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Britney's Manager

Says 'Gimme Less'

9/17/2007 8:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0917_brit_ex_05_excited_tmz-1Britney's manager has jumped ship, and the reason sounds strangely similar to her former lawyer's woes over Spears.

Manager Jeff Kwatinetz issued a statement saying, "It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears." Noting Kwatinetz repped Brit for a grand total of one month, he continued, "We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record, but current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job."

So what are the "circumstances?" Maybe they're similar to what we hear about Laura Wasser going South on Spears. We're told Wasser questioned Brit's judgment but simply could not control her.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kwatinetz had similar problems, notably at the VMAs, when Britney decided to switch the costume she planned to wear for the glitterated swamp bikini, without telling anyone. Ding dang, y'all.

We're told after the VMAs, the firm demanded to meet with her but she refused. They felt she needed help, but she wouldn't hear it.


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can she just die already, a-la-Anna Nicole...
so we can move past this Britney-Paris-Nichole-Lindsay crap,
and actually have some REAL news to watch.


2539 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Britney should learn to respect management and read the memos. She would have done well to read the one with the subject line Beware the Muffin Top.

2539 days ago

Phony Tony    

Britney's face is just as ugly as her baby-maker. We've all seen enough of both to last a lifetime.

2539 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

In less than a year this ho will be working Hollwood Boulevard so all those guys that fantasised about banging Brit Brit will finally get their chance - for $10.

2539 days ago


i think the new lawyers may fix that problem.

2539 days ago


Never mind ding dang. Ding dong, Harvey. Fox News just scooped you on Federline getting the kids.

I suggest you ding dangit over to the Fox site and then come back, hurry up and write something quick, and act like you were first.

Hurry hurry. Even Perez Hilton might get it before you.

2539 days ago


maybe her you-tube "fan"- "freak" should buy her a pair of panties

2539 days ago


Brit has gone through a very hard time. this is continuting because people will not let go of the past. can you change what has already happened? NO! so get over it and move on--bitches.

2539 days ago


IMO B.S. has been COTROLLED all her life, has lived in the Celebraty LIme life most of her young life..I believe this is all sort of a TEENAGER's rebelion even if at 25/26 years old...ppl have been telling her what to wear,say, sing & do..Now even ifg its the wrong outfit,song,behavior..she is going to do the opposite....Its sad..but it will wind down....

As far as her Mothering skills..Come on..who hasn't made the occasional mistake..hers are just all Numbered & noted...IMO..she loves her kids..and the Jerk Off..(K.F) is just feeding off her...I am sure if ppl really cared...he make more mistakes..or pay someone else to care for his kids....

I am So grateful noone had a flash light up my butt while my kids were young..and even now...

again, IMO..she will be all right...given some space & time...and all you ppl who say you r tired of hearing about Y R YOU EVEN RESPONDING?....have nothing better to do with your time?....hehehehe

peace out..Tina

2539 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I don't believe any of the bashing against Britney. Lowlife K-Dud and his sleazy lawyers will tell lies and go to any length to get at her money. I hope she sues them all for slander. You can't tell me that 70 % of the country want K-Dud to have custody when you know if it weren't for Britney's money, he wouldn't be interested in those boys at all. Ambulance chaser, Gloria, has her nasty nose in it now. I feel very sorry for Britney. No one around has her best interests at heart. They are all money grubbing leeches. While Brit gets mental counseling, maybe her parents could take the kids for awhile. Keep them away from loser K-Dud !!!!

2539 days ago


#66: Wake up and smell the coffee. Hehehe. You don't have a frickin clue.

2539 days ago


Unfortunately, for someone like Britney, she may have to hit rock bottom before she will accept the kind of help she really needs. Let's hope this happens soon, so she can start receiving it in the very near future. The sooner, the better. She still has her looks and her figure, and it would be terrible for her carrer if she lost them, too. She is too young to be in the disasterous straits she is in. She is also in a very vulnerable position. It would be an absolute heartbreak if she ended up being another ANS, especially for her kids. I feel very very sorry for her.

2539 days ago


She's a mess- ugh! Poor kids!!!!! Poor pets!!!!! Poor mirrors and cameras!!!!!

2539 days ago


TMZ you are dropping the ball..Britney lost custody of her kids. where's the post on that, huh? Perez is all over it!!

2539 days ago


Poor Brit. She is going to self destruct. She needs help, where are her parents? She needs her a_ _ kicked. I feel sorry for her children.

2539 days ago
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