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Barry to Elisabeth:

Your 'View' is Dangerous

9/17/2007 2:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: A source tells TMZ that it's not Barry who's writing this song -- in fact, "View" producers pulled the plug on Manilow's performance when his people demanded that he appear on the show without Elisabeth. Manilow has in fact performed on the show twice before -- both last year -- when Hasselbeck's been co-hosting.

TMZ has learned that legendary singer Barry Manilow has pulled out of his scheduled appearance on "The View" tomorrow -- because he strongly disagrees with host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's conservative view! Paging Rosie O'Donnell!

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Barry says, "I strongly disagree with her views. I think she's dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her." Barry, taking a stand!

Manilow is currently on a press tour promoting the release of his new album, "Greatest Songs of the Seventies."

A network spokesman had no comment.


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What a tard he is.

2504 days ago


Like her or dislike her, I would hardly call her views "dangerous". It's not as if Hasslebeck wields the power of a president or even a congressperson, she's a talk show host for heaven's sake. She has a conservative view point - God forbid anyone in the media should have one of those! Lighten up, Barry and the rest of you whiners. Just goes to show that there are as many "book burners" among liberals as there are amongst conservatives. If you don't like it, turn it off.

2504 days ago


So does he know the view of every owner of every concert hall he plays in and the view of the heades of companies of every thing he endorses? What an idiot =( Obviously she hit a nerve. A Fanilow I will never be now!

2504 days ago


Barry and Rosie are pillars of the gay community and Elizabeth was able to bring out and expose the ugliest in Rosie where others have failed. Barry can't take the same chance.

2504 days ago

karen boo    

Good for Barry. Elizabeth needs to tone it down. She is a loud mouth and I cant stand watching the view because of her.

2504 days ago


Just come out of the closet ya fairy and be done with it.

2504 days ago

Gandolf the White Wizard    

Isn't it funny. Liberals are all for free speech, as long as it agrees with their elitist views. Go peddle your outdated music someplace else where your fellow elites will appreciate it Barry. Go Elizabeth!

2504 days ago

mike jones    

They should rename this show the "Leftist View" instead of the view. Because if you express any conservative ideology at all. Everyone want's to boycott you. Barry is a liberal bordering on a socialist. I do not value his opinion at all. especially when it comes to politicis.


2504 days ago

Ethan Murray    

Wow, the open minded, freedom of expression left! You guys are like NAZIS! I can talk to people that I vehemently disagree with on socio-political issues, and I can still be friendly, and polite. What has happened to the left? They wont debate on Fox (the #1 watched news network) they destroy peoples lives over words, they want to send people to re-education camps (sensitivity training, diversity training, etc.) They key cars with any opposing bumper stickers, they wont allow people to speak at universities that don't tow the socialist line. You on the left better do some real introspection, and decide what kind of a country you want to live in. If you think you can just force your leftist ideas on everyone, and not allow dissent, you are going to be in for a violent revolution at some point. America is supposed to be a place where you can express your ideas freely, go where you please, and not face retribution from little cowardly leftists.

2504 days ago

unreal reality    

Why are so many calling EH narrow minded, when it's Manilow that cancels his appearance? Seems he's the narrow minded one here.

What a star attitude: "If people don't agree with my every idea, I will simply cancel appearences. You fans and everyone else alike must bow to my every whim and agree with me and coddle me. I am a star d*mmit!! I am the one that matters!"

Even Susan Sarandon had a good interview with EH.

This country is based on being allowed opposing viewpoints. Get over yourself, Manilow. And again, like I stated in my earlier comment, I am a fanilow.

2504 days ago


Barry's audience is probably 99% conservative. WTH was he thinking?

2504 days ago


Somebody better call Barry a Wahhhmublance quick. Last breath manouever to try and pump a has-been career. Coca, Cokakabyebye ya Barry.

2504 days ago

L Baker    

Thank goodness there is E. Hasselbeck! I am so sick of these celetrity "do gooders" who think we should all be liberal thinkers like them and live without any morals. Can he actually be afraid of a woman who has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it? The name of the program is "The View". That means her view as well! Crawl back into your hole Barry where only your ideas prevail. Thank goodness there is E. Hasselbeck and noone at the show had better even think of muzzling her.

2504 days ago


Manilow is just a has been, Who even gives a rat's butt what this washed up lounge lizard thinks? He's just looking for publicity, let him go with Rosie somewhere since their lifestyles are the same........just different plumbing.

Keep up the good work Liz!!

2504 days ago

Never inked up!    

#87 Susan.

Its called Freedom of Speech. We are allowed to bash the President here remember.
I suppose in your old fashion thinking we need to honor his position even when he has done the worst job as president EVER!!!!!! That amazes me.

I guess your part of the 27% who approves of him. Or maybe you were taught to seen and not heard. Get real girl. This is 2007.

Also I don't think anyone is afraid of Elizabeth- they just have more sense then to try and argue a point with her narrow minded ass. So, why come on the show.

2504 days ago
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