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OJ: I Did It!

9/14/2007 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson has told The Associated Press that he took memorabilia that belonged to him from a casino hotel, but didn't break into the room.

Simpson went on to tell the AP that he was conducting a "sting operation."


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Hey number answer your question about the Goldman's getting everything. Wrong, they will make 17 pennies on every book that is sold with a portion of the profits going to Simpson's children's estate, some to a memorial in Ron 's memory, and then a few pennies to Fred and his daughter. They have spent 13 years and many, many dollars on attorney's emotional stress beyond belief, trying to recover what was awarded to them by the Civil Courts and he still manages to divert the money he makes so they cannot attach it!! What a joke...the Civil Courts judgments ruling is as good as the paper it is written on..They cannot enforce their ruling, it is up to the victims..In other words, the money the victims had to spend on lawyers to win the Civil judgment goes down the toilet!!!

This arrogant poor excuse for a human being has gotten around the justice system since he was found him not guilty in the slaying of Ron and Nicolle..How the jury could ignore all the blood evidence is beyond belief..I hope he gets what has been coming to him for a long time...PRISON, PRISON, PRISON!!!

I suppose Jesse James Jackson and his deputies will be getting on their high horses and galloping in for the rescue..what a joke these guys are..I don't care what color you are, right is right, wrong is wrong and that is the bottom line..

2604 days ago

Rocco and David    

Hey #26

OJ WAS NOT PROVEN INNOCENT - He just wasn't found guilty. BIG DIFFERENCE. And it wasn't the courts and judges - the jury decided there was not enough evidence (what-have-you) to convict him. THIS DOES NOT, BY ANY MEANS, MEAN THE KILLER IS INNOCENT!!!!!!

I guess you are among the 7% polled who voted that he didn't steal the memorabilia - now he admitted he did. Keep telling yourself lies - you might eventually believe you - OJ does it to himself every day.

2604 days ago


Once again OJ chooses to handle his perception of justice his own way.

2604 days ago


Johnnie Cochran can't save you this time.

2604 days ago




2604 days ago

she smiled    

I wonder if they can give him the death penalty for this. That would be great!!!

What a dumbass. Kids, don't try this in Las Vegas. Everything is videotaped there!!!

2604 days ago


He is a disgusting sorry excuse for a man- shame too- i loved him as kid

2604 days ago

Johnnie C    

You guys are such tools. You're so obsessed with the idea of some grand miscarriage of justice you look for every opportunity to express your hatred and outrage towards this man. Strangely, I'm certain there's a lot more to this story than OJ getting gangsta on some comic book guy. But seriously, LEAVE OJ ALONE!!! He's a good guy that happened to get caught up in some unfortunate situations.

2604 days ago


The memorabilia dealer is as shady as OJ. This should be interesting.

2604 days ago


According to reports, he's now saying he was running his own "sting operation" to get his stuff back.

Lying murderer.

2604 days ago

Paper or plastic    

Leave the man alone, he went to get what was his, I would do the same thing, and so would you all. I wish it work out all the best for him. Go OJ!

2604 days ago


26, You can't sue the Court System. And PS He was NEVER found innocent. It was not Guilty! Still a joke after all this time. I can't wait for Jay Leno tonight!!!

2604 days ago



2604 days ago

Dr G    

Hey OJ! I have a great idea for you. Go back to the room (that is always either locked or with a security officer) take something else that is the size of a gun and run fat ass, run. When the police chase you point it at them and start yelling at them. The police will help you then. (With a bullet) I would love to say you have balls but obviously you only have the balls of a baby goat...sorry I guess they are too big, you have NOTHING.
Grow up and be a man. If you don't some day some way something will happen to make you wish you stood up like a man.

2604 days ago

Julie G.    

These Sport Memorbilas have been hiding from O.J on the day of aquitted of the Murder, Back then, I remember the T.V. interview by the Ron Goldman Family, trying to track them down for years and at the same time O.J must have secretly sold to auction and the buyer bought them. IT looks like O.J want them back for some reason I don't know why. I think he is just not honest person.

2604 days ago
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