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Maddox Jolie-Pitt -- Left Behind?

9/13/2007 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jolie-Pitt clan took off from New York last night ... but where the heck was Maddox?!

Though Brad and Ange caused quite a scene outside Madd's pre-school when they picked him up yesterday, when it came time to board their plane, Maddox was nowhere in sight. TMZ spotted Brad holding baby Shiloh, Angelina grabbing onto Zahara, and Pax walking himself into Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Where's Maddox?!


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I agree with most comments. Enuf of this globe-trotting psycho common law couple!

2566 days ago


Who are the people showing up to see a child get picked up from school? Obviously he stayed to go to school and continue on a somewhat normal routine. As for the comment about Angelina not holding Shiloh. It is probably safer for Dad to hold her since they are being hounded by fans and cameras at all turns and she is in heels and potentially more vulnerable to a crazed person trying to touch the baby.

2566 days ago


gee I don't care at all. Just sick and tired of this couple and their only hope is that the bunch is flying to Europe, Africa or some other foreign land and that they plan to stay there. Unfortunately, just probably flying somewhere to promote his movie or Jolie is starting to film another one...won't pay a dime to see any of their movies.

2566 days ago


Has anyone seen the close up of this pic? Angelina has this sly smirk on her face, like she is just eating up all the attention. She makes me sick. She's just so fake. I feel bad that she has a million kids and is always working, promoting, or attending a movie premiere or some film festival. Funny maybe thats why she has so many kids. She doesn't have to really devote 24/7 to any one of them so she doesn't know what its like to be a REALLLL MOM and have to work and stay home with your children and take care of them all the time. I hate brangelina, can you tell?

2566 days ago


Dont like these two silly fake assers. I will never support anything in which they - Jolie and Pitt -participate.

enuf. Now just go away to namibia and leave US and stop depending on our dollars

homewreckers, cheaters, liars and much more.....

2566 days ago


I agree with most of the above but not all. Who really cares, we really don't need to
see their kids every day (they are kids, not movie stars) I really don't why anyone
would show these pictures over and over. They very seldom take over one or two
out to show off at a time. I don't see how it is even news. I hope he did stay with
the nannies to go to school but I doubt it. I don't know if it is Brad or Angelina's
idea but it is so old. They all need to stay out of the spot light for awhile.

2566 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

There is something creepy about that little Maddox! Those adoption conditions set forth from Cambodia sure set the foundation for his cultural background, but they also allow him to be influenced by those in his extended family tree. If you don't think they are luring in the wings -- your crazy. Watch out, years from now one will appear from he "shadows" and claim kinship when the monetary jackpot (trust fund) grows considerable.

John Voight was right; Jolie needs help aka she's CRAZY! If that crazy bitch adopts another child, I feel sorry Shiloh, big time! Somebody help that crazy bitch - Jolie. *meowwwwwww*

2566 days ago


I'm shocked... in this day and age, I can't believe some of the comments above referring to egg rolls and "maybe immigration finally deported him" are even being posted. Doesn't anyone see all the hate that's happening down in Jena, Louisiana, this kind of crap is uncalled for and shouldn't be tolerated. Furthermore, if you don't want to see anything aobut them, then why do you come to this site. This site reports on celebrities, if you are so jealous that all you can do is put them down then maybe you should consider getting yourself a psychiatric evaluation. Get a life.

2566 days ago

I speak da trooph    

IDIOTS!!! Maddox is Vietnamese! Not Chinese. AND, why would you talk trash about an innocent? Grow the F**K UP! He was uprooted from his country and all he knew to join Angie's psycho idea of a rainbow family, not his fault.

2566 days ago


Probably staying in NY to get the education his parents are paying for. Christ you people make news out of nothing.

2566 days ago


Um first off if you go to another site that has photos of them going to the airport you see Maddox right behind Angelina who is holding baby Shiloh, so there.

Secondly, the kid is Cambodian. He isn't Chinese, not that there is anything wrong with that. He's a kid and doesn't deserve your criticism nor does any racial comment need to be made on something that wasn't even true to begin with.

2566 days ago

I speak da trooph    

OOPS..tee hee hee, Cambodian

2566 days ago

oh brother    

Oh I know what happened.
Maddox isn't cute anymore in Angie's eyes. He's grown and now looks like every cook at, King Wok's Kitchen, so she's swapping him for a cuter kid.

2566 days ago


Most of you are racist idiots...

and to #40...If you are going to be an ignorant dumbass do some research. Maddox isn't black, hes cambodian. Zahara is black so if Maddox is the only one missing then they aren't having a "black free weekend." You truly are the definition of ignorant.

2566 days ago


They have more kids than they can keep up with - dumbasses. They are such a joke and sooooooooooo played out.

2566 days ago
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