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Gummi Bear: Advisor to the Stars!

9/14/2007 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis -- looking a leaner than usual, was getting his free goodies (what, no honey?!) at a gifting party at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, when he made time to offer Britney Spears some advice on drugs. Oh, jeez.

The noble ursine gentleman advised Britz "not to do drugs ... or if you do drugs, make sure it's something that makes you hyper" -- then the Bear trailed off, perhaps realizing the idiocy of the words spewing from his babbling mouth, and abruptly ended with, "She's probably not on anything."



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Gotta love that Gummi. Invaluable advice from a real sharp one! ;-)

2594 days ago


He should star in the Marlon Brando story.

2594 days ago


Why do you continue giving this broke, rotund loser any attention?
How is anything that this fat slob says worth covering?

2594 days ago


Someone do us all a favor and put him out of his misery...

2594 days ago


while tmz gets off on making fun of jason and his brother, a friend of mine turned me on to this when i went to Youtube and typed Jason Davis Fashion Week I learned whats really going on...appears these bears are brilliant and really making major business deals an the jokes on all of you haters

2594 days ago

i'd do em

2594 days ago

know it all    

OMG !!! He has only seven comments including mine. That's SAD ):
He looks like he sucks the jelly out of donuts for breakfast.
OINK !!!

2594 days ago


Good thing this guy has money because that's all he's got going for him.

2594 days ago


I'm 32 (yes an old lady who still gets carded!) Would someone kindly tell me who this person is and what is his claim to fame? Please? He keeps showing up here, yet he's clearly not an actor. Truly, who is this guy?
Thanks, Cat

2594 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Um......Gummi those little "hyper" pills do help with the weight loss but they kind of give you a myocardial infarction and are really addictive. For every action there is an opposing reaction. Pain outweighs the gain on those things. ASK ELVIS. Drug companies loved him too.

Go for a run....

2594 days ago


Why is this guy always on your site? I don't get it.

Is he famous for being a fat, unemployed leach?

2594 days ago


That guy is so disgusting...he has no neck! He needs to quit runnin his mouth and get his fat ass on a treadmill.

2594 days ago


Go Gummi!

2593 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Now you're getting the picture... he has a case of euphoric / surreal drug induced LAZINESS / STUPIDITY.

The OTHER option is EXERCISE.

Endorphins released during exercise give you the same euphoric "high" (same as the dopamine increase in "hyper" pills). Exercise naturally increases your heart rate thus raises your metabolic rate (same as the noradrenalin increase in "hyper" pills) .

Exercise naturally improves sleep patterns - an increase in quality REM enables endocrine system regeneration (prevents the aging process). Poor sleeping habits (lack of REM due to drugs) is a common cause of obesity.

Finally the greater your muscle mass : fat ratio, the higher your metabolic rate even at rest. Means you burn off more energy 24/7.

2593 days ago

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