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Barry to Elisabeth:

Your 'View' is Dangerous

9/17/2007 2:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: A source tells TMZ that it's not Barry who's writing this song -- in fact, "View" producers pulled the plug on Manilow's performance when his people demanded that he appear on the show without Elisabeth. Manilow has in fact performed on the show twice before -- both last year -- when Hasselbeck's been co-hosting.

TMZ has learned that legendary singer Barry Manilow has pulled out of his scheduled appearance on "The View" tomorrow -- because he strongly disagrees with host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's conservative view! Paging Rosie O'Donnell!

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Barry says, "I strongly disagree with her views. I think she's dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her." Barry, taking a stand!

Manilow is currently on a press tour promoting the release of his new album, "Greatest Songs of the Seventies."

A network spokesman had no comment.


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I love that the so-called 'open-minded' liberals are the ones who are afraid to be exposed to opposing opinions. They're only 'tolerant' of view points that mimick their own. Elisabeth is a conservative who speaks her mind openly, whereas Barry is a liberal who is obviously so insecure about his ability to defend his own point of view with any credibility that he runs and hides rather than face even this very minor challenge. For Pete's sake, Barry, THE REST OF PANEL IS ON YOUR SIDE OF THE AISLE, why would you be intimidated by the lone conservative in a sea of liberalism? Grow a pair, Copacabana!

2540 days ago

What is wrong with you TMZ    

GOOD FOR HIM! and he is RIGHT! Elizabeth is DANGEROUS, she blows her mouth off and spews her emotions all over the screen, she is not professional at all, and I think she's Bush's Monca Lewinski. Spelling. She is a HORROR and ruins the show.

2540 days ago


I am a conservative and I don't blame Barry for refusing to go because Hasselbek is there, i follow the same principle. I refuse to buy music made by Manilow and Streisand, I won't watch a Sean Penn movie or a Alec Baldwin movie. We all have choices. I choose not to patronize their ilk, i don't have a problem with it in return....

2540 days ago


As a fan of BM, I am very disappointed in his egocentric reaction. dissenting "Views" built this great country. I think it would have been better had he appeared, made his view known and debated the issue.

2540 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Good for you Manilow!!!

2540 days ago


barry manilow is a douche bag he cant stand the heat so he got out of the kitchen loser

2540 days ago


Is he afraid she's gonna make change his mind, I don't understand what makes him think anybody cares about his political and / or foreign policy views anyways!!

2540 days ago


Barry you old fart! Get a if you dissagree with someone thats ok....People have died so that you continue to have that right. Who says you can't be tolerant of others views
You may not agree with someones opinion but you don't have to show yourself as a complete ass by having a public hissy fit....What do expect to happen as a result of your cry baby antics.....I suspect your views and command of the facts are just as shallow as your friend and fellow liberal Rosie!!!!!!!!!

2540 days ago

oh no, not Rosanne    

WOW, what's your problem Barry, can't go up against Elizabeth? Does she scare you? You don't agree with her views? Tough cookies!!!!!!! That is such a lame reason for not appearing on the show. You probably double booked, and figured this would be the best reason you could come up with for not appearing. What a jerk, and a has been you are.

2540 days ago


Ahh, this must be another example of the left's freedom of speech and thought. And these washed up old has-beens wonder why they are not liked in flyover country?

What about having a dissenting viewpoint is so scary for these clowns? Can they not stand to be challenged?

2540 days ago

What's Up With That?    

He's evolved enough not have to pimp himself by appearing on the show, and wise enough not to be complacent; he's a class-act, she is not; she's a pouty drama-princess.

2540 days ago


Thank you, Barry.. you are right on! SOMEONE has to take a stand.

2540 days ago


Geez Barry...what's the matter--4 out of 5 syncophants agreeing with your position not good enough odds for you? Backing out at the last minute is immature and disrespectful and smells of a publicity stunt. Remember that little something you've used all these years to "write the songs"? It's called Free Speech, and Elizabeth has a right to use it just like you do. Get real.

2540 days ago


Pulled out of a scheduled appearance because of Elisabeth - What, did he just realized she's on the show and has been there for years??? When he scheduled the appearance, he didn't realize that on a show called The View, there are several hosts, all of whom have their own (gasp) VIEW??? What an idiot.

Hey, all you conspiracy theorists out there - how about this for a conspiracy? The "new" View is tanking, so they need to come up with some kind of controversy to keep it in the spotlight. Beating up on the only conservative on the panel has worked wonders for ratings before. Those harpies will stoop to anything to keep their coffee clatch going.

I'd like to see Elisabeth tell them to shove it and start her own show. The Right View!

2540 days ago


Totally agree with Bazz... She is a dumb ass........ She is your a-typical dumb blond in every sense

2540 days ago
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