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Country Band Cuts Deal with Cracker(s)

9/14/2007 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LonestarThe band Lonestar announced this week they have a new lead singer and a new Christmas album coming out -- which will be exclusively available at Cracker Barrel locations throughout the country. They might want to rethink that plan!

Cracker Barrel has a sordid history of homophobic and racist behavior. In 1991, Cracker Barrel instituted a policy requiring employees to display "normal heterosexual values which have been the foundation of families in our society." The policy was eventually rescinded ... 11 years later!

And just last year, Reverend Al Sharpton accused Cracker Barrel of racial discrimination, after several African Americans -- including Chris Rock's mother! -- said they weren't served in a timely fashion.

Looks like Lonestar fans can expect a "White Christmas."


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know it all    


2565 days ago


Who cares? Crackle Barrel is an aweful resturant anyway!

2565 days ago


I've got news for you - NOBODY gets served in a timely manner at a Cracker Barrel, black, white, whatever. Their service sucks. This music deal sounds like a loser already.

2565 days ago


I'm white and 30...I've had to wait 15-20 minutes+ at Cracker Barrel, it's popular as's not because people are racists (lay off the race card people...ESPECIALLY Chris Rock's mom, the mother of one of the biggest racists in America!!).

I dont' see anything wrong with "normal heterosexual values which have been the foundation of families in our society."........sounds like a good plan to adhere to. Oh wait, that hurts some people's feelings and we can't have that happen, God forbid.......oh wait, I can't say God either.

Damn victims.

2565 days ago


#5 nothing is wrong with heterosexual behavior, if you are heterosexual you idiot, guess what, not everybody is..

2565 days ago


If "untimely service" is racial discrimination, then Cracker Barrel hates whites, hispanics, blacks, etc, etc... and humans in general. The slowest service EVER!!

Also, if this is the standard, then Denny's hates the human race mostof all... talk about slow service!

2565 days ago


You must be a closet case Joff, or very uneducated....probably both.

2565 days ago


Blacks always complain about not being served "in a timely fashion"...Hell, blacks complain about every damn little thing and PLAY THE RACE CARD every chance they get. Of course, all you idiotic Westside White kiss ass liberals (who have never had to deal with blacks in your life) cater to them every chance you get! Cracker Barrel sounds cool...I wish we had those out here in CA...Oh well, I will be sure to buy plenty of the cheese in the super market today! Wake up white people!!!

2565 days ago

sign me up jesus

2565 days ago

Spell Check.    

If not being served in a timely fashion is now considered a sign of hatred - then Friendly's should change their name.

2565 days ago




2565 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

NOBODY GETS SEATED IN A TIMELY MATTER AT CRACKER BARREL. It's an incredibly popular restaurant and there is always a wait. They don't choose to seat white or black first. I have been there MANY, MANY times and I wait at the front where the host/hostess takes names and marks them off when they are called. They are seated according to whatever is available. Nobody cares what color you are. I get so tired of hearing that crap. Those wait staff people are slammed and they just want to get you in and out. They don't have time to worry about your freaking color.

And NO, I am NOT white.

As for their employment policies, I cannot speak to that, except to say I've known openly gay people who work at Cracker Barrel and I have not heard them complain.

2565 days ago


I have only been to Cracker Barrell once and will never set foot in any of those restaurants again. While my boyfriend was waiting in line to pay at the register for our food I walked around the store they had in it and I noticed I was being followed by an employee. After about 8 minutes of me walking around with my boyfriends 3 year old blonde haired blue eyed son I turned to the employee and questioned her with one word..What?
She then callled me a spic and told me they didnt want my dirty kind in there. Um yeah ok.
I was so shocked because that has never happend before that right then my boyfriend walked up and we left. Later in the car he asked me what was wrong and I told him and he wanted to go back and complain but I just wanted to forget it and stay away from the place. I have had anyone come at me with such an ugly attitude before.

So now I boycott the place.

2565 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Does everything have to be racist and homophobic around here? TMZ you are guilty of encouraging this type of behavior. I will just starting referring to those groups as "The Paranoidial."

2565 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Neta, you prove the point. Because someone else did not agree with you, you call them "closet." You're lame!

2565 days ago
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