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OJ: What Happens in Vegas ... ?

9/15/2007 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Las Vegas police continue to piece together the Thursday night hotel incident between former NFL player/knife enthusiast O.J. Simpson and sports memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley, Simpson offered a bit more insight into what's left of his mindset.

O.J. spoke with a reporter at the L.A. Times and said that though he declined to identify the men he was with on the night of the alleged incident, they weren't thugs. "I don't hang out with gangsters. I hang out with golfers."

Either way, The Juice seemed in a jovial enough mood to joke around. After his interview, he called back to quip, "I forgot to tell you: I thought what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas?"

In 1997, Simpson was found liable in a civil court for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.


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It's about time OJ is arrested for the crimes he is guilty of.... like the rest of the world...

2594 days ago

Well, Duh!!!...    

I agree w/ #35...- TEXTBOOK on sociopaths and narcsissm. Go to library and read about this style of behavior exhibited. And use it to be warned in future of HIM.

Ps. All this on the day of the ..(if) "-I did it book"! Well he's surly telling us about WHOM he is, now, didn't he?

2594 days ago


why waste so much time talking and watching all about this guy? He's probably happy to be in the lime light again, and that's how he got off the hook :everybody's watchin'..

2594 days ago


I'm disgusted that he is still a "free man"! He is a murderer, he is a criminal. The people out there that claim he is innocent are seriously delluded. I worry that you people are allowed to Vote! WTF?! The judicial system needs to get some balls and do it's job.

2594 days ago

ivana jerchough    

maddog, I don't play a lawyer on tv, I play one in real life.

Harvey, Please set everyone straight.... the law is all about seeing through the floatsum and jetsum and finding the truth. Though I understand you thrive on the later, your professional background is based on the former.

2594 days ago

ivana jerchough    

or visa versa... I am on vacation

2594 days ago


Yeah and both of the guys with you were named Charlie right??

2594 days ago


Please TMZ,
Would you stop giving this double-murderer coverage already!!!!
Even Britney and Paris was better than this...

2594 days ago


OJ is a pathetic N_ _ _ _ _ _ Can't type it here cuzo it is politically incorrect.

2594 days ago


OJs quote " "I don't hang out with gangsters. I hang out with golfers."
News flash ~ So we the stupid people are suppose to believe that golfers cant commit crimes, only gangsters? Okay OJ, we believe you, NOT! Well, maybe JJ does....

2594 days ago


#7: I TOTALLY AGREE w/everything you said! But it's "YOUR MIND" is also sick, and "YOU'RE JUST AN ILLITERATE."

simpson is a sociopath/narcissistic and I don't care WHAT the jury came up with, he is clearly guilty! It seems funny to me that all of this Vegas crap comes up at the same time that everyone is on OPRAH talking about that sleazy book. simpson (and yes, I don't capitalize the names of people not deserving of respect), can't stand the attention not centered directly on him.

Remember during the Bill/Monica scandal?? simpson actually drove over to Dr. Lewinsky's house because it's where the media was gathered!! He couldn't stand that the focus was on someone else! SICKO BASTARD!

2594 days ago


To all out there that have in your mind beyond a reasonable doubt that O.J. is as guilty as sin; please stop and remember that he was tried and found not guilty by a jury of his peers as is the way the law is written, regardless of what our opinions may be. Everyone under the law is afforded the same opportunity. This thing is purely racial and there is no way of gettig around that. The reply has always been that he was found guilty in a civil case and so that makes him guilty. Remember that the jury was composed of an all pro White America. He was tried and convicted in the media and not in a criminal court where they found him not guilty. On the other hand the same thing happened to Robert Blake, and I have to ask? Where is the media now. This man is surely guilty based on the evidence that the prosecution presented, but he was found not guilty and that was the last of that. Oh I forgot one factor how each individual is viewed in america. White America will not be satisfied until O.J is behind bars or dead, which ever comes first. I would hope that if you should ever find yourselves on the wrong side of the law, accused falsely, knowing that you are innocent, that the media will not make you the story of the day so that you may get the chance to exercise your rights under the constitution to a fair trial. I followed the trial each and everyday, and I also watched what the media had to say at night, and what I heard at night and what I heard come off the witness stand was entirely different. This is something that most people that was following the trial did not get chance to see. They only got to hear what the media wanted them to hear, because they were good american, out working making a living. I base my opinions on careful observation and the evidence as presented. I must add that I am by no means a fan of O.J's even though it may seem that way. But I do believe in Fairness, we should just let him lead his life as any other American Citizen.

2594 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

He is an Idiot! McMurderer! McGangser!

2594 days ago


kill the bro'

2594 days ago


KCB, you have a real chip on your shoulder about race. Attitudes like yours are what keep the racial divide going. O.J. did murder those 2 people and only got off because
of that lying white detective whose lies made it look like the prosecution's whole case was a set-up. The evidence was there: victims' blood in his Bronco, blood at his house, bloody socks,I don't know why blacks defend O.J. because he sold out his own ethnicity years ago and chose to live in white circles. When he was famous and a star he did nothing for the black community. He is arrogant, remorseless and dangerous. I don't despise him because he is black but because he got away with murdering 2 good people. If he were biologically white (rather than just living like he is) I would despise him just as much. I doubt that you suffered under slavery. Even blacks who did would not advocate an attitude like yours. It's time to stop playing the race card as an excuse for bad actions. He did it and his ass should be in prison for life.

2594 days ago
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