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OJ: What Happens in Vegas ... ?

9/15/2007 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Las Vegas police continue to piece together the Thursday night hotel incident between former NFL player/knife enthusiast O.J. Simpson and sports memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley, Simpson offered a bit more insight into what's left of his mindset.

O.J. spoke with a reporter at the L.A. Times and said that though he declined to identify the men he was with on the night of the alleged incident, they weren't thugs. "I don't hang out with gangsters. I hang out with golfers."

Either way, The Juice seemed in a jovial enough mood to joke around. After his interview, he called back to quip, "I forgot to tell you: I thought what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas?"

In 1997, Simpson was found liable in a civil court for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.


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It sure is strange this happens when his book just came out------by the why --does anyone know where Collens is--the who drove the suv???????

2593 days ago


OJ is a dirty filthy murderer.
They should put his evil ass in prison.

2593 days ago


he is going to a wedding tonight,anyone know where its at , sure tmz is all over this one !!! feel sorry for the bride & groom stealing all the attention

2593 days ago


OJ & JJ are both idiots...

2593 days ago


LOL @#4 I dont want to diss Vegas BUT BUT BUT Vegas was BUILT by gansters and has been run by gangsters for decades! Stop acting like OJ is the first killer to have ever stepped foot in Veags! Stop acting like OJ is giving Vegas a bad name! LOL OJ and his crew of Golfing Gangsters fit perfectly in Vegas.

2593 days ago


The jurors that acuitted him of double murder weren't stupid. They deliberately and maliciously ignored a mountain of evidence to deliberately make sure he would not be convicted of anything. Make no mistake about it. One of them even gave the Devil the black power fist salute.

2593 days ago


LOL! The black apologists for Simpson got what they deserved.
After blacks acquitted him of double murder and cheered him on, HE went right back to
dating ONLY white women, living in a lily white neighborhood, and
associating with whites, and white golf courses.

2593 days ago


hey # 20, KCB your a STUPID BITCH

2593 days ago


# 20

Don't bring the race card issue here, i'm also an african american. OJ and you can kind of people are shallow minded and the one's bringing our color to shame. The issue here is not color it's the individual sanity if your a hazard or not to the society.

# 18

Did you finished school? or you graduated at UMC (University of the Mentally Challenge) you don't know how to spell a simple word. Here's the correct spelling moron "ACQUITTED"

2593 days ago


No-one talks about what whitemen and white women do, daily to Blacks, but it is against the law. Racism in America, discrimination, hate crimes, discrimination at the work place, but it too is against the law. So who are we to judge Mr. O.J. Simpson, when a compotant Jury found him Inocent of all charges. Have we no respect for the law? Was Mark Fermon (Spelling) , that Detective in the case, a police officer, found to be a lier? Did he not scall the fence and plant evidence, the policeman that is. Leave the man( O.J. ) alone, if he is a man, he has a little voice in his head reminding him what he did or did not do, he has to live with it. Let the man live, hell, if every Black family sued the whites for wrongfull treatment over the last 300 years, then we might understand what Justice means.

2593 days ago


OJ - once a criminal, always a criminal. You are NOT ABOVE the LAW.

Unite Against OJ.

2593 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Fun with OLD TIMERS !

2593 days ago


old juices next mistake is takin out his best friend mr-g. with some help from his golfin buddies since he is above the law with all his inside help from his law enforcing golf buddies! any bets? oysterman 2007

2593 days ago


Geraldo beats tmz with breaking news on fox , man pulls gun with OJ

2593 days ago


True psychos like O.J. are always acting as if nobody can see what and who they really are. He sincerely believes that he can do no wrong and he acts all cute about it. Smiling and laughing. The killler of his childrens mother.
Im really surprised that nobody has offed him. He is such a loser.
This guy has such a huge ego that he really thinks that this press he is getting from this Las Vegas incident is good
. He is in such high spirits isn't he?

Anyone who hangs out with him is a loser.

2593 days ago
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