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O.J. Simpson -- Ocean's 32?

9/14/2007 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonLas Vegas police say O.J. Simpson is a suspect in a Thursday night break-in of a Palace Station hotel room -- involving sports memorabilia. Was Simpson trying to get his #32 jersey back?

The ex-NFL star was supposed to be in Miami today to give a deposition in a bankruptcy case involving his eldest daughter -- but it was canceled because Simpson said he was going out of town.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police spokesman Jose Montoya said Simpson was released, and is believed to still be in Sin City.

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#20 Just another post to show how ******* ignorant you are.

I invite you to (if your ignorant ass can read) to visit the United States Justice Departments website. I would give you the info but you shoot off stupid 3x more crimes than all minoritys do remarks. After reading the site come back and give us the info that you find.

I think you'll be very suprised to see whos doing the crime!

2575 days ago


#3 UP YOUR REAL HARD! It's amazing how many people are still holding on to raging hate about "the juice".I sympathize with the families who lost there loved ones, but who are we to say what they were involved in...we were'nt there! I just wonder how many of you profess to be Christians, with all that hate in your hearts.Thank God for Jesus B/C I woiuldn't have done anything for such rude, cruel, cold-hearted folk such as yourselves. The way some of you talked about Brads'and Angelina's' Lil boy yesterday-had me HOT! I probably should stay off this gossiping -ss web-site, but it's a daily reminder of how I must everyday-educate myself and put on the whole armour of God, so that I can be in good position and have things

2575 days ago


O.J. will forever be vilified in the eyes of the public for the brutal double murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. A jury found him "not guilty". Even if you don't like it or sincerely believe it was a miscarriage of justice, you have to accept that a jury of your peers acquitted him. Don't worry, there is a HIGHER JUDGE that he will have to face, and nobody can escape that final judgment.

Let's instead pray for the families of both victims (Don't trash them please, that is SO unbelievably heartless & cruel). May Nicole and Ron rest in peace. I hope the Goldman family finds some justice in attacking OJ's pockets and rights to his book. I hope the Brown family continues to advocate for victims of domestic violence and can somehow find peace in their lives.

As for the burglary news, it doesn't shock me. Remember the "ecstasy ring bust" from several years ago, the road rage incident O.J. was involved with, the missing girlfriend, etc...

2575 days ago

shannon c keither    

he is just such a loser. he needs to go under a rock and never come out. he is a killer. AND if for some reason he is not then i happy for his kids, but i still beleive that he did it.

2575 days ago


What a pathetic human! Hope that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton save their bucks and don't get in this dog fight, for they certainly will not make a dime on this one! Is it poetic justice or what that OJ may go to the slammer for armed robbery???? Know the guys in the pen will take good care of him!!

2575 days ago


I'm feeling the love here. White commits more murder crimes, minorites commit more robbery, burgurly and drug crimes. (I took a class on this, so I s-m-r-t). I dont care if he is guilty or not, life isn't fair, I've accepted that fact. Everyone here should evaluate why they are wasting there time typing this crap. Personally I stumbled on this site waiting for my next class to start.
Remember crime is just something society collectively views as bad. Steal something in Saudi Arabia and lose your hand, steal something in Walmart here in the States you get what, 5 weekends in jail? (not sure) The computer screen in front of you doesn't argue back but what you say does affect numerous others.

Don't kick bee hives.

2575 days ago


1 word= KARMA

2575 days ago


Was trying to show someone what #3 stated....But now it's not there anymore....

2575 days ago


I hope that SOB finally gets what is and should have come to him a long time ago...PRISON!!! How this evil person can continuously avoid the justice system amazes me...and some people want to put the war in Iraq in God's hands.. ha.

2575 days ago
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