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Hogan -- Pray for My Bro, and -- Oh My God, Shoes!

9/13/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bringing balance to solemnity and ridiculousness yesterday was Brooke Hogan, who was asking for God's help for her brother and John Graziano during one moment, and in the next, asked where Paris Hilton gets her shoes.

TMZ caught Nick's older sister in Soho last night, where the cleavage-baring Brooke told cameras to "keep praying" for her brother and his friend, who is still in critical condition in a Florida hospital. Moments later, Brookie then had something more exciting to talk about -- shoes! It's hard for a big footed girl to find a decent pair of heels in NYC, so Brooke thought TMZ might know where Paris gets hers.

The cameraman had no clue ... but keep prayin' for Brooke, and maybe she'll find some!


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She should try target, Payless, or for big feet . I have size 12 and can find great things there.

2540 days ago


IF I was a religious person, the only one I'd be praying for is John Graziano. Not her loser brother who's never going to get it right when there's no consequences at home.

Enjoy some new shooooes Brooke. Get lots so you can keep putting them in your mouth.

2540 days ago

Me me me me    

#30 said it all...

2540 days ago


Looks like brookey got a nice boob job just like MOMMY!!

2540 days ago

Pearly Whites    

Wasted lives. The arrest of her brother will come when the "final" outcome of the poor victim in the hospital is determined. RECKESS DRIVING, ATTEMPTED VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER or VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER. Tick, tick, tick.

2540 days ago

Jack Schitt    

WE PRAY FOR JOHN'S Recovery WE PRAY FOR 3 to 5 for NICK. Another Family HOGAN JOKE. Why do all these kids think "THEY're KOOL ??? Cause DADDY once was?

2540 days ago

big ball sack    

your brother dont should go to the big house(hogan knows best ya right)

2540 days ago


I still have not heard who owned the silver car people saw racing Jethro Hogan and where is the investigation at.
Keep praying for her brother? I pray he is held accountable ever time I read about this unessasary incident

2540 days ago


I'm sure many designers send Paris shoes special made in her size. If she likes a pair she has them special made also. i doubt she buys much off the racks.
Will keep John G in my prayers.
TMZ get a update on his condition and the investigation instead of hanging out on the streets talking to walkers.

2540 days ago


I'm praying that John Graziano gets well. My thoughts are with his loved ones. To think he serves two tours in Iraq and comes home to get taken out by a j@ck@ss, snobby rich kid.

BUT, pray for Nick? FOR WHAT PURPOSE? How about revoking his driver's license? That's a more sensible reaction.

2540 days ago


Hogan Knows Worst- on VH1 clearly shows that Terry does'nt want his kids to grow up and have a life outside of the Hogan nest! He is so threatend by outsiders hangin out with his kids- he insecurely treats their friends of Brooke's potential b-friends like garbage! It's like they will be shunned for life from his money if they don't accept to hang out like bro's- (him and Nick) - MAYBE if Hulk did not have a choke hold on his kids- they would not have such a need to chase a dangerous high! True- enough!!!!!

2540 days ago


Brooke keep your mouth shut!. You may get somewhere in life by keeping silent. Also stop singing .You suck!!!!

2540 days ago


The sincerely tragic irony to the whole tragedy is that the victim, Mr. Graziano, will have permanent brain damage to his frontal lobes while the entire Bollea family are too wrapped up in their own pathetic egos and shallow materialism to even value the teensy-weensy bits of their own so-called brains.

As for Brooke "Sasquatch" Bollea, maybe she can borrow some of her dad's old wrestling shoes and hot-glue some beads and sequins to them! I can just see her grinning and going "ohmiGAAAWWWD!!!"

2540 days ago


The recent news that the Hulkster has hired a high priced attorney to represent his spoiled son Nick says it all. The Hulk wants to see his son behind the wheel again. These two parents have lost touch with reality. One only has to watch their horrible reality show to see that this family lives in la la land. Hey about teaching your son that he has to be held accountable for his actions? That driving is a privilege. That speed signs are posted for EVERYBODY. It will be so tragic if Nick's friend and passenger ends up with brain damage or God forbid does not make it. I hope this is a huge wakeup call for Nick. Suck it up Nick and be a man. Admit to your wrongdoing that day. Witnesses said you were speeding. Do the right thing. Oh yeah....and Brooke better find another profession. She is not going to make it as a singer. Sorry Brooke but you might as well face this fact. The best thing that could happen to Brooke and Nick would be to get away from the two disasterous parents.

2540 days ago


id love to make out with her

2540 days ago
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