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O.J. Simpson -- Ocean's 32?

9/14/2007 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonLas Vegas police say O.J. Simpson is a suspect in a Thursday night break-in of a Palace Station hotel room -- involving sports memorabilia. Was Simpson trying to get his #32 jersey back?

The ex-NFL star was supposed to be in Miami today to give a deposition in a bankruptcy case involving his eldest daughter -- but it was canceled because Simpson said he was going out of town.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police spokesman Jose Montoya said Simpson was released, and is believed to still be in Sin City.

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He can't help himself. He obviously has no control over himself. I guess maybe it's gets out of control sometimes......and he does crazy stuff. *ahem*

2593 days ago


#6 bwahahahahaha!
love it

OJ is as slippery as Billary

2593 days ago


Racist comments are NOT necessary. I'll slam the juice as a poor excuse for a human being based on his actions and behavior, but NOT because of the color of his skin.

Racist comments always take away the value in anything and serves to accomplish nothing. Even a mere chit chat gossip site provides us with something, as we drink our coffee, etc., but there is absolutely no reason for these types of comments to be made. It doesn't matter what race is being demeaned, but on this site it tends to be racism towards blacks. Enough already!

2593 days ago


He said he was just taking his own stuff back that was stolen. Whatever hapened to letting the police handle that stuff?

2593 days ago


That turd for brains is GOING DOWN! If you see him begging for spare change on the side of the road..........throw rotten tomatoes at him, STAT!

2593 days ago


Please tell us when he's behind bars where he belongs.

2593 days ago


The American Media has a love affair with OJ Simpson. They can't make it without him. Year after year after year. Why are they so obsessed with OJ? That's the question. Why aren't they obsessed with, say, all those terroristic priests that raped and molested thousands of innocent children? Or with all those terroristic pedophiles and child porno rings? Where's that coverage? They can't seem to get interested in those crimes. Just maybe they are using OJ as a diversion. Just maybe.

2593 days ago

5 cent    

OJ: I have some advice for you. Here is your "to do list" for the day

1) Go to Walmart
2) Buy a shovel
3) Dig up Johnny Cochran (you're going to need him).

2593 days ago


It would fit him to be at the Palace Station that place is a dump, he must be low on funds. Time to find a new throat to slash so he can write a book about it.

2593 days ago

Florence Mitchell    

O.J. just to be in the news.
If the news would stop covering what he does he would stop.

2593 days ago


i see prejudist against blacks and whites posted here and btw... its not who steals more, it's who gets caught stealing the most ....... soooo maybe us white folk just ain't sneaky enough

2593 days ago


Your daughter should be ashamed of herself, hiding that money for your sorry ass.

2593 days ago

Florence Mitchell    

Sorry i made a mistake on the other one.
O.J. just wants to be in the news .
If the news would stop covering him,he would stop.
He is a murderer who the jury let go.
I heard they all had a party at his house that night.
I don`t know if that is true or not.

2593 days ago


It isnt a surprise that OJ is once again in the news due to criminal activity.We dont know yet if hes guilty, but the fact the hes a suspect should speaks volumes to his supporters about who he is.His detractors already know...
In my opinion, its only a matter of time before he committs a crime that he'll be convicted of that leads him to jail.If not this one, the next..

2593 days ago


He told the bankrupcy court he'd be outta town... Uh yeah... To go COMMIT ANOTHER CRIME in Vegas! Sociopath!

2593 days ago
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