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Mormon Hunks -- Yes, Mormon Hunks!

9/15/2007 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hot priests are so last year! The hottest calendar for 2008 is the Men on a Mission calendar, full of hot, shirtless Mormon men. What would Joseph Smith, Jr. say?!
Mormons Exposed
The "devout dozen" jumped off their bikes long enough to pose for the controversial day keeper, each of the LDS lotharios having just returned from missions around the world. Go west, young men! Portions of the proceeds will go to charity. The LDS Church isn't commenting on the scandalous pics ... but most of you probably didn't even read this far. Check out the rest of the Latter Day hunks in this handy gallery!


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So their religion condones posing half naked in a calendar probably only gay guys will buy? I thought they were anti homosexual and anti nudity?

2538 days ago

Young Hollywood    

Just because you don't agree with somone else's beliefs dosen't mean you have to bash them. I've had mormon neighbors, and they were the nicest and most respectful people I could ever meet or ask for in a neighbor. Its not like they are pushing their beliefs on you so get over yourselvs.

2538 days ago


LISTEN UP- this is not normal practice to pose in a calendar with your top off. These men have not done this without the church's blessing they have done it themselves and dragged the churches name into it!!! You people just want to believe what is stuck in your head.... no chance of educating you bunch. Try to imagine what it would be like if something you respected and honoured was torn up this way....

2538 days ago


sorry "with the churchs blessing' argh

2538 days ago


To #180 in regards to your Mormon neighbors: I lived in Utah for 13 years as a non-mormon and I studied the religion up to the point of almost joining - so I know of what I speak. Time and time again while living in Utah, neighbors and co-workers would be friendly with me in an attempt to convert me. When I would say that I wasn't interested in converting - in a respectful way mind you - the dinner invitations, the visits, the phone calls would all stop. This happened TIME AND TIME AGAIN! Now the Mormons I've encountered outside of Utah are lovely people, very friendly and open to other faiths. However, the die-hard Mormons who live in Utah have no wish - in my experience - to mingle with non-mormons unless it is expressly for the purpose of recruitment and conversion. Case in point: when my family moved into a suburb of Layton, Utah, a mormon Bishop lived directly across the street from us. He came right over to welcome us to the neighborhood and suggested that we come over for dinner one night. During the course of the conversation, it was mentioned that we were Catholic. The dinner with his family NEVER took place and we lived in that neighborhood for SIX years. This is typical behavior in Utah. It's a very excluding culture to live in and a lonely one too, I must say.

2538 days ago


Seems the model is a mormon... here's his myspace:

He's got a blog on there explaining why he did it and all. Seems to be a very intelligent guy actually... and funny.

2537 days ago


Does this mean they can have caffeine? I mean, if they can pose with their shirts off and real underwear showing...

Do the women get to pose fully clothed?

What about that ugly Heder who made that movie with Will Ferrell? His character is gay and is seen in just real underwear and nothing else. What's character is next, he drinks Diet Coke and loses his virginity to a black woman?

Where are the Blacks, Asians and Puerto Ricans they claim are in their church?

Do their church leaders know about this? I think they would want to do something. And these guys are now elders because they did a mission....please.

This church is about to have another split; a sect will break off from this cult. And we all know what will get 1857 and Warren Jeffs.

2537 days ago


um ... i dont think any of these guys is Mormon. Especially since ive seen one of "the models" in a porn.

2537 days ago


To Paisley40: I must agree with you that Utah Mormons are extremely different then others in different states. I lived in Utah, around the same exact place you lived and had the exact same experience. I'm so sorry to hear that you were treated poorly. I was treated the same way.. I'm so sorry!

2524 days ago

*rolls my eyes*    

Sharing my personal encounter here. My oldest sis turned Mormon a few years ago. I, myself, hold no denominational title but I highly esteem and love the Bible, the ONLY Bible...NOT the added testaments by Joe Smith. I have studied about this Mormon stuff, and I refuse to even call it a "religion" is a "cult"! In the Bible, God warns NOT to add to or take away from His Word, but Joe overstepped that law and added to God's Word by "dreaming" up his own bible for his cult, and other books like the book of great pearl, whatever that is.

Just by watching my sisters high profession of her faith in Joe has done nothing but divide our family. She has tried to shove this belief in our throats, and we look at her miserable life full of gossiping, back stabbing, judging, judging and more judging! This mormon stuff is nothing more than a cult. It has way too many secrets! Why wear these sacred/secret is an OLD Testament teaching and we now live under grace, not law! Jesus came to fulfill the law...and no underware can replace that. I know that the mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers (bunch of crap!), and that Jesus married 3 women (Mary and Martha -- sister of Lazarus, and Mary Magdaline)...what kind of crap is that??? They also believe that Joe Smith is superior to Jesus and that he will sit with Jesus to judge us? NO..another lie. How many times have their prophecies been changed since the world didn't end when "he" said it would? Anyone in their right mind could not possibly believe the crap they teach! They talk about judgeing? WEll, my sister is a master at that! She has drove my family into being divided...she has backstabbed her own family all in the name of lies! She's messed up in the mind; full of self pity..has NO respect for her husband as he's not mornon! Need I go on? She's full of deception as she's being brain washed with deception! Mormons are full of lies and deceptions..VERY contrary to the Word of God. They are the fastest growing cult in the world, sad to say...and many are still falling for their crap...YES, I said CRAP. Anyone who teaches anything contrary to God's teachings is crap! Joe did not die a martyr as they believe...he was killed in a shoot out! He was driven out of one state after another because of the upheavle he's caused...all across the US until he was finally killed in a shoot out! YES, he shot a gun! HE killed others... he's full of crap and I make no apologies about what I say about him and this cult.

I have NO use for cult spreaders...deception...lies...and fakeness. NO underware can every keep anyone from sinning.. and YOU mormons are a classic example of that! Yes, we are all sinners, but by the "shed blood of Jesus"..NOT Joe.. we ARE forgiven and saved! For there is no other name in, above, below heaven by which man can be saved but the name of Jesus! I know you'll probably say I'm judging... say what you want. I am exposing the LIES this cult teaches! They will go to any length so cover the lies.

My niece got married in that so called "holy" temple and her own father could NOT even attend her wedding? What kind of church would not allow a father not to attend his own daughters marriage? What are you "hiding" people? Please don't say it's sacred... it's all a secret! IF anyone has anything to hide...that's when I put up my caution flag!! My sis tried to lure me in, but now she won't even talk to me as she failed! Man, she needs to go back to basics like "God is Love"... "Love is the greatest"... "There is faith, home and charity/love...but the greatest of these is LOVE as God is LOVE".

I love my sister...but I will NOT stand for the lies she is trying to shove down out throats. Just recently, "her group" tried to change our dad and they failed again. She's a real turn off with our family!! I think it would be safe to say that she's psychotic! She has attended over 20 churches and has changed her title about a dozen times! Now, she's in a cult and "seems" to be convinced that this is the true way? How simple is the teaching of Christ "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life...and NO MAN comes to the Father but by ME"... Man/cults/religions have distorted and complicated the simple message of God: God is love! NOT any religion or cult....but a relationship with our loving and living Savior!

Keep it simple... God is Love. And the two greatest commandements of God are:

1-- Love the Lord your God with your whole heart, mind and strength.

2-- Love your neighbour as yourself. Does not mean we have to love their "ways"..who would love the ways of a rapist? I feel the same about a cultist.

Let's keep the message of Jesus simple! Don't let religions or cults distort it.

God loves each and every one of us just the way we are...and as we yield our selves to Him... He is the one who can

2522 days ago
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