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OJ: What Happens in Vegas ... ?

9/15/2007 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Las Vegas police continue to piece together the Thursday night hotel incident between former NFL player/knife enthusiast O.J. Simpson and sports memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley, Simpson offered a bit more insight into what's left of his mindset.

O.J. spoke with a reporter at the L.A. Times and said that though he declined to identify the men he was with on the night of the alleged incident, they weren't thugs. "I don't hang out with gangsters. I hang out with golfers."

Either way, The Juice seemed in a jovial enough mood to joke around. After his interview, he called back to quip, "I forgot to tell you: I thought what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas?"

In 1997, Simpson was found liable in a civil court for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.


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amazing story break on Geraldo at Large involving TMZ

2565 days ago


I meet OJ on a set, the same time when he first meet Nichole Brown.
He was not funny he was a nebish.
Now OJ is an old nebish, that needs his
ass in jail.
RIP Ron Goldman
RIP Nichole Brown

Please buy the book, the profits do NOT go to OJ but OJ did steal 600k first.
The profits go to help battered women.

OJ, did you hear money can not buy you into heaven and you can't take it with you?

2565 days ago


Juice should look into Pro-Active for those skeez filled bumps on his face. It would be nice to give flight attendants tips for running around getting him his bloody mary's on flights too!

2565 days ago

pat rush    

To "Caveman"
Get out of the stone age. OJ was acquitted of murdering Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. Just because some crackerjack jury in Santa Monica didn't like the outcome and decided to make OJ pay, does not make him guilty of murder!!!!!! The "sequestered jury" in the "criminal case" got it right. When the detective who finds the most incriminating piece of evidence is guilty of perjury and refuses to answer further questions on cross-examination by the defense by pleading the 5th, go figure.
Caveman, you may not know about DNA yet. But suffice to say the blood samples supposedly tying OJ to the crime scene and used to test DNA were all tainted and tampered with and full of that substance from the purple top tube.

2565 days ago

London not England    


2565 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I almost vomit every time I see a picture of Murderer O.J. Simpson. Remember it was an all black jury that got the sorry assed bastard off. Wonder what his children are like?? Are they criminals yet ?? On television the sick-o's asking for his autograph are despictable.

2565 days ago


What an arrogant B....rd O.J. is!! How dare he call back and say "I thought what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas." Discuting..He had made a mockery of the justice system since he was acquited of killing Ron and Nicole...His arrogance is overwhelming least to mention what a pathetic excuse for a human being he is!! And the only reason his friend is backing off on what happened, is because O. J. and his thug friends have threatened to kill him!!!

If this guy walks again, I will never again in my life believe in the justice system..He was acquitted of killing Nicolle and Ron when the evidence was overwhelming that he
committed the murder...the jury totally was blinded to the fact that there was blood in his
Bronco of both Nicole and Ron..Now how did that get there..Only need a "tad" bit of common
sense to figure that one out...I hope they sleep well at night. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." Why would a blood soaked glove that is left for months to dry shrink fit his hand?? I know from my own experience when I have washed dirty leather gloves, I have to work at getting my hands in them until they stretch!!

I feel sorry for his children..I just hope their peers understand that they cannot be held repsonsible for their "breeder."

2565 days ago


OJ, you murdering bastard. You never stop. I hope they hang him in Vegas, but doubt it. I am so glad the Goldmans published his book. I have no doubt it is his confession. Someday you will get yours..

See u in hell

2565 days ago


O.J. is a CLOWN.....

2565 days ago

ivana jerchough    

This situation is guided by common law jurisprudence and if the facts are undisputed a judge can decide this case in seconds.

So what is the big deal.

Harvey, this would be a good time for you to use your experience as a People's Court man on the street and inform your public about that of which I speak.

2565 days ago


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... Man, that was HILARIOUS, OJ.

Who knew double murderers had such a great sense of humor!!

2565 days ago


31. I almost vomit every time I see a picture of Murderer O.J. Simpson. Remember it was an all black jury that got the sorry assed bastard off. Wonder what his children are like?? Are they criminals yet ?? On television the sick-o's asking for his autograph are despictable.

Posted at 9:06PM on Sep 15th 2007 by K.M.

Why would you talk about his children, who were also essentially victims of the atrocities committed by OJ, it's not like they were his accomplice? I think you're as "despictable" as the "sick-o's" asking for his autograph, for making fun of innocent children.

2565 days ago


stop whining bout O.J. cuz what goes round , comes round ...

2565 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#40, Drama Starter - Give us a break!!! O.J.'s children innocent????? A few years back, his daughter was arrested for being drunk and on drugs and swearing at the top of her lungs outside a nightclub in Florida. Where is she now? Where is the son? Did they go to college? We'll never understand why murderer O.J. got custody of the kids when the Browns would have been such better parents. Sometimes there just isn't any Justice in life.

2565 days ago


#38 you must be a paralegal..however , i believe you got it on the head ...

2565 days ago
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