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Kirstie Alley:

Black is Slimming!

9/13/2007 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenny Craig must be ecstatic about the dramatic weight loss of her poster girl, Kirstie Alley. She got paid to lose weight! Paid!!

The former "Fat Actress" was seen in this little big black dress -- sashaying down the sidewalk near Macy's yesterday. "Cheers" to her spectacular new figure!


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Kirstie looks great!!!

2541 days ago


"Little Big Black Dress" OUCH! Poor Kirstie. Although she should just come clean and say she gained back a big chunk of the weight and wants to get back on the wagon. The current JC Kirstie Vlog is such a joke! It's an above-waist thing with the wierdest angle.

2541 days ago

dirty undies needed washing    

Kristie can be stomach stappled too and be Ophra thin.


2541 days ago

chill people here aren't TOO BRIGHT! Yes, TMZ is joking. I's over your head little kiddies. Her name is KIRSTIE, not Kristy. She has gained more weight back then before she started losing. And she certainly did at one time look to be 145 lbs. You people are like Hollywood...shallow. What do YOU look like not that it even matters? Have you ever considered this is a lady that is hurting inside and using food as a way to escape? Compassion folks!

2541 days ago


Kirstie is still a very heavy woman, so if she was using the Jenny Craig weight loss program, it doesn't exactly speak well of Jenny Craig.

2541 days ago


I can't believe you're picking on Kirstie...really? Are you all so perfect? So she has a weight problem, you all have major personality flaws for jumping on the "let's pick on the fat kid" bandwagon. High school is over, mind your own damage.

2539 days ago

Sick of FAT ASSES!!    

Why do people INSIST on referring to fat asses as 'real women'? More like really fat women! Hey Kirstie (and all you other hogs) put down the KFC, get your lard ass on a treadmill, and lose some weight!! She wouldn't be considered such a 'real' woman if everyone else was a decent size!! And also to the morons who are slamming the Atkins or South Beach diet as the books you dim wits...believe me, cutting the carbs is a lot healthier than packing forty extra pounds. Shoving cheetos into your snouts doesn't qualify as excercise. And yes, I am one of those skinny bitches that all you porkers hate :)

Have a nice day!!

2539 days ago


Black never worked on slimming down a whale before...

2539 days ago


I happened to see a cheer's rerun - one with Kirstie in it. Wow, what the heck happens with stars? She reminds me of Ray Liotta. Weight seems to love them. Not Jenny Craig.

2539 days ago


I hate to say this, but Kirstie Alley looks very heavy again...even on the new ad on that black dress she looks huge, and this picture is horrible. WHY is she wearing something like that? I also think she weighed more in the first place than she is admitting to. I wish her well...losing weight is hard

2539 days ago


oh my

2539 days ago


this woman needs scientology. Wait! she IS a scientologist! Probably her body is full of Thetans, the big ones.

2532 days ago


Skinny ? Someones been lying to her ,shes bloody huge . Look at her thighs

2513 days ago


She should sign up to be a staff member at the "church" of Scientology, since she loves it so much. She would lose a lot of weight because she would not get paid enough to stuff herself.
For once, it would be great to see Krustie walk the walk & not just talk the talk.

2502 days ago

kat miller    

I think kristie alley is the most disgusting person on t v!!! Not because she is so fat but she is disgusting on what she says and does!!!!No one in my family all across America likes her!!!

1603 days ago
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