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Alleged O.J. Accomplice: "I'm Not a Thug!"

9/17/2007 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite his lawyer demanding that he not talk to the press, alleged O.J. Simpson accomplice Walter Alexander just couldn't keep his love of the Lord to himself today.

TMZ tracked down Alexander with attorney Robert Rentzer, before they met for lunch to discuss the case. Alexander exclaimed, "I'm a Christian man" before getting the gag from Renzter.

The two then held a presser after their meeting, where Alexander told the crowd, "I'm not a thug ... I just got caught up in some mess ... I'm not a 'yes' man," and joked about once telling O.J. he'd smash him face with a golf club. Funny!


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Tell me with who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are!

2593 days ago


just mingles with 'm

2593 days ago

+DJ FunkyGrrL+    

He faces more charges than OJ, doesn't live in Vegas and was released on bail without paying a dime, talk about hypocritical justice in Vegas

2593 days ago


EEWWW!! Why would anyone ever want to be a friend or even to be associated with OJ? You associate with a slimeball makes you one too!!

2593 days ago


It all depends on your police record and OJ has many offenses. All of them are looked at and your bail is also set on your past records. That is why he is out and OJ is not. His daughter has called police to there home on "abuse" issues, he ran manatees over with his boat, and the list goes on and on. Everything is looked at. He has had many run in's with the law since he murdered Nicole and Ron Goldman not to mention he was found guility in the civil trial. That is why he is not out on bail.

2593 days ago

Caption Contest    


2593 days ago


If you're dumb enough to associate with double murderer Simpson, you get what you deserve, and whatever Karma dishes out.

2593 days ago

Phony Tony    

This guy (Alexander) is an idiot and so is his attorney.

Who cares whether he is a "Christian Man" or not?

Heck, most people liked Jeffrey Dahmer, EXCEPT FOR THOSE HE ATE!

Book him!

2593 days ago

He's Boring now    

Uh, I didnt hear too many words of a Christian on that tape recording that you were on too sir. Funny how the Lord is always found or referred to when one is in a Jam.

Your selection of "golfing buddies" is questionable as well. I can already picture you and the Juice chasing young girls all over town after every golf adventure.

Glad you have the sense to do the Michael Vick buddy thing---i.e, turn on your friend so you get turned on.

Birds of a Feather Flock together...look that up in your Bible you thug and thief.

2593 days ago


OJ didn't get bail because he is a flight risk. Did you already forget the last time he tried to run from the law, oh how our memories fade.......

2593 days ago


I was a juror on a Robert Rentzer case where he was defending a child molester (we convicted him and found out it was his 2nd charge).

Anyway, as we waited to get signed off on our 15/day paper work, Robert Rentzer came down to where we were getting our paper work and yelled at us for convicting his molester client...he had to be escorted out by the sheriffs'..

Robert is a total douche...and complete tool...and continues to get in "bed" courtwise w/ losers...

but hey, even child molesters deserve a lawyer and a defense..

2593 days ago


This Lawyer is a fool for even giving this suspect the mike to talk,OJ is the biggest fool for taking the law into his own hands and addition it appears was setup by this Riccio loser who is looking to score money,what did tmz pay him for the audio tape and phone message and all future interviews,OJ is wear he is right now because he is a moron,many you will be out in time for your first social security check in 5 years if you 1 believer on your jury.

2593 days ago


OJ sucks at recruiting accomplices. Notice all of them are all over 45 years old? He would suck as a football GM!

2593 days ago


Why would anyone in their "right mind" and I use this very loosely, follow OJ anywhere let alone be seen with the KILLER

2593 days ago

Jon Bodack    

This alleged O.J. accomplice, Walter Alexander, is facing more charges than O.J. Simpson! Also, I hope, like a lot of people who don't like Britney Spears, that she looses her kids and that Kevin Federline gets fully custody!

2593 days ago
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