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Kirstie Alley:

Black is Slimming!

9/13/2007 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenny Craig must be ecstatic about the dramatic weight loss of her poster girl, Kirstie Alley. She got paid to lose weight! Paid!!

The former "Fat Actress" was seen in this little big black dress -- sashaying down the sidewalk near Macy's yesterday. "Cheers" to her spectacular new figure!


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Susan Ernst    

I am 52 years old and a size 6. I work dang hard to keep my body toned and lean. Not just for looks but for my health. I stopped eating for "FUN" and it worked. I get really mad when I see celebs get paid to lose weight, cram some stupid plan down our thraot and then gain it back with pride. For God's sake have some respect for yourself. STOP EATING FOR FUN.

2561 days ago


She looks like she's gained back the weight she supposedly lost....that's probably why Jenny Craig signed Valerie Bertinelli on as their new spokeswoman

2561 days ago


Are you kidding?!?! She is not even close to skinny! She is still fat and ugly as hell

2561 days ago


way big thighs. flat gut. she's got that pear thing going on. she's never gonna get away from that - she's built that way. i wish my gut was as flat as hers.

2561 days ago


Hey Kirstie,

"Have you called Jenny back?" I think you should!!!

2561 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I could see her featured in a new promotional campaign: Jenny Got Back.

2561 days ago


hmmm Jenny Craig....Dr. Phil wants to know: How's that working for ya???

2561 days ago


That left leg looks like a 100 pounds alone

2561 days ago


I think she looks fantastic. All of you are just used to looking at those skinny emanciated chicks like Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie on TMZ. You don't know what a real woman looks like anymore.

2561 days ago

JT Cummerbund    

Two bills, easy! She must have taken all the Jenny Craig money and spent it on pies.

2561 days ago


i can't believe you TMZ. are you bipolar. first you call britney all fat and gross when she strode around in her VMA outfit (with the body of an above average American I might add) but then you go ahead and call Kirstie's body spectacular? so which is it TMZ?

2561 days ago


It is really hard to stay thin if you have had food issues in the past!
An alcoholic can stop drinking but a foodaholic has to eat three or more times a day to live. It's like taking the tiger out of cage over and over. I feel for her-I gain and lose and gain back, too, but I don't have idiots waiting to say how bad I look and take my picture.

2561 days ago


Hmmm...maybe it's just me, but Kirstie Alley still looks to me like she's a cow. She's got turkey wing fatty arms, big fat hips & thighs, and "I've gained 80 lbs" boobies. It doesn't look like she's lost much weight; does anyone else think like I do?

2561 days ago


Okay, anyone saying this is what a "real" woman looks like, you are the most likely to be overweight and delusional. She is at the very least clinically overweight from the looks of this picture, if not obese. I have been overweight before, but I didn't try to say that I looked like a real woman or whatever. I looked like I was out of shape, and I worked hard to look like a healthy woman again. It's not womanly to be fat, it's unhealthy. She needs to work out more and stop eating as much, because at this point it just looks like she has a food addiction and needs to stop.

2561 days ago

It's SARCASM people    

At least some people recognize SARCASM when they read it.

"Jenny Craig must be ECSTATIC about the DRAMATIC weight LOSS of her poster girl, Kirstie Alley. She got paid to LOSE weight! Paid!"

"The FORMER 'FAT Actress was seen in this little BIG black dress - sashaying down the sidewalk near Macy's yesterday. "Cheers to her SPECTACULAR NEW FIGURE!"

I did my best to point out the jabs by TMZ.

Think about it, as critical TMZ is of Britney Spears new "figure" do you HONESTLY think that those at TMZ thinks this is actually a good picture of Kirstie Alley?

2561 days ago
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