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Mindy McCready Sent to the Slammer!

9/14/2007 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just sentenced Mindy McCready to one year in County Jail for violating her probation. She does it all the time!

McCready was arrested in Florida in July after cops responded to a domestic dispute between the country singer and her mother. Mindy was convicted in 2004 on a prescription drug fraud charge, and was ordered to serve three years probation. She only had a few more months left on that probation when she was arrested.

McCready has now been convicted on a felony charge. In addition to the jail time, the judge gave her two more years of probation and 200 additional hours of community service. In the courtroom, the judge was clear: if Mindy doesn't perform her community service, he'll put her back in jail again.

An emotional Mindy, in court today wearing an orange jumpsuit, spoke out to the judge.

"Your honor, I can honestly tell you this: This has been the longest two months of my life ... not being able to hold my son ... has been excruciatingly painful." "I could only say I'm sorry," she said. "Please give me a chance to make things as right as they can possibly be."

The judge sent her directly to jail. Do not pass go!

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I remember Mindy well. She had some good songs, keyword had... She isn't pressured by paparazzi, she isn't in the spotlight, she's just a normal human being just like the rest of us. If you think about it, we've all had a pill,or a joint or a DRINK that has haunted our past. That was mistakes for us, but no one ragged on us over the net. GIVE HER A FIGHTING CHANCE.

2573 days ago


she's a no good slag. I know her and have had the misfortune of travelling with her and getting ripped off by her. she's a con artist. hardly anyone has come forth yet, but her victems are rallying! ya'll aint seen nothin from this no good skank! I was there today in court she was pathetic, and so were the two douce bags who testified on her behalf...hope you two douce wad loser, future mccready victems are reading this. stay tuned

2573 days ago


Sad to see this happen! I loved her back in 1995 - 1996 when she did "Guys Do it (All The Time" and 10,000 Angels. she was beautiful, thin, not psycho & hooked on Hillbilly Heroin..

2573 days ago


The judge can only sentence her to what is left of her probation.He can not add time to her probation. The only way he can sentence to her more time is with an addtional crime and convition.

2573 days ago


She is caught up in the cycle of abuse. Once she can forever detach from her violent boyfriend, she can work on her self-esteem. I would love to see Mindy confront her behaviors that are in response to her boyfriend's drinking, and the abuse she has endured- in addition to her internal feelings. Anyone who has attended an Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meeting, understands the behaviors the loved ones demonstrate, as a result of the addicted person's actions. Mindy is crying out for help big time. Believe me, it is painful for her to see herself this way, whether she wants to admit it or not. How could we not have compassion for someone whose life has taken such a drastic, downward spiral? She needs help and support.....she has a long road ahead of her as she rebuilds her life. Hopefully, she will learn how to set firm boundaries in her life. She can do it too, through faith and determination. You have a little boy depending on you, Mindy! Both of you deserve to be safe and secure. No man is worth all of were beaten for goodness sakes. Look to the future because it will get better.

2573 days ago


Who the hell is this chick?! What does she sing?

2573 days ago


hey cantbeserious, Mindy is a HO.........................

2573 days ago


I wonder if this was Lindsay Lohan would she do any time?

2573 days ago

Gunter Hallowgreen    

If she had been below 18, I would have recommended her to go to our motivation boot camp in Mexico, where she could have some gained emotional growth.

But what is the big picture here. She was convicted of a different crime back in 2004 and she did almost do her entire probation time. Then she is caught up in a domestic fight, which is quite normal in some families. It is not a big deal.

Now there is a small boy, who can not see his mother. The boy is the victim, not her mother. Why could this judge not settle with the time served and the community service. Not for her sake - but for sake the little boy.

It does not seem fair.

2573 days ago

Amy Silverman    

The Truth-Can you do it???? TMZ Eddie Griffin was spotted at the HIP NEW Atlanta Marriott Marquis Bars High Velocity & Pulse dinking the Clique Yellow Label-The BEST-with HOTT babes all around!!!!!!!!! and he was very-very nice & normal

2573 days ago

married with children    

There are a lot worse out there than Mindy, believe me....I don't think she needed jail...I do think she needed counseling.....and probably her family, as well!

2573 days ago

steve darling    

As a personal victim of this lying sack of s@#$, I was pleased to be in the court room when the judge sentenced her. He told her she still had no remorse or explanation as to why she wrote a fake script. At one point she was scheduled to testify until the Deputy from Lee County described how drunk she was. She told her attorney she only had two drinks. I v'e seen her two drinks they come in a vat. When they finally had her cuffed she sat on the driveway and had to be phyically tosed over a shoulder and placed in the car. while waiting for booking she was placed a on chair and fell face first and started screaming look at my face look what my mom did to me, I am a famous country singer and you are ruining my career...sound familar? She does have Iconic Records fooled. The president was in court and testified on her behalf. How many of you would like to be able to be a liar, thief, drug-addict and drunk and have someone give you an opportunity? They kept saying she surrounded herself with bad people...hmmm she must have had a three way mirror and kept looking into it. Kenny Chesney is doin alright and he is with the same label she was. Mindy Mc Cready is a straight-up sociopath. She showed absolutly no remorse when Jude handed down her sentence. Instead she smile wiped away her fake tears and hugged her lawyer. But the kicker was as she was being led out of the court room, she yelled out "I Love You Daddy" this is the guy who she has called all kinds of nasty names and has tried desparatly to keep himm from seeing Zander, who seems to be doing well. Comments welcome and keep your ewyes peeled for a book or movie cuz I know it all!

Steve Darling

2572 days ago

Nick Pivot    

Don't come down so hard on Mindy. Addictions are tough to kick. I wonder if you would have ganged up on Hank if he didn't die so young? Be kind and wish her the best.

2572 days ago


Yes, she has done some stupid flippin things but slap an ankle bracelet on the woman and give her a year home so that her son isn't the one that suffers for this.
Way pathetic when you have instances like Paris, Lohan & others that skirt the system, with really nothing at stake or depending on anyone but themselves. While a year would seem like a blessing to many criminals, this judge should have taken other things into consideration, her baby should have been top priority in his mind, and if it meant making her home her prison cell, I think it would have made soooo much more sense than this. Total waste of tax payer's money- IMO

2572 days ago


I can't believe this is Mindy McCready I thought she was so pretty at one time and I loved her music! :-|

2572 days ago
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