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Love this video? Hate it? Tell us what you think!

9/13/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Love this video? Hate it? Tell us what you think!


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HATED IT! First off, Dr Phil and his wife Robin are great Philanthrapists. Also, They give many people something that money can't buy..HOPE.

They started out just like everyone else and weren't rich doin it either. I am very happy for their success. They have fantastic children and that takes work too. Ya know there are so many jerks out there..why pick on someone who is trying to help others? So what if he gets paid? So what if he has a dating place? He is trying to Help people to be SAFE in those clubs.

He is trying to help people be decent human beings..With the likes of 99% of the TRASH you put in this column, Dr Phil has no place on your site.
I am sure I am not alone in those feelings. .. go find some drunk driver or slut-woman to entertain people. By the way..DO YOU GET PAID????

2563 days ago


this video stinks and is so obviously against Dr Phil etc. I don't like everything he believes in or does but it's not all for the money. He has helped a lot of people. it's sad that our society has to turn to the public showing of it all in order to "get help" but if the flocks come why should he be put down, would any of you?

2563 days ago


Typical TMZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

2562 days ago

Jo Blo    

I love it - kicks butt!

2562 days ago

P Hedges    

This video is trash - who actually cares? Dr. Phil does a good job, no matter how much $$ he makes. Leave him alone.

2562 days ago

Redneck Messiah    


2562 days ago

I hate snobs!    


2561 days ago


i think dr. phil would appreciate the irony--it works for him! loved it!

2560 days ago


I can't believe anyone will give this man one shred of the spotlight. He's a killer who's been gloating about what he did without one shred of guilt. If we can't put him in jail, let's just ignore him and let him fade away. This is just going to bring more interview requests and air time that he will obviously be paid for. I, for one, am tired of the murderer. TMZ, one link on your web page about this story was enough, let along having your entire page dedicated to his latest foolish behavior. I'd rather read about the Hollywood losers you typically feature. Yes Brittany, Paris and Lyndsay, that would be you!

2560 days ago


Wouldn't it be wonderful if they gave OJ a jury trial for the robbery, and he got the death sentence that he so richly deserves?

2560 days ago


Sick of hearing it.

2559 days ago


Hate it... everybody just wont to see this man in jail.... 30 yrs for robbery please... JENA 6 is NEWS to ME....

2559 days ago

Michael Mortinsen    

How Ironic O.J. wanted attention with his book but this is and his wifes murder are only thing this low life will be remembered by.

2559 days ago

telling it true    

Will Smith really is that nice! I have a relative who has professional ties with Mr. Smith and says that no one in Hollywood is a better, nicer, classier person. Apparently, sometimes things really are what they appear to be. I say good for Mr. Smith.

2559 days ago


well... for starters...
about O.J.: when does "Rev~rund AL" Sharpton pop out of the cake and scream "you can't treat a Black man like that, why you trying to keep the black man down"
i am waiting with baited breath...coz i know it will happen!
carol channing... i want a jewish gramma too!
the "boobie luvin weather guy "OMFGAWD NOW THAT'S FUNNY!!

2559 days ago
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