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Shocker! Judge Says O.J.'s a Flight Risk

9/17/2007 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson has been deemed a flight risk by a Nevada judge, and thus he's on a "no bail" hold, says a "media judge" appointed to his criminal case. Wonder how they got that idea?

What's more,he'll have to see a judge within 72 hours of his arrest -- by Wednesday morning. No bail request has been made by the judge, said Clark County, Nev., media judge Nancy Oesterle at a press conference just moments ago, but Judge Ann Zimmerman will determine what bail will be, if any, on Wednesday morning. If the D.A. fails to turn in an official complaint by then, O.J. could walk away a free man.

Oesterle also said that she believes that certain members of the media will be allowed into the meeting, and helpfully pointed out that if O.J. can't afford an attorney, the court will appoint one for him.

By the way, forget #32, The Juice's new number, as in booking number, is 2648927. Wonder if that'll fit on the back of an NFL jersey.


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Justice needs to be done. That being said,. on to more important things than this hopeless thug.

2555 days ago


Whats with the glasses?

2555 days ago


Of course he's going to get a public defender, what attorney in their right mind would defend him? He's broke!

2555 days ago

just me    

OJ gets has a 4 million dollar pension....Why wouldn't he be able to pay for an attorney?

2555 days ago


If OJ had murdered a black woman, he'd be on death row now. The jury made it about color and bought into the celebrity card that OJ played. If the trial had played out in accordance with jurisdiction, he would have been originally tried in the Beverly Hills court system. Gil Garcetti, fearing another racial Rodney King debacle, misguidedly moved the trial to central Los Angeles from Beverly Hills where there would be a jury of color. He was not acquitted by a jury of his peers, because OJ hasn't run with a black crowd in decades. He was acquitted by fans and people who sought justice for Rodney King. 13 years later, that error in the process will be corrected OJ will now hopefully spend the rest of his natural life in jail.

2555 days ago


I guess White Boy is going to stick it to OJ. I guess White America will finally get justice for what they feel they did not get in the first place. Black America is going to be pissed. Y'know, it's sad when it's all about the color. No one will admit it, but privately everyone will be mad or happy. Personally, if OJ did do the alledge crime than he should go to jail. It's just sad that White America is going to make sure that everything sticks. I do not see how OJ is going to get a fair trial. Whether you agree or not, his past should be the past and just focus on what happening currently. I guess that's what OJ get's for being smug and not leaving the country immediatly and keeping a low profile. This is what a black worker of 44 years of age told me. Can you believe this? White people have Nicole Siimpson and Black people have Mel Tillis!

Posted at 2:38PM on Sep 17th 2007 by DD
What? Friggin race card again????????? WTF are you smoking

Who gives a rats a@@ about what the "Black America" thinks about OJ. Pissed please. OJ does not hang out with Black America ANYTHING. He likes WHITE Chicks. Does not hang with Black anything.

2555 days ago

Oh Please    

My brother OJ is innocent!! I will be with Al protesting his imprisonment which we all know is race related. He was just asking for his loot back and to arrest him was rascist.

2555 days ago



2555 days ago

just me    

He gets paid 25,000.00 a month!

2555 days ago


Why is it that everything that includes O.J. is race related? He is a thug that got away with murder and now believes no one can touch him, regardless of what he does.

2555 days ago


O.J. needs to pay for his own damn attorney! I live in Las Vegas and the thought of one cent of my tax dollars going to pay this assh*le's defense makes me really angry. He's about 60 now, if he gets 35 years, he could spend the rest of his life in jail. Super sweet!

2555 days ago


Wow, when I read the comment made by the attorney that if the DA fails to turn in an official complaint, OJ will walk away a free man. For some reason this gave me chills. Did anyone else see how smugged he looked in his mug shot?? He had the look like, please I can get away with murder, this is a cake walk. Anyway, when I read that comment it made me think how lucky celebs really are, They get away with EVERYTHING!!!

2555 days ago

Off The Rack    

And, I understand, that if bail is set and he produces the cash...the Goldmans can seize it before it's posted because it's money owed to them. This man is not getting out of jail any time soon.

2555 days ago


White vs Black? Cant we all just get along? Throw the book at that jerk and let him rot in prison where he should be anyways for murder.

2555 days ago


Poor O.J. Folks watch him put on the limp, He limps but when he gets in trouble the limp gets a little worse. He should be in jail anyway. It just took a little longer... I hope the press does'nt convict him before the real jury does. Can't meet no white girls in jail. There is so much to say I don't know where to start.......So I will "shut up"and pray he gets convicted.

2555 days ago
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