain! Read all about it on

2596 days ago

I love TMZ    

yea, good job sharon, for letting your son hang out with a drug addict and someone who's 20 years older than your son. don't be mad that happened because you let it happen.

2596 days ago


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2596 days ago

baby girl    

Gee Sharon , you don't think he learned about drugs from his father? The apple don't fall far from the tree.

2596 days ago


Sharon should take some responsiblity. Why would she permit her 15 year old son to hang out with a known heroin addict? Secondly, I'm just guessing but perhaps her son's witnessing of his father getting wrecked all the time and his mother turning the other cheek (while cashing the checks) taught him there were no bounderies. Just a thought.

2596 days ago


why is so many hating on sharon?? are any of you around you kids 24/7 I THINK NOT!!!!! and lets not forget that she had cancer a couple of years ago, and with that it made it even that much more difficult. so i guess if any of your kids gets hooked on drugs than it's your fault... trust me my parents didn't know everything i was doing when i was a teenager as well as i didn't know everything my kids was doing when they were a teenager... why don't you people pick on someone like paris, lindsay or britnay!!! they know exactly what they are doing.... you can see that sharon loves her family very much. i admire her for everything she's done and will continue to do.. she has accomplished a h*ll of alot more than these 20+ want to be's!!!! if there is one person in my life that i could meet it would be sharon osbourne.

2596 days ago

baby girl    

Looks like" tinkerbell" had a little too much fairy dust this morning huh?

2596 days ago


Should Sharon be surprised? If you watched the Osbournes on their TV show, you would have seen that those kids were allowed to run rampant at young ages. Did Sharon really think they were going off to the library when they went out and came home in the early hours of the next day?

Oh, they wouldn't have had to go to the library, they were allowed to quit school.

Sorry Sharon, if you allow your kids to do whatever they want and not do 'normal' things like attend school, they are going to get in trouble.

Like he wouldn't have become a drug addict if it wasn't for Courtney Love? ROFLMAO!

2596 days ago
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