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Britney's Manager

Says 'Gimme Less'

9/17/2007 8:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0917_brit_ex_05_excited_tmz-1Britney's manager has jumped ship, and the reason sounds strangely similar to her former lawyer's woes over Spears.

Manager Jeff Kwatinetz issued a statement saying, "It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears." Noting Kwatinetz repped Brit for a grand total of one month, he continued, "We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record, but current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job."

So what are the "circumstances?" Maybe they're similar to what we hear about Laura Wasser going South on Spears. We're told Wasser questioned Brit's judgment but simply could not control her.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kwatinetz had similar problems, notably at the VMAs, when Britney decided to switch the costume she planned to wear for the glitterated swamp bikini, without telling anyone. Ding dang, y'all.

We're told after the VMAs, the firm demanded to meet with her but she refused. They felt she needed help, but she wouldn't hear it.


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Brit loses custody tempeRarily...LEAVE BRITTANY ALONEE,,,,PLEASE>>>OR ANSWER TO ME!!!!!!!

2571 days ago



Hire yourself a good image person. You need to be taught how to talk, walk and behave in public. Stop performing until you get "top quality" singing material and then dress the part. The tacky bikini look is out for you. You're a mother of 2 boys. Start acting with some class. You weren't fat up on stage, you just weren't prepared, the outfit was tacky and the hair was crap. You'll do fine. Do yoga. Meditate. Go to church. Go to therapy. Help out the homeless. Do some positive things in your life.

2571 days ago


poor britney spears has had a breakdown, leave her alone she has has 2 children, born in to the public eye an is trying to deal with life the best she can, all this cruelty thats happening to her she doesnt deserve or need, just let her live her life and try to be a great mum that she is, just leave her alone all this pressure has pushed her over the edge cant you all see that help the sweet woman, she means well and needs to be supported not belittled like she is recieving now so come on every one support britany spears, as a person and a mother, no just a singer, stop kicking her while she is down please get up and help her show your support, and if youuread this britany , we will support you 100%, as i know what you are going through, take care my dear and always and don't worry bout the crap youu getting , you will grow from this experience

2571 days ago



2571 days ago



Treat your employees better and pick up your own hat!!

2571 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Some are saying she should fire the people around her, get a new manager, new image consultant, new label, new, new, new. She doesn't listen to anyone, she thinks she knows everything and doesn't care what people think, maybe she just wants left alone out of the public eye and doesn't want in show business anymore. There is nothing wrong with that, just go about it in a better way than this. Then again, maybe she is just a spoiled, wealthy brat and doesn't give a rats a** about my opinion.

2571 days ago


Brit and O.J. must share similar gene pools. Both think they are beyond reproach and in total denial. I wish the 2 of them would go away forever and get the help they need.

2571 days ago


Britney Spears is a perfect evample of everything that is wrong in America today. The vast amount of money that this girl has is disgusting as well as grossly undeserving. This girl is a spoiled brat. Her parents should have sat on her a long time ago. For a girl who is such a great catch, why the hell can't she keep a guy? It is alway's them either partying away from her or them sleeping with someone else. Seems the guys grow bored of her. Not that she has great taste in men to begin with, because she has horrible taste. Just the same, a guy, any guy, knows when he has a good thing that he doesn't want to lose, and noboby is really interested in hanging onto her, in spite of all that money. She is not a keeper. It is time that she get used, just like she uses the media (when she wants to), or any of her music people , or anybody who buys her low quality music. She is in a use/use environment (hollywood), what's she complaining about? She uses and is used. So, cry some more, nobody's listening. She is a hillbilly ho with no class whatsoever. She should have those kids ripped away from her so fast that her weaved head would spin. She has become a joke. She needs shock therapy to whip her widening ass into shape. I say from here on end, starting now, to not buy anything with her name on it, put this girl out of business. Go retire back to the stix where you came from. Britney comes first with Britney. Metallica said it best "nothing else matters" .

2571 days ago


As Mom, I can say that parenting is a long and hard road filled with trials and tribulations, love and joy, heartache, fear and hope. You need to be responsible, strong and put your children lives at the top of your priority list. These two parents just woke up on one day after a night of drinking and found out they had a pregnancy on their hand, without thinking about the lifelong commitment involved in raising two chidren. These are not goldfish; these are two human beings that need guidance, discipline, and parents who love them and will nurture them throughout their lives. Unfortunately, two self centered, money grubbing, immoral individuals such as Ms. Spears and Mr. Federline are incapable of the basic ingredients that constitute good parents. We all make mistakes as parents, but we try to lead a responsible enough life and an exemplary life where down the road our children, as adults, don't look back at us with disdain, contempt and loathing at the actions we took during the formidable years of our children's lives. Unfortunately for these two little fellows, everything will be memorialized and they will look back in sheer horror

2571 days ago

Linda Samuels    

When it boils right down to it people in Hollywood are merely human. And, as human, we're always looking for something to fill the void we're missing on the inside. No matter what we attempt to fill that void with, we're always looking for more. It seems we can never reached that complete satisfaction. Until we accept Jesus as out Lord and Savior, understanding He is the Son of the Living God. We will never know complete peace. God doesn't expect for us to be perfect, He just wants us to lean on Him. When you've tried everything else, why not give God a try. My prayers are with those lost in hollywood.

2571 days ago


Y'all SATIN!! I mean HAIL SATAN!!!,,,,,B

2571 days ago


I kind of get the feeling that MAYBE her record label's behind her manager leaving.

The VMAs were a total disaster, and JIVE wants the video for "Gimme More" re-shot. Maybe they decided to do something smart and get Brit a better team of people.

2571 days ago


Britney is really hurting. Keven made an ass out of her, dragged her down, took her money, and went back to the first mother of his children which was only right because it was Britney's money and fame and lured him in the first place. Her behaviors are a serious cry for helf. The shaving of the head said that, "I am a bad girl, and i am not pretty anymore". Think about it, Britnes was the POP princess, who probably had thousands of men coming at her, and she rejected them, and allowed in K-Fed, and he trashed her, left her with two children, and is now gone. She is hurting, and the alcohol usage and excessive partying is just to cover up the hurt and shame. the bikini at the awards show was to show K-Fed what he'd lost and instead was a flop as well. Let's say a prayer for her, that she gains wisdom, and apologize the Shar Jackson for taking her man from her in her most vulnerable state, and then watch Brit's life change. Many of us still love her, and know that's all she needs to do.

2571 days ago


get the kids away from the aging, fat slut.

she's not a train wreck - she's a self-created tornado. the kids are in her path - get them to safety. perhaps not K-fed but he'd be better and he's open to guidance. Brit still thinks she can handle this

did you know her website and fan club are way, way down in membership???????????

2571 days ago


Kevin's not the bad guy here. He seems to be loving and loyal towards his children regardless of the distortion in his relationship with their mother. Had Britney been willing to get the help she so obviously needs many things might have been different, including her VMA performance and her relationship with her children's father and the children themselves. As Simon Cowell said when she's on she's incredible.
She's not beyond help. She's just not having any. That's the nature of denial.

2571 days ago
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