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Perez & Shar in "Celebrity Rap Superstar" Drama!

9/14/2007 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comUPDATE: Perez finally called us back and tells us that MTV has agreed to go LIVE next week! "When people tune in to the show next week they will (hopefully) see what really happened on the last episode," he says. "MTV has assured me that starting with this coming Thursday's airing, Celebrity Rap Superstar is going to be 100% live and real, as it should be! This will be super exciting. ANYTHING can happen. Shar and I have hugged it out. And DaBrat and me are cool too!"

According to our spies, Gossip Gangstar Perez Hilton was spittin' his rhyme during a taping of MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar,"when the sound on his mic went out (check one-two!). Our sources say Perez kept rapping, but the producers stopped him and told him he could start over because of technical difficulties. Perez finished the song ... and walked off stage.

Shar Jackson was up next. Sources tell us she started just fine, then fumbled her rap, forgetting the lyrics. Rather than letting her fumble her way through, producers allowed her to stop and restart her performance -- possibly changing the competition! We're told Perez lost it and rushed the stage, hollerin' that it wasn't right to let Shar re-do her song!

Then, it got crazazy!

Perez stormed off the set to his trailer. We're told that he told producers that the show was now phony, and refused to go on next week unless the show was live! We're told producers also let "Laguna Beach" star Jason Wahler start over, after he effed up his lyrics, which sent Perez into a tailspin. The drama!

For their part, MTV says. "We had technical mishaps early on -- which allowed the first two contestants to "re-start." So, to be fair, every contestant was given the option of performing twice. We wanted nothing more than to make this competition as fair for the contestants as possible."

We tried to reach Perez, but he refused to call us back. How rude!

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Ms. Giant1    

You've got to be kidding, he's a big fat whinney beyatch,,,, can't take it handle it just like a beyatch... loose some weight and you porbably could have ran out of there a little faster....

2565 days ago

Steven Millan    

A gossip columnist becoming the main item of gossip himself.

Now,that's something new (for a change)....

2565 days ago


Perez was on his way to DALLAS and in the air. He couldn't email you back.

I agree with Perez and MTV. If you allow anybody to perform the rap song twice it HAS to be ALL of the contestants to give them all a fair and even chance.

2565 days ago


#1 Shar Fan - God Bless you - that's sweet, a Shar fan..hehehehehehe that's really cute.

2565 days ago


Perez is so gross! Now he is going to have a Britney meltdown over THIS? Good. BTW- go to to see a pic of his fug sister. Them kids was beat wit an ugly stick!!!! LOL*

2565 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

get a life boy wonder.. and stop hattin on Shar....

2565 days ago


Perez, take 2 Premysyn PMS, get a nap, and call me in the morning. Next time, take them up on the offer to re-do, Dudette! It's all good........maybe you need some chocolate or pickles, or olives, or nachos, or something to get your mind off of it. I know that works for me. California rolls with extra pickled ginger and wasabe mixed with soy sauce ALWAYS make me feel happier........and yes, scented candles and a bubble bath. Stay away from the alchol though, it will only make the bloating and cramps worse.

2565 days ago


Perez is Gross! He always looks dirty.

2565 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

It's one thing ot re-start because the mic went dead - and it's quite another to re-start because somebody messed up or forgot their lines. That's the whole part of the competition - if you mess up it should be counted against you. Otherwise you are slanting the performances to make sure the favored ones get sent on to the next round.

2565 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Now, now. If you have a contest, you know it has to be fair. I'll have to Celebrity Rap the show exec's knuckles with my yardstick, and then grab them by their earlobes and march them down to the principle's office, and they'll all be made to give Perez an apology.

2565 days ago


Perez is a bigger diva than Britney Spears....maybe thats why he is so upset with her. She likes herself more than she likes him and we all know Perez just has to be the center of attention.

2565 days ago


makes gay look bad!!!!

2565 days ago

Southern Girls Rock    

More proof that Perez has boarded the Crazy-train!! When he defended Sarah Silverman's remarks about Britney Spears kids, folks started to believe that he was going off the deep end. This proves it.

2565 days ago


He is whiny.
She didnt' get all the praise anyway, so what is his complaint? Jason Whaler either. If that was re-do's they still did not do a perfect job.
Shar is doing a good job, and for whoever dissed her on the tummy tuck, tummy tucks don't take off ton's of inches. They firm you up a little, and after a few kids, who can blame her? If she can afford it, then go for it. But it doesn not work wonders on someone who was not already almost there. You can be a big fat pig, and get a tummy tuck, you would still be a big fat pig with a couple of inches gone.

2565 days ago


It's just rap people. I mean rap isn't really music to begin's just a lot of mumbling.

2565 days ago
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