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Colin Farrell -- St. Alexander?

9/13/2007 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Colin Farrell's known as a philandering, dirty-mouthed, Hollywood bad boy -- but this week, he spent around $10,000 on a homeless man.
Colin Farrell
Rewind to 2003 when a local radio station offered $2,000 to anyone who could get the swaggering lothario into the studios -- when a homeless guy known as "Stress" pulled off the incredible feat. On Tuesday, the same vagabond was outside Colin's hotel, with Farrell not only remembering him, but sweeping him into his car for a shopping spree!

According to the Toronto Sun, Farrell took the man to Europe Bound Travel Outfitters, telling workers there to "Get him anything he wants." Stress picked up a $500 jacket, a backpack filled with socks, underwear, boots and a sleeping bag. After shopping Colin then went to an ATM, took out "a wad of twenties" and arranged to pay the dude's rent for a year!


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kill the queen    

Wow- I hope more celebrities follow suit... What a man, I am now a fan of his... that is truly an admirable thing to do. Wow.

2542 days ago


Very cool of him! Great story! But for those going after Oprah about helping people in the US, she does A LOT for people here too! She helped victims of Katrina with HOUSES, and has spent millions of dollars right here in the US helping people in need! So know what you're talking about before you speak! What have YOU done????

2542 days ago


That's a real man right there. This is why I adore him.

2542 days ago


Excuse me, but all of you saying that this act of generosity is not good enough need to keep themselves in check. The man gave another man a hand in an effort to get him standing on his own two feet. Simply giving someone a job doesn't do that. Not everyone needs to start a homeless shelter in order to be a good person. Sometimes, the best acts are those done one-on-one. He knew this man from a previous experience and that is why he wanted to help. Have you ever done something this kind? You can criticize a lot of celebrities for their actions, but please keep your comments to yourself when you're rolling your eyes at a good deed.

2542 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Repairing Stress's dignity and self worth probably did more for him than anything.

Kudo's to - it's not all about me, it's about them AKA Colin - and St Alexander.

2542 days ago


A very kind gesture indeed, if only other celebrities and regular everyday PEOPLE were that kind the world would be a different place. You don't have to make millions or donate millions to make a difference.

For the idiot whining that he did not help an "American" .... grow up...your immature posting IN CAPS is stupid.

2542 days ago


Now this is what being a celebrity is all about - helping out others in need, not flaunting everyting you got. Way to go Colin, you're my new hero.

2542 days ago

Once there myself    

Mr. Farrell,
(I highly doubt you'll read this) but just in case there is that billion in one chance you do I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the homeless and those of us have been homeless for what you did for this man and for treating him like a human being and not just another bump to walk around. I truly hope more celebrities follow your example.
From someone who has been there

2542 days ago

mom of 2    


Colin did this on the spur of the moment, on a whim. It was not planned for months or endlessly thought through. Yes, what Beyonce did was great, but what Colin did was just as fantastic! What have you done?

Appreciate a good deed for what it is and lets all quit judging. BLESS YOU COLIN!

2542 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

What a wonderfuly kind hearted man Colin is! I"m glad the papparazzi managed to get this picture for us to see his act of kindless.....just happened to be there?....anyway, it's great! I remember an interview he gave when asked about Angelina Jolie....pre-PittY-Boy, he said "She's great in the bedroom, she'll do anything at all!!" mmmmm, is that the attraction for PittY?

2542 days ago


Yo, KEM - this is America - the land of the First Amendment - if you don't like reading other people's comments - stop reading them?! Way to lash out anonymously you 'lil hater! Feel better now?

2542 days ago


To Lizzie and Smith

Hate to break this to you, but Stress is a Canadian and the whole thing happened in Toronto.

2542 days ago

K MAC    

Colin Rocks! Lovin' the Canadians.....

2542 days ago


This is good. I worked for a long time at a homeless shelter in Maui Hawaii and not once did any of the rich and famous residents and tourists we get all year long come down to lend a hand or give back.

2542 days ago


What have I done? How about 23 years in social services trying to prevent people from abusing or neglecting their kids. I wish I had a dollar for every parent who was too drunk or drugged out to show up for a scheduled visit I had to supervise. Try explaining to an eight year old why mom hasn't bothered to show up for their birthday visit or a Christmas Party without making mom or dad sound like a complete douche-bag. Not so easy. Or how about the 20 life story books I wrote and decorated for kids being adopted - try making a memory book out of nothing but pictures clipped from magazines and the last visit pictures with mom or dad that a kid would want to look back on. Or how about the 7 kids I've supported since 1984 after a co-worker showed me what was happening in Ethiopia after 5 years of drought. Sabastian, Sanjiva, Fatawu, Daka, Alex, Mamushe and Thipwanee would probably say I did my fair share - even when I didn't hear from Thipwanee and Sanjiva for 6 months after the Tsunami - I still sent my hard-earned money to make sure they were clothed, fed and educated. FYI - those "foreign" charities help people in the U.S., too. There is also your local United Way, Red Cross and others who will help people write here in the states. What have YOU done for your fellow man today? Better yet, what are YOU going to do TOMORROW?

2542 days ago
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