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Mormon Hunks -- Yes, Mormon Hunks!

9/15/2007 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hot priests are so last year! The hottest calendar for 2008 is the Men on a Mission calendar, full of hot, shirtless Mormon men. What would Joseph Smith, Jr. say?!
Mormons Exposed
The "devout dozen" jumped off their bikes long enough to pose for the controversial day keeper, each of the LDS lotharios having just returned from missions around the world. Go west, young men! Portions of the proceeds will go to charity. The LDS Church isn't commenting on the scandalous pics ... but most of you probably didn't even read this far. Check out the rest of the Latter Day hunks in this handy gallery!


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Karin B.    

These guys are all in sexy photos, doesn't that go against the Mormon Religion??? They are Mormons??? - Yeah, right! Mormons don't want women to wear make-up, but obviously these guys are all made-up. I don't buy any of this. They are just out to make a buck and sell a calendar. I know a guy who "supposively" turned Mormon and he is a real jerk! (That's right Christopher.)

2573 days ago


If they didn't have their "secret" rituals, along with their under garments with special "powers" I might be ok with the Mormon religion. Also the fact they they believe that only certain people are allowed into their sacred temple because everyone else is unworthy, is a load of crap. It's so sad that the mormon marriage ceremonies do not include anyone who isn't "worthy" to be allowed to witness the marriage. I think it is very offensive that ANYONE would turn away people from their temple because they have been judged as unworthy to enter! Jesus NEVER turned anyone away who wanted to see him or listen to him. It seems as though there are things going on that, if people DID know the truth of their bizarre ceremonies, they would think of the mormon religion as just another wacky cult religion. I have known of several young men who were forced by their families to go on those 2 year missions. They didn't want to be disowned by their families, so they went against their will. That is just wrong! Not all mormon families force their kids to go, but MANY do! Sad, Sad, Sad religion! Oh and I love the way that they are pretty much forced to marry into their own religion too. If the person they are in love with is not mormon, then they must convert or forget about that person!

2573 days ago

Karin B.    

LDS not commenting! That tells you something right there, these guys are about as much Mormon as I am. If these guys were truly Mormons believe me the Mormon church would be commenting. And for what charity is the money from these calendars going to? I think it should go to the "I think I'm hot, but I'm not" charity.

2573 days ago


The sheer amount of ignorance shown in these posts is amazing. Mormons can't wear make up? Mormons practice polygamy? Mormons don't have chest hair? Mormons are all fat? PLEASE! Try following the old adage - better to keep your mouth shut and let others think you a fool, than to open your mouth (or your computer) and remove all doubt!

2573 days ago


to justine....

we do not have secret rituals...we have sacred ordinances we perform in our temples. and the reasons we don't allow just anyone to participate in them or talk about them to everyone is written all over these blogs....people are unintelligent and ignorant. if they do not fully understand the ordinances we are performing...they certainly cannot participate in them. can you play a game if you don't know how to play it? can you teach a class if you are not educated in the subject? why would you perform or view an ordinance if you do not understand what is going on. these things are sacred...very important....and not for just the standard person on the side of the road who has not shown Heavenly Father that he is worthy to be a part of such a wonderful experience. they are not secret....they are sacred.

as for temple marriages....a marriage is something that is between 2 people who love each other so much and our Heavenly Father. yes it's nice to have lots of people and a big ceremony and all the frills and such but that is not what is important. those who really have the desire to have a temple marriage have come to understand is more important to be married for all eternity than it is to have hundreds of guests at ur wedding who really don't care about it anyways. it is a very personal experience for a couple to go through. inside the temple is the most beautiful place you will ever know on earth. and we are not turning people away...anyone who wants to learn about our religion is more than welcome to come to church. we do not hold church in the temples. everyone is welcome to come to the church who really wants to be there for good reasons. and yes, sadly, some families do not understand that a mission should be a choice. it is only a great experience of the men actually have the desire to go out and teach. but those families are human and their hearts are in the right place..they just want the best for their sons...they just make mistakes. and we are never forced to marry into our religion. for my example...i am in love w/ someone who is not mormon. we have been together for 2 years and it is time for us to decide the path we want to go on. i have to decide whether i want to marry him or if i want a temple marriage. that is up to every person individually. we are all responsible for our own salvation. we have to do what we believe is the right thing to do. nobody will force my decision either way. so please don't say things that you are not educated on

2573 days ago


How come these guys never came to my door?

2573 days ago


"each of the LDS lotharios having just returned from missions around the world"

These are not guys actually on their missions - they're home and have every right to show us what they've got. Bring it on!!

Oh the ignorance of people about the LDS church - you find this on every article about the LDS church that allows comments. You have several levels of ignorance:

'I knew a Mormon guy and while I think he was nice, I don't believe in (insert misinterpreted doctrine here)'

'I was once a Mormon and I escaped because (insert personal vendetta mixed with false doctrine here and apply it to every Mormon)'

'I'm quoting what my pastor said and you're a cult!' (It's impossible to argue logic with this kind of person because they have no knowledge about what they think beyond this statement and maybe some random false accusations that they blindly believe.)

'Them "mormans" have horns and lots of wives, have sex through a hole in the sheet, and aren't allowed to dance.'

And, my personal favorite,
'The LDS church is bad because it brainwashes people and doesn't allow them to think for themselves.' This is my favorite because the LDS church is one of the few churches I know that doesn't believe in blind faith - every member is encouraged to find out whether each and every aspect of the church is a true principle, and only live according to what they have personally found out is true.

2573 days ago

Karin B.    

Wow, I'm surprised at the number of Mormons who read TMZ! Since you are all on-line, why not tell us if you are going to buy this crummy calendar? Do you now believe that all Mormon men are actually good looking...and it's okay to put out such a calendar? Wow, you are really brainwashed!

2573 days ago

Celtic Lass    

I was a "Mormon" for 26 years and finally woke up to the insanity it brought to my life. The LDS church will never condone and will certainly condemn such a calendar. If they only knew what MANY of their missionaries were really doing on their missions and as hard has they try to control everything about their members, especially their thoughts, these are 19-21 yr. old (mostly male) KIDS are guilted and bribed into serving missions.

This guy doesn't look like the typical missionary, he is too old to have just come off a mission and he has a bit of "worldliness" about him. Besides, it would take months for the hair to grow out considering they must follow mission rules and wear their hair (the men) super short. Anyway, the LDS church is a mind-numbing cult that is really LDS, Inc . and you swear absolutely to give your time, your talents and your MONEY to build up their mall, er, church. For the real insight on Mo-ism,

2573 days ago


Dear #10 forex millionaire

What on earth does that obscene tirade have to do with this article?

You are an intolerant idiot.

2573 days ago


"To Kristi: I know what the Bible says. Do you know what the Book of Mormon says? How about what Brigham Young said? You might want to take a look. It's stellar!"

This is a prime example of a random, false accusation. This person has no idea how modern revelation works. The assumption is made that

a: every word uttered by a prophet is prophecy. Not true. Even a prophet is human, and can have his personal opinions. It's not doctrine unless the prophet clearly states that he is speaking on behalf of the Lord.


b: that anything stated at any time during the church's history is always true. That is not so. We follow the current teachings of the current prophet, because we live in our current society. The Lord can update His church as He sees fit. The transition from the law of Moses to the law of Christ is a perfect example of the Lord updating outdated commandments and suggestions.

2573 days ago


Here's another example of the Lord updating his church - originally, his disciples were only allowed to teach the gospel to Jews. Then, for whatever reason, he allowed them to teach the gentiles, as well. Updates happen - even in the bible.

2573 days ago


splendid, superb, jammy! I am going to convert and marry them all. I rule :-0)

2573 days ago


If you want a good explanation of the Mormons' relationship with polygamy, then read "Under the Banner of Heaven"...

As for the calendar...isn't the market for this fairly narrow? The point of sexy man/woman posters is for the aspect of fantasy. Sexy bikini women, sexy firemen, sexy football players...but who lusts after missionaries except female Mormons who want to marry them in real life? It reads more like a catalog of hot Mormon men that are marry-able. The rest of general public...why would they care?

2573 days ago

Karin B.    

(Sydneesue,) So you don't believe it's okay to pose half-naked...but in this instance it's okay because it's for Mormon charity. How screwed up is that???
So according to "Mormons" anything (including posing half-naked) is okay, as long as it's done for charity. Hey, maybe your friend can dance w/ Britney Spears next time she's on MTV, I mean, it would be for charity.

2573 days ago
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