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Perez & Shar in "Celebrity Rap Superstar" Drama!

9/14/2007 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comUPDATE: Perez finally called us back and tells us that MTV has agreed to go LIVE next week! "When people tune in to the show next week they will (hopefully) see what really happened on the last episode," he says. "MTV has assured me that starting with this coming Thursday's airing, Celebrity Rap Superstar is going to be 100% live and real, as it should be! This will be super exciting. ANYTHING can happen. Shar and I have hugged it out. And DaBrat and me are cool too!"

According to our spies, Gossip Gangstar Perez Hilton was spittin' his rhyme during a taping of MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar,"when the sound on his mic went out (check one-two!). Our sources say Perez kept rapping, but the producers stopped him and told him he could start over because of technical difficulties. Perez finished the song ... and walked off stage.

Shar Jackson was up next. Sources tell us she started just fine, then fumbled her rap, forgetting the lyrics. Rather than letting her fumble her way through, producers allowed her to stop and restart her performance -- possibly changing the competition! We're told Perez lost it and rushed the stage, hollerin' that it wasn't right to let Shar re-do her song!

Then, it got crazazy!

Perez stormed off the set to his trailer. We're told that he told producers that the show was now phony, and refused to go on next week unless the show was live! We're told producers also let "Laguna Beach" star Jason Wahler start over, after he effed up his lyrics, which sent Perez into a tailspin. The drama!

For their part, MTV says. "We had technical mishaps early on -- which allowed the first two contestants to "re-start." So, to be fair, every contestant was given the option of performing twice. We wanted nothing more than to make this competition as fair for the contestants as possible."

We tried to reach Perez, but he refused to call us back. How rude!

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Perez is right to be mad!!!!!!!

2596 days ago


2596 days ago


is this why perez hasn't made any comment about the show on his own site? i see nothing from him. and i love celebrity rap. i voted for sebastian.

2596 days ago


Perez is such a loser...and he wishes to represent the gay community? Au contraire, he's certainly not someone I would look up too. Sad

2596 days ago


My name is Shar J
I been know to play
to hip hop. down the block
whats the clock say
Britney got done with the VMAs
come on down babe
it's time to get paid !!!!!!

The word on the street
IS that I am LEECH
I just want to say
not my fault Babe
just like my name
I have no SHAME

i was drunk
I was drug
I cant explain
but i woke up from BED
tatood on my forehead
the name SHARFED

2596 days ago


People, please...does anyone understand that this was all staged? It's MTV's way to get publicity and potential hit ratings - something the network struggles to get nowadays.

It costs a lot more to do a show live. MTV doesn't just decide at the drop of a hat...or because Perez Hilton asks for do a live show. Do't believe the "hype."

It's a stunt...and so far, it appears to be working.

2596 days ago


I have to say Perez is right. PLUS SHAR IS A WASHED UP ACTRESS AND SHE'S SO NOT HOT. She wants to portray this image of little miss perfect when the broad has hella kids and nothing to show for it. Please she needs to back off her high horse.

2596 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Two Big Old Dumasses!!!!!!!!!!!!

2596 days ago


Perez is a joke
Shar is actually a good Rapper
Countess has a unique style of performing
Jason is a joke
Kendra is fun, great personality

2596 days ago

Amy Silverman    

The Truth-Can you do it???? TMZ Eddie Griffin was spotted at the HIP NEW Atlanta Marriott Marquis Bars High Velocity & Pulse dinking the Clique Yellow Label-The BEST-with HOTT babes all around!!!!!!!!! and he was very-very nice & normal

2595 days ago


Exposed as a FRAUD Viacom wants Shar to win.

2595 days ago


What the hell?! I would be pissed too! he has every right to be upset. They should treat everyone the same way. I saw that episode and there ere other people who TOTALLY messed it up. If they let her re-do, hey should let others. BOOOOOOOOOOO MTV!

2595 days ago


ok...I agree with Perez. NO FAIR...The Show is Live? NOT...Maybe live taped but if people mess up...especially on a rap you wrote should have to work though it...not whine and start over...was that fair to the other Why? They want Shar to win. EVERYONE wants her to win...well except me cuz I want Sebastian to win. I didn't see him say anything about it...BTW I love the new straight hair Baz, keep it.

Angel Down November 20th!!!

2595 days ago


I heart Perez!!!!

2595 days ago


Perez is a crybaby.......He talks about Kanye West, then he pulls the exact same stunt.
What a loser!
I give his site to maybe February
He has no new post, he steals them from here or all the other sites out there
His show sucks.that will not get renewed
Perez go home to Miami.........You are washed up

2595 days ago
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